When you are ready to launch or haul you are requested to send an email request to YARDCAPTAIN@LRYC.CA and specify your requested date.  You will get an email back with tide time and expected weather.  You will get a confirmatory email the two days before launch detailing the size of crew you will require or letting you know that the weather forecast is not good and then it will be rescheduled.


If you are the only boat then you will need a minimum crew of 4 plus the skipper.  If there are other boats launching then the crew size will be spread amongst those launching BUT you are expected to remain and help the others.


Please ensure you show up early and that your boat is ready to go.  If possible give your engine a run-up on the hard to make sure there will be no problems when you hit the water.


Finally, a couple of points to note:


  a.  if you book a launch or haul and do not show then a $30.00 charge will be applied to cover the operator’s wages;

  b.  you are required to clean up around your cradle area before sailing off into the sunset;

  c.  some cradles in the yard require extensive repairs.  If you are advised that you are one of the owners then the repairs must be made before boats will be hauled at the end of the season.


Hope everyone enjoys a safe, fun summer.  See you in the yard,


Yard Captain