Chambers Camp Policy


For safety and communication purposes, ALL campers (including those in private cottages MUST register at the Welcome Center or with their rental group if attending. A planned retreat upon arrival. Forms and a registration box are available 24 hours a day.  


Any check returned by the bank for insufficient funds, there will be a fee of $45.00 and must be reconciled.


It is prefer that you make other arrangements for your pets while you are on the campgrounds for reasons of sanitation, public health, liability and safety for all campers.  If unable to do so, however, you need to comply with the following rules:

a. You may not have  more than two pets per site.

b.  Pets must be registered and have proof of vaccination when checking in.

c.  No pets, with the exception of service dogs, are allowed in the following buildings:  Dining Hall, Retreat Center, Camp Store, Canandaigua, Big Dorm, New Dorm, Child Care Center, Bunk House, Pool Area.

d.  When outside, your pet must be secured and not left unattended.

e.  When walking your pet, the leash should be no longer than six feet.  

f.  You, as owner, are responsible to clean up after your pet.

g.  Out of consideration for other campers, your pet must not become a nuisance (e.g. chronic barking) or show aggression.

h.  Failure to comply with any of these result in your being asked to remove your pet(s) from the campground.


a. Everyone MUST shower before entering the pool.

b. No spitting, nose blowing, urinating or defecating in the pool.

c. No person having any open inflamed sores or with a communicable disease is to use the pool.

d. No running in the fenced in pool area.

e. No horseplay. (pushing, dunking or “chicken fights”)

f. No food, drink, or gum allowed inside the fenced pool area.

g. No balls, masks, fins, inflatable floats, etc. in the pool. (Approved life jackets are acceptable)

h. No climbing on or over the center rope.

i. Pre-Schoolers MUST be with a parent(s) or guardian at ALL times.

j. Children 10 and under must be accompanied (within the fence line) by an adult guardian at all times.

k. Swimmers MUST wear swimsuits. (no shorts or cutoffs will be allowed)

*WE encourage the Christian standard of modesty in dress, therefore, The following garments CANNOT be worn: two-piece suits and Speedos.*

l. Swimmer MUST be covered TO and FROM the pool. Boys may not go bare back.

m. Gate use is for authorized personnel only. All others MUST come through the bathhouse.


a. The speed limit is 5 MPH for all vehicles.

b. Licensed vehicles are to be driven only by licensed drivers.


The possession of firearms including BB and pellet guns is PROHIBITED on the grounds from June 1 through October 1 except for those approved by the Camp Committee.


a. The use of alcohol and all tobacco products is not permitted on the camp grounds.

b. The possession or use of all illicit drugs is strictly prohibited on the campgrounds.


a. Those staying in privately owned cottages are under the same rules as those lodging in camp owned facilities.

b. No one under the age of eighteen (18) is to stay in any private cottage, camper, tent or camp owned lodging without adult supervision.

c. Other than the immediate family, those of the opposite sex are NOT permitted to stay overnight in the same cottage, camper, tent or camp owned lodging.

d. As a Christian Camp and Ministry Center we hold strictly to Biblical standards regarding prohibition of homosexuality and sexual contact outside the bond of marriage between one man and one woman.


 All campers and staff are expected to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and dress appropriately for camp functions.  Campers and their parents have the primary responsibility for acceptable camper attire and appearance.  Counselors, staff and parents, as role models, should exemplify and reinforce acceptable appearance and help campers develop an understanding of appropriate dress in the camp setting. We encourage the Christian standard of modesty in clothing.

a. The following are deemed as inappropriate:  tube tops, net tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, plunging necklines (put thumb on collarbone and pinky finger should touch at least the top of the shirt). Recognize that (see through)  garments are not appropriate.

b. All tank-top straps must be at least one inch in width.

c. Shorts and skirts are to be measured as follows:  Standing up, put right (or left) hand down, the end of all shorts/skirts must extend past finger tips.  

d. Ensure that undergarments are completely covered with other clothing.

e. Items that are vulgar, obscene, libelous, or degrade others on account of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability are prohibited.

f. Clothing must not promote and/or endorse the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs, and/or other illegal or violent activities.

g. Footwear is to be worn AT ALL TIMES outside of the pool area.

Chambers Wesleyan Camp and Ministry Center shall be responsible for informing all campers and their parents of the “camper’s dress code” at the start of camp as well as any revisions to the dress code.

Campers who violate the dress code shall be required to modify their appearance by covering or removing the offending item and if necessary or practical, replacing it with an acceptable item. If Camper or staff member refuses they will be asked to leave the grounds.


a. During Family Camp all campers, regardless of age, are encouraged to be involved in appropriate programs designated for their age group for their spiritual growth and well being.

b. During morning programs children and teens are to be in their respective programs or with their parent(s) or parental designee.

c. During evening programs children and teens are to be either in service or with their parent(s) or parental designee.

d. The use of camp recreational facilities is prohibited during scheduled programs or service.


