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Module 10: Complex Conditionals

Working with actions that depend upon one or more condition being true

Theme: Art

Purpose: Students learn nested conditions and the and/or operators.

Lesson goals: I can...

  • use nested if ___ then blocks
  • use and and or operators
  • identify conditions in existing code.
  • create a project of their choice using nested conditional statements.

Activity 1: Color Mixing with the and Operator

Students explore a project that uses conditional statements with one and two conditions that need to be true in order for an action to occur. Students then modify the project to add new conditions.


Activity 2: Color Mixing with Nested Conditional Statements

Students modify the project to use nested conditional statements to determine which conditions need to be checked for.

Activity 3:

Students create a project of their choice that asks the user to select two of three options. Each selected pair triggers a unique action. Students will use both nested conditional statements and the and operator in their projects.

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