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App, Software, & Cloud-Based Resource Request
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Logan-Rogersville School District
App, Software, & Cloud-Based Resource Request

The Logan-Rogersville School District recognizes the value of technology integration and encourages faculty and staff to select resources that increase learning opportunities. Only Apps, Software, and Cloud-Based resources that are appropriate to meet instructional goals and meet legal requirements to protect student privacy and data will be approved. The District has adopted a set of Standards when evaluating new Apps, Software, and Cloud-Based resources. Before submitting a request for approval of an App, Software, or Cloud-Based resource, faculty and staff must first discuss the desired resource with their instructional coach and consider the following:

Once all of the above has been considered, an App, Software, & Cloud-Based Resource Request may be submitted.

If the new resource is approved, please allow at least three weeks from the date of completion of this form for the new App, Software, or Cloud-Based resource to be fully functioning. Purchased and free Apps, Software, or Cloud-Based resources may require extended time for review, purchasing, and device/network integration. If the requested App, Software, or Cloud-Based resource is denied, you will receive notification and explanation for the denial.