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Hear Kitty COVID-19 Procedures
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COVID-19 PROCEDURES for ADR and Voice-Over

Our procedure for ADR (since early March of 2020—see 2nd page for updates) is to fully disinfect this room with rubbing alcohol before and after every actor, including the headphones, microphones, and every knob and button. Soft items which can not be properly disinfected in this manner are removed from the room and cleaned thoroughly; most are machine washable, some by hand with hot water and soap.

If there are multiple actors in one day, we ask any actor coming in to look for the record light and, if it is on, to wait at a safe distance from the doors. (There are seats across the waiting area, which is approximately 25’ away from the ADR doors.) If actors would prefer to wait outside in the fresh air, they can text Tor at (213) 840-0824 when they arrive and he can text them back when the room is ready for them.

We request from producers a minimum of 15 minutes between actors to disinfect and air out the room.

Our staff (usually the mixer) then disinfects the room again, replaces any soft items with new ones. This is done with the door open, which the next actor is welcome to watch, although we request they do so from a safe distance looking through the open door rather than being in the room with us.

If the light is off and the doors are closed, the stage is unlocked and ready for you to enter. Our mixer will be in the control room and we can communicate through the talk back. Tor’s cell phone number is posted on the door in the unlikely event he isn’t there or if the stage door is locked.

There are two separate entrances into the two ADR rooms and the stage and control room each have their own HVAC.

Actors are welcome to bring their own headphones. We prefer closed muff ear-covering headphones, but as long as the sound doesn’t bleed into the microphone, our equipment can accept either standard-sized headphone jack.

The common areas in the building are being cleaned thoroughly weekly by a cleaning service. We do not contract them (our landlord does) and we don’t know the specific supplies they use. When the studio becomes more busy, this cleaning will take place as often as daily. On most days, there are two security guards, two administrators and our mixer who enter the building. There is hand sanitizer near every bathroom, in the kitchen, and at various other locations in the common areas. We also provide hand sanitizer which we leave on a counter outside the ADR stage.

All of this information was confirmed on May 21, 2020 by:

Julie Crane
Senior Director of Locals Administration


Katie Watson
National Director, Voiceover Department
SAG-AFTRA | 5757 Wilshire Blvd., 7th Fl. | Los Angeles, CA 90036
323.549.6750 (direct) | 323.549.6815 (main) /

In June 2020 we added a True HEPA air purifier to our arsenal of tools and now put it in the room from the time we finish cleaning until the actor arrives and turns it off.

In October, our landlords started having the common areas cleaned twice daily, more when it’s crowded.

Tor Kingdon has been certified as our Health and Safety Officer and the studio is officially approved by SAG-AFTRA.