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Political Science Embedded Device
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Political Science Embedded Device

Voting Machines Tested by Advertising intrusion for security base model

To know what is right by the population’s hand derrives from their ability to make informed decisions and communicate it. The stop gap from stardom type overload within the political arena is the supreme court, senate, congress, and presidential offices. Their new task relies on their ability to form slots for the limited choice options that citizens select and vote on. Their ability to hand down consolidated options upon an LCD screen that divide conclusively adds power and resilience to the stance of those enacting the desire. To come to a fruitful era with technology is to embrace its accuracy and speed. The jump needed in reasoning is to simply apply the technology as if another government were operating that way. Instead of all of the problems one thinks of during adoption, competitively we might fathom ways in which another would be superior in the plan. An excellent quality of software technologies are designs that replicate. Few people are involved in the capture and description of the logic, yet the program’s ability to be replicated and function provides easy mass distribution and digital printing.

Creating complex detailed plans to satisfy secure transmission schemes can be found greater in detail with creative and artistic types of input to logic. This is present in stenography and also has had progressions historically with voice technology (VOCODER) and formaint transformations to produce syllables as a means of numerical transfer. However, in the modern era of artificial intelligence and statistical study, you really have to have a garbage in and garbage out (GIGO) on both sides of the equation for a defendable internet communication schema. With HTML and JavaScript possessing keywords, syntax, methods of decrypting are easily employed. Within the proposed altered form of operation the base numerical representation continuously changes as well as shuffle the storage identity and order. That combined with a time sensitive release provides very little trail.  

Natural traffic on the web provides the noise necessary for sensitive data given duration. The registration process is an in person meeting where a usb drive (meg plus data key) is gathered. It contains a transformed mixture of detailed document id photography, picture, sound voice capture to provide a unique digital key mixture. The data may be used creatively. This may include many forms of instruction for network operations, the order, and transmission method to make the process of precise multiple choice option display questions from the embedded device a concerned concentrated simple device.

LLVM can be used to produce these types of structured packed executables which are also registered at a server level to communicate at certain times and using specific encryption methods. The program has a randomized encryption stack with many inline behaviours which discretely and uniquely communicate to an IP address with a time slotted ip window. Each program given to a registration participant is a unique program. If one version of the program is known about through disassembly, it will provide some concepts of how the system might work. However given the number of combination options that a system such as this may produce complete discovery I deem difficult. This type of program architecture is suited to be run on embedded devices that offer no other software installation base other than inserting a usb data key which contains the registration information. The type of communication system is suited for data that is not dense in its numeric descriptions. Like numerical choice options of a given set; two or three numbers at most.

Modern concepts of digital communication and server technology are very simplified and can be privatized by distribution. This system will require extensive hidden backbone technology for dual medium transfer. That is, several groups of communication terminals within the internet network and a smaller but physically distributed network will supply the phantom packet routing where communication from some distance point is hidden. Their appearance back into the internet can be transformed into other forms where reading their value is likened to block chain storage. However the position is known about by the intended recipient through algorithmic parameters and may be received as an indexed operation. This further obfuscates the communication process if necessary. That is, once a recording of transmission has been made through the internet, the information is stored in the remote server and transmitted to the main recording infrastructure as instructed. The multiplex of such information on a binary level provides a stream that is inescapable in decoding. The choice data from many people broken up and reordered in its transmission while the underlying numerical bases are shifted with other uniform random integers. One must have many forms of information to process such a stream. The problem will be the introduction of noise which adds different types of protocol sensitivity to the program. Any noise can be considered a security violation. More research to calibration and actual implementation necessary.

The digital range reading is severely unlimited yet some choices might entice politicians to have a numerical range, say from zero to 65536. A slider of emotion for your captive audience to have as a plotted finger. Or more accurately for an embedded device as this, a thumb wheel. The depth they care for it is visually shown. Options for the GUI control operation are not limited from the starting architecture, however a very easy communication tool such as this may have at most only less than ten types of controls. A cool or warm color gradient can show emotional status or other types of graphs such as pie and bar are also consumed easily.

The ability to plug in otg devices of derived apparatuses is also available with simplified sensor technology. Sending one high resolution 4k image per year to the government securely for example. Have a government camera. Imagine the ability for real time thumb flicks to show dynamic stress levels felt in a captive audience. Thumbs up or thumbs down is even easier, a velcro sensor taped to the first finger, thumb. It’s something natural as a digit bearing species, flick the thumb to the pain level enacted. Electro flicks. At most times, its all about the feedback and interpretation.

As an enchanting all American technology, the everlasting communication tool of Donkey and Elephant buttons locked on the wall with a game basketball countdown timer for effect could be effective marketing tools. However ultimately the operation of the device must be promoted to be effective in its usage.

Imagine a registered accounting record level for each and every option found within the government multiplied by the number of people. When data systems are first developed, their initial design is of transformed worldly mechanism. Typically these systems are best and devised to have an information structure. Adapting this to the digital world typically increases the storage mechanisms to provide table joins in relational terms. This is the type of flexibility that establishes software automation as powerful as indexing and storage requirements are reduced.  The derivatives of storage for systems as this must also place a stress on security. The automated and summarizing reports are infinitely more accurate and detailed than available now. It is only seen in the future that artificial intelligence will run many aspects of society as a complete business model to tune service production robotically but adapting production as needed.

However, contextually as a political software user interface unit, the attributes of a functioning interface are very little. With the political arena, it is a one shot signal per frame. And as an audience based reception, a person may use this functionality less than five times every five years. This covers the top elections.

The drill down into society and local offices will still have the same adverse effects that it does according to the stairway of government structure. People will still have problems with the neighbor, and all of the local verses distance perception of identity fairness perception. Ultimately the type of interfaces present for the device will not have anything to do with these types of problems, traffic tickets, etc that is the small life. To perfectly function as a political science device as an instrument trusted, it is cheap. Any major network has the capability to provide even functional web portals for surveys.