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1.        Purpose

The Board recognizes that the early childhood education program is an integral part of the total educational program. This role in the educational program has been clearly established and demonstrated.

It is in these young years that a tremendous impact can be made that may make the difference of success or failure for many students. Our knowledge of children and the instruments used to test and measure growth and development have helped us to identify more effectively children who show an unreadiness for school.

2.        Guidelines

It is the policy of the Governor Mifflin School District to establish an early childhood education program consisting of the following components:

        Pol. 201

  1. The early childhood program will be administered and coordinated by the primary principals.

  1. Set entrance age for kindergarten at age five (5) before August 1st and entrance age for grade one (1) at age six (6) before August 1st.

  1. The primary principals shall coordinate the administration of appropriate developmental screening of incoming children on a non-mandated basis.

  1. Establish pre-first class(es).

  1. Establish a preschool storytime program.

  1. Encourage and establish parenting courses.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent shall be responsible to review, study and evaluate the need and effectiveness of this program and present periodic reports to the Board.


Board Policy – 201

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