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VG E3 2021 Predictions Bingo
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PS Video Games 2021 Prediction Bingo


What is it?

It’s that time of year again, and E3 2021 is almost upon us!

This year, we’ve decided to try something new and host predictions bingo!

To play you’ll generate a bingo card based on a list of preset predictions by the staff team!

Then, between June 12th and 15th, join us in chat as we watch the various press conferences to see if you’ve won!


How to Play/Enter

  1.  Go to the website to make your Bingo Card! Click the generate button to create a randomly generated card.


  1. Copy the url of your bingo card. Make sure you save the url somewhere so you can access it during E3!

  1. Fill out the entry form. Make sure you have your card url. SUBMISSIONS CLOSE JUNE 11th


  1. Watch E3 with us in chat! On your bingo card, click off the correct predictions and see how much of the board you can clear!


  1. The winner is the player with the most cleared lines! Lines can be in any direction (Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal).

If you win, room staff will contact you to tell you.

If they don’t, you didn’t win.



What happens if two users tie?


        If two users clear the same number of lines, then the winner will be decided by who clears the most total squares.

What do I get for winning?

        The adoration of everyone in VG and the glory of winning.

        Alternatively, you may be eligible for the prize winner rank and a forced !vgotd of your choice!

If I don’t like my bingo card, can I regenerate them until I get one I want?

        Sure, we won’t notice :/

        You can regenerate cards as many times as you want, but we’ll only accept the first card you submit.

Can I submit multiple entries?

        No :)