Biogaian Meeting Notes 1/9/18

Scribe: Sylvan

  1. Community meeting presentation
  1. Limericks
  2. Poster (Sylvan & Misty Dawn)
  1. Nartano's contract [parking lot]
  2. Piglets meeting
  3. 21 acres meeting re collaboration
  1. Only 1 day at 21 acres instead of 2, so that interns have Saturday and Sunday off. Thursday at 21 acres.
  2. Some concern about weekends being off meaning that interns don't connect to the community members who work week days. Maybe switch to Sunday/Monday off?
  3. Discussion about building the other micro shelter next year, NOT this year.
  4. We'll still need to discuss payments for food/shelter/etc and how to make transfers
  1. Rabbit fence
  1. Gates at corners and other holes need securing, which means that gates need to be built
  1. Who can we ask to build a gate? No ideas at this time.
  2. In the meantime, Sylvan will fold a piece of the wire mesh in half and staple it to the gate posts so it can be stepped over and not tear pants
  1. Still need to finish fastening the bottom down and putting caps on posts
  1. Need to buy more caps? 22 posts left to cap.
  1. Winter water to garden?
  1. Is it being used enough to leave on?
  2. Decision: turn it off, we're not using it
  1. Clear obstructed paths: "Concern" from  community meeting
  1. Move mushroom chalet
  1. Decision: don't dismantle our give away, we might use it again. Brian will try to find a place to put it out of the way.
  1. Clear paths of overhanging shrubs
  1. Steps by NE corner of common house, by herb garden (tie up Abelia)
  2. Cypress by cobb oven, & path around it
  3. Paths/steps between units 7 & 9 (in custody of the residents?) (Might be done by Mary as individual, rather than Biogaian) We discussed responsibility & not setting a precedent
  4. Path to Life Song Commons
  5. We need to schedule some pruning workshop days, probably led by Sylvan & Mary
  1.  Brian will take up the idea of building a crib by where we chip brush so that limbs get stacked in parallel, to make chipping easier
  1. Work party on the 20th
  1. Cedar chips need to be moved
  2. Discussed use of "harambe" word, and the politics of keeping that open to other groups to do projects. Perhaps announce some things as Biogaian work parties instead.
  3.  Mary will write an email to the community to solicit projects, each with a team leader and number of people needed
  1. Goats: paying a feed allotment for blackberry services?
  1.  Sylvan objected to goats' health conditions, and would like to tie any fiscal support to certain maintenance conditions
  2. Brent and Sylvan will meet to discuss exactly what will need to be done
  1. New food forest
  1. Creeping buttercup is creeping!
  2. Anita would like to buy cover crop seed
  1. Dutch white clover
  2. Maybe also some flower seeds? Check Wayside Farms and White Flower Farms
  1. First HOA meeting is 6:30pm at Brightwater this Thursday
  2. Ideas welcome for doing something pretty around & under the Songaia road/address number sign at the corner
  1. Maybe Shasta Daisies, Rose Campion, & Nigella?
  1. Announcements
  2. Next meeting February 13th
  1. Convener: Sylvan
  2. Scribe: Brent