We ask if you are going to have your cell phone in the services, please turn them to silent


a. All camp sites are to remain clean and neat.

b. Debris and junk will not be allowed to accumulate.

c. Stay within the parameters of your site and respect your neighbors.

d. Be very cautious of your campfire. Do not place near your awning, propane tanks or any potential fire hazards as it can move rapidly out of control.

e. Please leave your site clean upon the end of your stay and throw all garbage in the dumpsters.

All trailers across the campground MUST maintain a ten-foot clearance between them. It SHALL be measured from any appurtenances or add ons.

f. We MUST maintain a 20-foot wide roadway through the RV Park for fire equipment purposes. This means we CANNOT have any vehicles left around our campers. We can load and unload vehicles, but then move them to a designated area.

g. Campfires MUST be at least 10 feet away from the camper and be fully extinguished before leaving your campsite or retiring for the evening. Campfires SHALL NOT be left unattended. No cooking under the awning with open flame (i.e.:charcoal, gas, wood grills)

h. A smoke alarm is required in all privately owned campers and cottages.

i. All camper trailers on a 3-point site must have a DOUGHNUT RING installed on their sewer hose to prevent drain spillage or blockage.

j. If you have 30 days of usage or more we ask that you put your sewer, electric, and water lines in PVC pipe buried at ground level to protect you and our landscaping employees and equipment. The camp shall not be responsible for any damage done to such lines that are not in compliance.

 k. All personal property must be kept in an approved storage container or in your camper when you are not on the grounds for more than 48 hours  other than picnic tables and gas grills.  


a. You will be charged for the site you occupy (whether 0-2-3 point site) regardless of whether or not you use all the facilities available on that site.

b. If a trailer/camper/tent site is to be rented for the season: After you make your $50.00 deposit you will recieve an invoice that may be paid on in the off season. 100% of the invoice must be paid in FULL by April 15. Thereafter delinquent accounts will be charged late fees. The late fee will be $50.00 per month beginning on April 16 until full balance is paid.

c. The location of any trailer/camper/tent site is chosen only with the approval of

Camp Manager. ALL campers MUST park in designated areas.

d. You are only permitted to have six people per camp site, if there are more than six people in your party you must rent an additional site.

e. No trailer/camper/tent site user may sublet their site without permission of the Camp Manager.

f. Totally contained campers/trailers will be allowed to park in the upper parking lot of the camp when ALL lower lots are rented for a cost of $13.50 per day. When lots are vacated, these self-contained units will be required to rent lots as others do.


a. Written notification of all on site trailers sales must be given to Camp Committee prior to sale of the vehicle.

b. Transfer of ownership of an on site trailer must be clean of all financial responsibilities owed to the Camp before sale can take place.



a. ALL plans for adding a patio or porch to an existing trailer lot, whether permanent or portable, MUST be submitted to the Camp Committee for approval prior to construction.

b. The planned patio/porch may not exceed the dimensions of the trailer and cannot go outside the borders of the trailer lot.

c. Due to weather, safety and appearance considerations, the only acceptable construction materials for a patio/porch are concrete or pressure treated lumber.

d. Any permanent patio/porch cannot be built on top of any water, sewer or electrical lines.




a. Placed next to cottages and trailer sites maybe used ONLY for the“immediate family of the lessee or renter of the site”. (i.e. children under 21).

b. All teenagers MUST be directly responsible to a parent or parental designee (assigned note from parents or legal guardians must be in the possession of the parental designee) and MUST be housed in the family housing.

c. Families bringing guests under 18 years of age MUST house them as part of the family.



Must be made on the Camp Website under online reservations.

They may not be made more than one year in advance.



We have WiFi coverage across the camp grounds free of charge. However  streaming video and music is prohibited due to kilobyte usage. 


Camp owned equipment may be used by Central New York District groups. Other groups “MUST” sign out equipment and place a $25.00 deposit, which will be refunded when all equipment is returned intact. Groups are responsible to replace damaged equipment.


The laundry room is for camp use ONLY. Campers are to use the machines located behind the bathrooms located next to the playground. Theses machines are to be paid for at $1.00 per load washer or dryer. There is a money box attached to the wall above the washers and dryers. Unattended laundry will be sent to the lost and found.


All solicitations must be approved by the Camp Committee.



1. Background checks will be run on all paid employees against the NYS Sex Offenders List.

2. Volunteers working directly with children, or any children’s camp, will be run against the NYS Sex Offenders List.

3. Anyone listed from the NYS Sex Offenders list, at any level, will be forbidden to work or volunteer at any Children's camp.


Policy revision 03/18