NEAAAT Strategic Plan: The First Five Years



Strategic Priority:

Student Performance - All NEAAAT students will graduate well prepared for advanced careers and degree programs in STEM related fields.

Performance Goals:

SP-1: At least 75% of all students will achieve at or above the state average on all state-mandated tests annually.

SP-2: In 2018-19 the student four-year cohort graduation rate will exceed 90% and in year 2019-20 it will exceed 93%.

SP-3: Student attendance rate will exceed 95% annually.

SP-4: At least 85% of all students will graduate with 15 or more hours of transferable college credit in 2018-19 and beyond.

SP-5: By the end of the 2017-18 school year, the college course transfer rate (percentage of enrollment earning grades of “C” or higher) for all courses will exceed 80%.  By 2019-2020, the transfer rate will be at or above 90%.

SP-6: In 2018-19, the ACT proficiency rate will exceed 60%, with at least 30% of students meeting subject test benchmarks.  In 2019-20, the ACT proficiency rate will exceed 65%, with at least 40% of students meeting subject test benchmarks.

SP-7: In 2015-16 75% of students will be rated proficient or higher as measured by the school’s career readiness rubric.  In subsequent years the number of students rated proficient or higher will increase by three percent and in 2019-20 it will be 87%.

SP-8: During a cohort’s first year of enrollment students will meet 65% of their student learning goals.  During its second year students will meet 75% of their goals.  During its third year students will meet 85% of their goals and will then meet 90% or more of their goals in subsequent years.


Execute high quality, interdisciplinary project based learning in every classroom. (SP-1, SP-3, SP-6, SP-7)

Maximize student learning by effectively leveraging technology, service learning, and work-based experiences to engage and personalize learning for each student. (SP-1, SP-2, SP-4, SP-5, SP-6, SP-7, SP-8)

Maximize students' access to a variety of college coursework by partnering with ECSU to supplement College and Career Promise offerings. (SP-4, SP-5)

Implement and sustain a superlative student advisory program designed to meet the needs of each student. (SP-1, SP-2, SP-3, SP-4, SP-5, SP-6, SP-7, SP-8)

Maintain a consistent focus on professional skills development by incorporating research-based strategies for career readiness into every lesson. (SP-7, SP-8)

Strategic Priority:

School Culture - NEAAAT will build and maintain a positive, welcoming, and nurturing learning environment for all.

Performance Goals:

SC-1: At least 80% of school families will report that they are satisfied or very satisfied by the school’s performance as measured by the school’s annual parent survey.

SC-2: At least 80% of students will report that they are receiving quality, challenging schoolwork to do as measured by the school’s annual student survey.

SC-3: At least 80% of students will report that they are working in a nurturing environment that provides adequate supports for academic success as measured by the school’s student survey.  In years 2017-20 the percentage will increase to 90%.

SC-4: At least 85% of all teachers and staff will report in 2015-16 & 2016-17 will recommend this school as a great place to work as measured by the school’s teacher working conditions survey.  In years 2017-20 the percentage will increase to 90%.

SC-5: Ninety percent of all teachers offered return employment agreements annually will accept them.

SC-6: Student attrition will be less than 10% in 2015-16 & 2016-17 and will be less than 8% in years 2017-20.


Build and continuously improve systems that incorporate stakeholder feedback into the school development process. (SC-1, SC-4, SC-5, SC-6)

Develop a Multi Tiered System of Supports to ensure the success of all students. (SC-2, SC-3)

Implement team structures that provide multiple opportunities for staff and students to contribute and lead in the school development process. (SC-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5, SC-6)

Strategic Priority:

Highly Qualified Workforce - NEAAAT will employ and grow excellent educators for every classroom.

Performance Goals:

HQ-1: At least 80% of teachers will be licensed in NC and certified Highly Qualified according to federal guidelines annually.

HQ-2: Annually, all teachers will report that this school has provided them high quality professional development as measured by the school’s teacher working conditions survey.

HQ-3: All employed teachers not licensed in NC will have a plan to become licensed within four years from their hire date as evidenced by the professional growth plan in their personnel file.


