Hopping Happenings

Volume 1 Issue 1                                                                                         January 2019

Soccer Kangaroos

By  Natalia Alonzo

The boys and girls soccer team meets every Tuesday and Thursday at the soccer field at Collins Elementary. This is team that practices everyday to get ready for the tournament. They have uniforms. The uniforms are green with a kangaroo and they have a number on them. The coach is Braulio.

Students practice soccer on the field outside of school. [Selena Aguilar and Natalia Alonzo].

1st, 2nd, and 5th grades can participate.The benefits of soccer is that it makes their bones strong and it entertains them. The coaches are nice.The coach helps the kids learn soccer drills and how to kick the ball.

Time to be Creative  

By Evelyn Rios Salas and Roberto Gaspar, Contribution by  Jacob Gonzalez

It was in 2018 the month was December.

When I was going to visit Creative Action, there was kids playing all around and I was just thinking that it was fun.  There were six kids and so the teacher was in yesterday and she was actually the leader of the group.

I saw kids working on a project. My eyes were full of  surprise of seeing these little kids working with the big kids. There was this one kid who inspired me the most. Her name was Isabella,  and she was making a little Rudolph paper.  It was so cute.

I was taking pictures and videos of them an was able to ask if they’d like being in the class. They said, “Yes.I love this class. I like the projects and the teachers and everything.”

 The Volleyball Team of  Caring Students

     By Alexa Esquivel  

2018-2019 Volleyball team poses for team photo. [Alexa Esquivel]

Jealynn Samaniego, 5th grade student, hates nothing and loves to help her teammates because they help her. The reason she loves her team is because they're all girls

and no boys. Sanmanego

said that, “It feels like I accomplished something by getting the ball over the net. Even if you don't get it over the net, you don't get bullied by anyone on your team.” This is the main reason why she loves her teammates.

  Volleyball coach is Miss Hallmark and the Newton Collins team includes mostly 5th graders and one 4th grader. Gracie Balberas, Janytzia De La Toore-Arias, Evelyn Carrinllo Rebollar, Hannah Gaspar, Arisa Medrano, Lindsey Gonzalez, Michelle Meija Garcia, Abigail Barron, Alita, Alessandro, Kimyra Morris, and many more.

Jealynn’s teammate said “I wanted to be in volleyball because it is a great activity. It's healthy for you and for your heart”.  One of her other teammates in volleyball said, ”I want to be in volleyball because I barely got to play in my last school”.

It was stated, “I wanted to be in volleyball because I wanted some exercise in my life and to try something new and I like to play sports.”

Another of her teammates said “I wanted to be in volleyball because it seems like a really fun sport.  When I was in volleyball last year, I got to play with the volleyball ball and you're able to bounce the ball around the room.”

Fellow teammate says, “ I like to be in volleyball because if you don't have a team you have nobody to trust, but if you have a team you can trust them. I wanted to learn how to play volleyball because when my parents were little they played volleyball.”

Another girl said, “Volleyball is healthy for you and it's also fun and  you get to be with all your friends and that's why I want to be in volleyball”.

From this staff writer’s point of view, they were all honest, caring and loving.

 After the 20th of December, the volleyball season is over because they finished all

their games.


Image result for battle of the books

By Roberto Gaspar Contribution by Jacob Gonzalez

Today is  December and we were  interviewing Battle of the books coach Amy Gonzalez.

What was fun about the interview was that they were reading Wish Tree by Katherine Applegate.  

Ms. Amy Gonzalez inspired me to read a lot and I was just in shock some kids were actually listening. It was just exactly like what I thought. I  wanted to see kids working.

They were working on this little project and were listening to this book that was online. It was just reading to them.  

It was really emotional. I never knew that reading is so important,  you can even get jobs for reading.

It's just like a little connection that  sometimes  save your life. This happens when you read a book and you are having a difficult time. You just don’t feel good and the book can help you calm down.

Battle of the Books can  calm you down and you can just read a book together as a group. Some people got to get along and this is actually like a good time to read a book.  

You can go anywhere with the books when reading them together and it's so awesome there's actually people working together as a group.  

It makes a connection with someone else that you never knew in your life.

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“Why did the soccer ball roll  away?” Because it was kicked

By Jessie Gonzalez