School Dress Code Policy

Student Dress Code Kindergarten through Junior/Senior High

The purpose of a dress code is to encourage modest appropriate dress that does not disrupt the educational process or offend others.

The guidelines for this code will include but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  1. Unacceptable dress:
    1) Spandex or tight revealing clothes.
    2) Mesh shirts without an undershirt.
    3) All shirts, blouses including tank tops or torn T-shirts that do not
    cover the back, chest, show cleavage or hang low under the arm.
    Shirts/tops must cover the top of shoulders.
    4) Midriff shirts. Shirts and pants must cover mid-body with arms raised.
    5) Any apparel, which has obscenities, vulgarities, or suggestive words or pictures
    6) Any apparel that has advertised products which are illegal for minor use,
    examples include: alcohol, tobacco names, logos or cartoon characters.
    7) Skirts/shorts/skorts/dresses must be appropriate length –no more
    than three inches above the top of the knee cap.
    8) Excessively baggy clothes, chains, or sunglasses are not allowed.
    9) All undergarments must be covered, including bra straps and boxers,
    must be covered at all times.
    10) Footwear must be worn at all times.
    11) Any apparel or physical appearance that detracts from the learning
    situation at the decision of staff.
  2. Hats – There will be no hats allowed in the building during the regular school day. They will be confiscated and parents will have to come to the school to claim them.
  3. Any student dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to attend class and sent to the office. The student will have the option of changing to appropriate clothing (some clothing may be provided by the school) or miss class.
  4. Multiple offenses could result in progressive discipline.