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Planning stories from other communities
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Planning stories from other communities

Updated July 16, 2021

Oregon 2050 - 


Oregon 2050 is an effort to be visionary and collaborate across traditional silos and outside of the constraints of planning as it has been constrained by practice and law, for a more environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and fiscally resilient future. This is a new effort that will offer “big ideas” about how the state will welcome a projected more than one million new residents (relative to the population in 2020), and how they will face challenges and uncertainties about the future, such as the impacts of climate change, ongoing social inequities, and major changes in technology and to the economy.

Calgary Innovation Coalition 

The Calgary Innovation Coalition (CIC) is a group of organizations in the Calgary region that support innovation-driven entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises. The collective presents a single vision and voice regarding the priorities of Calgary’s innovation community, a unique model for collaboration in Alberta's innovation ecosystem, with the goal of creating 1000 new technology startups by 2030.  

Charleston Digital Corridor

The Charleston Digital Corridor (CDC) is a community-sourced initiative to attract, nurture and promote the region's tech economy through an array of impactful programs, products and events while leveraging Charleston's renowned livability.  The project was born out of a commitment to over a year of conversations and small projects that developed a set of shared outcomes and commitment to the future of the local economy.  

Shoals Shift –

This paper is a case study applying a reflective theory of development for entrepreneurial

ecosystems in the Muscle Shoals region of northern Alabama that was struggling to reimagine its future after a series of hurricanes damaged the area. The theory provides guidance for practitioners and policymakers interested in developing entrepreneurial ecosystems.