1 Eligibility        3

1.1 Definition        3

1.2 Player Eligibility        3

1.3 Additional Eligibility        3

2 Tournament Format        3

2.1 Game Format        3

2.2 Score System        3

4 Game setups        4

4.1 Breaks        4

4.2 Equipment        4

5 Bugs and Glitches        4

5.1 Disconnects        4

6 Title Specific Infractions        4

6.1 Use of Bugs and Glitches        4

Penalty: Game Loss        4

1 Eligibility

1.1 Definition

A Youth Cup participant is a player that is participating in the Youth Cup Season. With their participation, the participant states that he understands and accepts all rules.

1.2 Player Eligibility

Each Fortnite Youth Cup team must consist of 2 team members.

Players must be at least 13, and no older than 16 years of age in order to be eligible to enter.

1.3 Additional Eligibility

Players should use their personal Epic account.

The account submitted in the roster form must be used for the entire tournament.

Should a player be unable to use a personal account to compete in the tournament, they can request the use of an Arena account. Players should be advised that there are a limited number of Arena accounts available for use.

2 Tournament Format

2.1 Game Format

Teams will be made up of 2 players, referred to as a Duo.

The Fortnite Youth Cup will use a leaderboard score system for each tournament. A table for this score system can be found in section

Each weekly tournament will consist of 4 rounds. For each round teams will be placed into a private server and play a match.

2.2 Score System

Standings will be based on the total score accumulated across 4 rounds.

Scores are based on placement and kills. Each kill a Duo gets is worth 50 points. The following scale will be used to score placement:

4 Game setups

Each team will be given the login details for a server. Players must join the lobby at the scheduled start time.

All games will be on the Arena Duos playlist

4.1 Breaks

Rounds are expected to last an average of 20 minutes. Each round is scheduled to start 30 minutes after the previous one. Players may use the time in between rounds as a break.

4.2 Equipment

Players are provided with a full setup of hardware and peripherals to use during the tournament.

Players have the option of using their own peripherals during each match. Player-owned equipment must be compatible with Belong-provided competition equipment. Belong is not responsible for ensuring Player-owned equipment is in working condition. Belong

reserves the right to inspect all Player-Owned equipment to ensure compliance with Youth Cup rules.

5 Bugs and Glitches

It is up to the tournament administration discretion whether the use of any bugs had an effect on the match, and what penalty they will incur. Admins should pause the game and report these to the representative as soon as possible.

5.1 Disconnects

If a player disconnects in the pre game lobby (before loading into the battle bus) they will be allowed to reconnect before the round starts.

Players cannot reconnect after the combat phase has begun.

If a player disconnects after the combat phase has started,the  Duo will receive 150 points.

If one player in a duo disconnects the team can take either the remaining players final position and kills or the disconnect score.

6 Title Specific Infractions

Definitions for all penalties can be found in the Youth Cup Infractions and Penalties Guide.

6.1 Use of Bugs and Glitches                 

Penalty: Game Loss

A team found using a game mechanic that is classed as a bug or glitch will receive a Game Loss.

Teams are to maintain a level of sportsmanship while competing, using bugs, glitches or exploits will not be tolerated in Youth Cup, regardless of whether they are “available to everyone”.