The 40 things we will do to promote staff Well Being in 2020

Teaching and Learning

  1. We don’t grade individual lessons.
  2. We trust teachers to decide the best approaches for their class. We don’t advocate a ‘preferred style’.
  3. No nonsense differentiation. We teach to the top and just provide additional support for those that need it.
  4. No short term written planning is required. The only planning we ask for is a half term MTP and we do not expect staff to provide additional planning for any school approved scheme
  5. Schemes of work are provided but staff may innovative and adapt these as they see fit in order to maintain quality
  6. We will never justify a teaching and learning decision because ‘OFSTED expect it’.
  7. High quality ICT – we won’t penny pinch on laptops for teachers. Staff will have access to ICT at school e.g to access payslips
  8. Educational visits and resources are arranged by the office so teachers can get on with teaching


  1. We don’t use words like ‘disadvantaged’ or ‘barrier or ‘lower ability’. We use words like ‘ambition’ and ‘challenge’.
  2. SLT are visible and support staff at lunchtimes.
  3. A climate of positive praise. Staff receive regular encouragement including written acknowledgements from governors
  4. Attendance is valued. 100% letters are sent to both pupils and staff at the end of each term.
  5. Peer on Peer praise- ‘employee of the term’, random act of kindness once a term. Pupils have the chance to nominate adults at each special mentions assembly.
  6. Wherever possible we support each other to allow staff to go to their child’s nativities, school performances etc
  7. We actively look for opportunities for home working e.g PPA at home, SLT time off site.
  8. The door is always open to the SLT. No signs on the door! Your problem is our problem.


  1. We don’t produce lengthy written reports for parents.
  2. We do not do lengthy formative assessments only simple summative judgements each term.
  3. We do not expect teachers to mark at home or produce lengthy written marking responses.
  4. The admin team are given dedicated time to review and take stock of their work every week

Professional Development

  1. Staff meetings are strictly to 90 minutes and rarely more than once a fortnight
  2. We advocate a class room up model- SLT can learn just as much from an NQT as the reverse.
  3. Only the SLT are expected to lead assemblies
  4. IRIS connect is used only as a professional development tool. It will never be used to judge the quality of teaching
  5. There is an open opportunity for ALL staff to attend any training/CPD meetings
  6. Staff are encouraged to read widely. School funds at least one piece of professional reading a year.
  7. The calendar for the following week will always be displayed in the staff room by 3:15PM on Friday
  8. Staff are given time to put new things into action


  1. If something new is implemented, something old is taken away
  2. We never expect an email response after 5pm or at the weekend
  3. Breakfast club is free to ALL staff.
  4. Regular social events.
  5. We encourage staff to access counselling services if required.
  6. Staff are encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles outside of school and pursue sports and hobbies
  7. In school health events (fitness, free flu jabs)
  8. We except all teachers to have left the building by 4:15pm AT THE LATEST ON A FRIDAY
  9. The HT is expected to champion staff and pupil wellbeing- it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO DELEGATE THIS. EVER!
  10. Free tea and coffee for all staff
  11. Christmas dinner will be paid for by school
  12. Termly newsletter of local offers/memberships is produced.

Thank you to Barr Beacon School who inspired us to do this body of work.