Business Analyst,

IT Manager


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32 y.o.


Business and System Analytics, Business Process Optimization, Project Management, Engineering Design Management, Cybersecurity, IT Consulting;

Google Sheets enthusiast and pro;

Strong problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills;

Advanced leadership and conflict management skills;

Expert knowledge of IT best practices, technologies, policies and regulations.

Actively Interested in Blockchain technologies, DeFi, Dao, cryptocurrencies, smart contacts and consensus algorithms and principles.


2018-2022 Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) @ Leber Group

Main results and projects:

        — Managed warehouse business processes optimization, barcode marking and pack-management system → number of shipment mistakes and claims decreased by 6%; order shipping preparation time decreased from 7 business days to 3 days; number of orders shipped increased from 300 per month up to 450 per month; 25% business unit profit growth reached in two years;

        — Led supply chain principles development and digital transformation → relationship with key suppliers established; product cost price drop by 5% average;

        — Designed business and production processes at the factory → factory annual revenue is about $3M;

        — In two years built strong 3D-design team with smart self-management principles, learning and onboarding program;

        — Hired, built and set up a strong CAD engineering team, integrated them with IT systems and optimized business processes between the engineering team and technological production systems.

        — Designed architecture, identified Software requirements specifications and managed business IT system development (financial analysis system) → system made it possible to manage customer orders with all tasks and calculations for the amount of about $2,5M monthly with 1 financial controller employee instead of 3 employees with orders processing capacity about $1M monthly before IT system implementation

        — Managed business processes optimization and digital transformation → made possible provide support of 60% revenue growth with only 20% office staff growth

        — In 2020-2021 managed and led the project of creating innovative product series "Moskvich", where took part also as a creative director. Revenue by 2022 was $600K and ROI is positive. Product series presentation — https://indd.adobe.com/view/59d3a6a2-1d78-4af1-a23f-90ea2c422dfb

        — Designed and managed automated cost price calculation based on Solidworks model specifications → time for price recalculation decreased from days to minutes

2016-2018 System analyst, Business process optimization manager @ Leber Group

        — Automated production processes with massive data collection, analysis, generating dashboards for monitoring and forecast;

        — Design and implement warehouse surveillance system used for security purposes and providing video files with shipment process for clients;

        — Designed architecture and managed telegram bots development → automated IT support ticket management; optimized shipment equipment installation data collection and report generation;

        — Deployed, maintained, and troubleshot core business applications, services, associated hardware, databases

        — Collect, analyze data and provide access for structured data and generated reports.

2015-2017 (project, part-time) Co-founder, Chief Product Officer (CPO) @ Leber Group Wooden Houses

        — Took valuable part in marketing strategy development for the B2C market;

        — Managed the determining process of clients' needs and translated them into product requirements;

        — Created design concept and defined product design requirements;

        — Led house design processes and advertising design key visuals with a team of architects and 3D designers;

        — Created a product road map based on strategy;

Project was closed due to extreme growth of the main B2B business. We had positive ROI and 20 houses were built for satisfied customers. Warranty support proceeded.

2014-2016 IT Manager @ Leber Group

        — Built IT team with System administrator, developers and DevOps;

        — Created strategies for reducing downtime of company’s network and backup-and-restore strategies;

        — Implemented network maintenance strategies to decrease troubleshooting costs and time;

        — Successfully technically supported growth in close connection with Sales, Finance, Accounting and Marketing departments;

2012-2014 System Administrator @ Leber Group

        — Designed and set up network infrastructure, linux based servers (LDAP, file servers, backup, video surveillance control and archive, firewalls, gateways, VPN);

        — Set up and administered Google Apps services (Google Workspace)

        — Managed IT equipment purchase;

2007 — 2010 System administrator (IT technician)
@ TDSY-49 building company
 // http://www.tdsy49.ru/

        — Designed and implemented file management system & servers, cybersecurity systems and protocols, access control and surveillance systems;

        — Set up operating the firewall for the organization;

        — Implemented databases, networks, hardware and software, designed networks, laying out the infrastructure for LANs;

Projects & freelance

2014-2022 (hobby, not a day job) photographer

2010-2013 — Press Photographer @ BBC, the-village.ru, MR-7, photo agencies

2009-2019 (project, part-time) Co-founder, Technical Director @ Out to Town (vvgorod.ru) — travel & educational project for schoolchildren and students

        — Developed website, internal database, project and customer management systems; Managed digital activities and technical support of travel event management.

