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Something to look forward to; something to pursue; something that is calming and satisfying; something that is good for your body and your mind; something that makes you think, makes you do; makes you consider ... something you can do for your physical and psychological well-being no matter what the season, temperature, or if it's daylight/nighttime.  

Everyone, I believe, would benefit from an activity that brings them the above benefits.  And there are various meditative pursuits that provide these benefits for people.   Do you have such a pursuit?  An outlet/activity that gains you a pleasant fatigue and relaxed calmness, and is fun at the same time?  

If not, I'd like you to consider archery target shooting as an activity that could provide those benefits to you.  Just get lost in the concentration and rhythmic repetition of drawing .... aiming .... releasing .... again ....  See if you don't find a lot of physical and mental benefit and pleasure and harmony for the small amount of $$ you'll spend.

An example ...

USA Indoor National Championships