Partner with ECSU Teacher Education program to connect potential NEAAAT personnel who are working professionals and experienced teachers without current NC licenses to teacher certification pathways. (HQ-1, HQ-2, HQ-3)

Cultivate pre-service teachers for staff positions by providing field experiences, clinical experiences, and other opportunities to collaborate with NEAAAT personnel. (HQ-1)

Leverage external funding opportunities, collaborative partnerships, internal capacity, and operational efficiencies to offer competitive salaries and excellent professional growth opportunities. (HQ-2, HQ-3)

Contract with the nation's leading agencies to build staff capacity for technology infused, interdisciplinary project based learning. (HQ-2)

Support individualized growth experiences for all personnel. (HQ-2, HQ-3)

Strategic Priority:

Community Involvement - NEAAAT will engage the community to provide world class learning opportunities for all.

Performance Goals:

CI-1: In 2015-16, the school will secure three business partnerships, as evidenced by a signed business partner contract developed by the school.  The school will gain three new partnerships annually through school year 2019-2020 as evidenced by the partnership contracts.

CI-2: At least 50% of students will graduate having completed an internship.

CI-3: Non-parent community volunteers will contribute at least 200 hours of service to the school in 2015-16; thereafter, hours of non-parent volunteer service contributed to the school will increase by 5% annually.

CI-4: Parent volunteers will contribute at least 240 hours of service to the school in 2015-16, 480 hours in 2016-17, 600 hours in 2017-18; thereafter, hours of parent volunteer service contributed to the school will exceed 900 hours annually.


Grow and sustain a strong Business Alliance to support field-based opportunities for students and staff. (CI-1, CI-2, CI-3)

Celebrate volunteer hour milestones through formal recognition of individual volunteers. (CI-3, CI-4)

Maximize routine communications, such as weekly newsletters, school website, social media, community presentations, and PBL whitepapers, to publicize volunteering opportunities and solicit active participation. (CI-3, CI-4)

Host community events, such as bi-annual Exhibitions of Student Learning, to both increase awareness of the school and engage the community. (CI-3, CI-4)

Strategic Priority:

Governance - The NEAAAT Board of Directors will model world class leadership by demonstrating a continuous commitment to excellence and professional growth.

Performance Goals:

G-1: Board of Directors meeting attendance rate will be at least 80% annually as evidenced by meeting minutes.

G-2: All Board members will have at least 8 hours of board training and development annually as evidenced by meeting roosters or registration data.

G-3: All new Board members will complete their orientation training according to Board Policy 2.04 as evidenced by signed statement of completion.


Incorporate Board Education into each regular meeting. (G-2)

Provide all new members of the board with training pertaining to duties, expectations, policies, and procedures within 30 days of the board's approval of their nominations. (G-1, G-3)

Email meeting reminders to all board members at least 1 week prior to the scheduled meeting date, and include agendas for their review and input. (G-1, G-2)

Strategic Priority:

Financial Oversight - NEAAAT will exercise excellent financial management to secure its perpetual position as a world class educational option for families.

Performance Goals:

FO-1: The school will annually receive an audit with no material findings.

FO-2: The Board of Directors will establish an initial budget with a fund balance and will grow that fund balance by at least 1% each subsequent year until in year 2019-20 the fund balance will be 5% of the General Fund as evidenced by the annual audit.

FO-3: The school will raise at least $30,000 annually from non-state sources to supplement the budget as evidenced by the school’s annual financial statement.


Leverage the expertise of contracted financial services firms to provide additional checks and balances, and advisement regarding GAAP. (FO-1, FO-2)

Attend professional development workshops, conferences, and training to build internal capacity in the areas of state reporting, financial systems, GAAP, COA, and appropriate use and procedures by fund type and PRC. (FO-1, FO-2)

Submit funding proposals to granting agencies to achieve strategic priorities in pursuit of the school's mission and vision. (FO-2, FO-3)

Develop a staffing plan and build processes that result in effective and efficient operations. (FO-2)

Strategic Priority:

Facility Expansion - The NEAAAT Board of Directors will secure and maintain educational facilities that enable and encourage the establishment of an innovative learning environment.

Performance Goals:

FE-1: By the end of the school year 2017-18 the Board of Directors will have a plan for the permanent location of the school.


Partner with Elizabeth City State University to occupy underutilized facilities on the university campus. (FE-1)

Create a Facilities Committee composed of members of the Board of Directors to explore local facilities options and capital funding opportunities. (FE-1)