2010 — Art Director, Photo Director @ Ecological initiatives magazine "Green1" // https://issuu.com/ivandaf/docs/green1_01

2011 — Art Director, Photo Director @ Peronal Ecology magazine // https://issuu.com/ivandaf/docs/gogreen-n01

2006-2007 — Educational Events Manager, technician @ DDOO (Nonprofit organization)

        — Designed and managed events, supported it technically (media creation support, computer network and on-site internet connection) during events and summer camps.

2005-2006 — Educational Projects Manager @ Small Academy of Children's Public Organizations (Nonprofit organization)

        — Developed and led educational programs within Design faculty and Game Theory course


2006-2012 — Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE)

Master's degree in Systems analysis, Information Processing and Management

Grade: Diploma of Specialist in Applied Informatics

Activities and societies: Systems analysis, Data analysis, Statistics, Mathematical modeling and Computer simulation, UX design, Information system design and administration, Data encryption, Information psychology, Neuropsychology, Psychology and Neuropsychology of Visual Perception, Databases and SQL.

Took part in Conferences:

«European conference on Visual Perception» with stand and talk (Bremen, Germany),

«Young Scientists in Moscow's Education» with stand and talk (Moscow),

«Neurocomputers in use» with stand and talk about neural network patterns recognition (Moscow),

Won presidential grant for neural network project at Russian Young Scientists Fair (Moscow)

Licenses & certifications

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)

Effective communication — theory and practice

Nov 2021

Credential ID KPFV8Z2ARSTR https://www.coursera.org/verify/KPFV8Z2ARSTR

0704 Quick immersion into BPMN 2.0

Oct 2021

Princeton University

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Princeton University @ Coursera

Oct 2021

Saint Petersburg State University

Modern financial technologies @ Coursera

Sep 2021

Credential ID SS77U9G6JLCY https://coursera.org/verify/SS77U9G6JLCY/

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Business processes, organizational design, management mechanisms and systems (with honors) @ Coursera

Oct 2020

Credential ID B3SRVMYG7A8T https://www.coursera.org/verify/B3SRVMYG7A8T

Russian School of Management

Enterprise production manager

Feb 2020

Credential ID M0073458

Success stories

Team creator and leader

Created core IT team including System Administrator, web and backend developers, DevOps.

Built strong 3D-design team with smart self-management principles, learning system and onboarding program.

Hired, built and set up strong CAD engineering team, integrated them with IT systems and optimized business processes between engineering team and production technological systems.

Innovative project manager, product owner

With design and CAD teams collaboration was optimized new products development processes. As a result I propose and lead project of creation innovative product series "Moskvich", where I took part also as an creative director. Starting remotely while "COVID"-2020 with design the project came to 2022 with successfully developed and installed big and complex play systems on the playgrounds.

The new approach to design playground systems is about avoiding simple old-style children interaction with stairs, slides and towers. It's about creating the interactive museum with objects that can describe for child the principles of nature — physics of water, wind, electricity, gravity, even Newton's laws. Everything is touchable, spinnable and full-of-sense. Of course there are objects for interaction with each other, because everyone wants to share his invents!

"Moskvich" presentation: https://indd.adobe.com/view/59d3a6a2-1d78-4af1-a23f-90ea2c422dfb

Project Steps:

  1. Freelance designers - provides a super-wide range of ideas (about 150 people around the world took part)
  2. Creative team chooses the best ideas
  3. In-house design team, who knows how to adopt that ideas makes correct 3d models
  4. Technical team creates a draft CAD model and provides tasks for supply team and for engineering team
  5. Engineers create model and drawings
  6. Production project manager leads the prototype production, installation and testing
  7. Whole team takes part in testing, makes corrections and voting for solutions
  8. Start the series production!