List Rental Information and Order Form

1. What types of lists do you offer?
TLA membership - Select specific types and groups of members
TLA conference attendees pre and post conference

2. What format do you offer?
electronic list sent via email by either Excel spreadsheet, comma or tab-delimited text file

3. What data is included?
first name, last name, email address, institution (if provided)

4. What is the cost of your mailing lists?
Commercial usage: $0.20 per name
Current Exhibitor/Sponsor: $0.15 per name
Not-for-Profit: $0.09 per name.
$20.00 processing fee per order
Discounts are available for multiple uses.  

5. When do I pay for this list?
The fee will be added to your exhibit invoice or non-exhibitors will be emailed an invoice as soon as the order is processed. Payment is due upon receipt.

6. What timeframe do I need to plan for ordering? 
Three business days is usually sufficient. For pre-conference attendee list, we suggest ordering 30 days out to ensure the largest number of names on the list and still leave ample time for mailings. A pre-conference list can be ordered as late as the week prior to the TLA conference. Post-conference attendee lists are available 10-14 business days past the close of the conference. TLA staff must also approve the FINAL email/artwork you will use with the list order.

7. How many usages am I allowed?
Lists are made available on a one-time usage.
TLA Licensing Agreement must be agreed upon prior to the order being processed. TLA reserves the right to embed email addresses that we use for auditing/monitoring purposes of list usage. We will, of course, adjust invoices for multiple uses when requested. The License Agreement is linked to the online order form. The Database License Agreement link can be used as a print version. If you prefer, complete and fax the print version agreement to the TLA office. If you submit your agreement online, the date the form is submitted is the Agreement date.

Additional usage is available at an additional charge. Discounts apply to multiple uses. If you'd like to learn more about multiple uses, please contact
Bonnie Walker.

8. Whom do I contact for more information?
Bonnie Walker for more information or help with an order/additional uses. Find the online order form here.

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Created 10/24/18 by KH