Article I         Membership Meetings: there shall be at least one (1) general

                      membership  meeting each year.

Article II        Dues and Budget

                Section A:

The treasurer shall prepare a yearly budget that shall include a statement of estimated expenses and any changes in the local, state or national dues structure. Said changes in state and national dues structures will be automatically reflected in the member’s dues.  

A copy of the proposed budget shall be distributed to each member in October. The annual budget shall be adopted at a meeting of the general membership held in October by 2/3rds (⅔) of those members present and voting.

                Section B:

Any unanticipated expenditures not accounted for in the current

                      year’s adopted budget over $1,000 will come to the Representative’s

                 Council for approval either through a meeting or email vote. The amount

can be adjusted annually to account for inflation or budgetary needs by a

recommendation from the Executive Board, which would then be voted on

by the Representatives Council.

Article III        Quorum

                     Section A:

          A quorum shall consist of fifty percent (50%) of the Council of

          Representatives. All delegates shall receive notice of a meeting at least (3)

                     three days prior to the meeting.

                  Section B:

                  Twenty (20) members, or ten percent (10%), whichever is smaller, shall

                     constitute a quorum for a general membership meeting. All members shall

          receive notification of a meeting at least (3) three days prior to a meeting.

Article IV      Standing Committees

                  Standing committees shall be appointed by the President and confirmed by

                     the Executive Board.

Article V        Duties of Officers:

                Section A.

                The President: shall be in charge of overall organizational duties. The

                      President shall preside over Executive Board and Council of

                      Representatives meetings. The President shall be the official

                      spokesperson for the Federation, coordinate policy development and

                      implementation, be an ad hoc member of all standing committees, and an

                      observer on the PAR Panel. In addition, the President or her/his designee

                      shall serve as the staff person for the California Federation of Teachers

                      and the Greater Santa Cruz Federation of Teachers formula funded staff

                      agreement. The President will attend regular SCCS Board meetings.

                      She/he will also attend special governance session, if agenda includes

            topics relevant to the interest of the Federation.

                Section B.

                The Elementary and Secondary Vice Presidents:

                The two vice presidents, Elementary and Secondary, shall act as liaisons

                      and grievance specialists for their respective grade levels. They will attend

                      monthly Executive Board meetings, advise the President on the agenda

           and  attend all Council of Representatives and General Membership  

           Meetings. The vice presidents will attend the majority of regular SCCS

           School Board meetings during the school year.

Section C.

The Secretary: shall be in charge of all general clerical duties: recording

and distributing the minutes of the Council of Representatives meetings,

keeping a digital and hard copy file of minutes, recording and distributing

the Council of Representatives Agenda, and keeping a digital and hard

copy file of agendas, and other correspondence. Additionally, the

Secretary shall coordinate elections and registration for the CFT State


Section D.

The Treasurer: shall be in charge of the fiscal operations: including budget

development, income/expense projections, annual report, bill paying and

expense reimbursement. Additionally, the treasurer will coordinate

membership recruiting, obtain needed membership documents from the

school district, and update membership rosters regularly.

Section E.

Officers will review and make recommendations to the Council of

Representatives on action to be taken in cases of Formal Grievances

involving possible Suspension and Dismissal (this does not include possible suspension and dismissal resulting from potential criminal charges which are not handled through the grievance process.)

Article VI       Negotiations:

All members in good standing shall be eligible to serve on the team.

Section A.

Representation shall include representatives from the elementary,

                middle school, and high school units given that qualified unit

members exist in all three (3) units.


                Section B.

 In the matter of negotiations for the Guest Teacher unit; the Site

Representative for the Guest Teachers will meet with the GSCFT

Negotiation team at least one time prior to negotiations for

and be given a debrief by the President after


Section C.

 It is the primary responsibility of the President to appoint

 representatives for the purpose of developing and negotiating a

 contract proposal.

Article VII       Contract Ratification

                The Council of Representatives shall prepare and adopt procedures for

ratification consistent with current collective bargaining laws. These

procedures shall be published and sent to each member of the bargaining

unit at the conclusion of negotiations. It is the duty of the Negotiating Team

to distribute the proposed contract to each each site representative and

each member (via email).  After ratification, the contract will be posted on

the GSCFT Website for the availability of all members.

Section A. Highlights of the contract shall be sent to each member within

(10) days of the conclusion of negotiations.  A special general

membership meeting will be held within (15) fifteen days of the conclusion

of negotiations to provide information and answer questions related to the


Voting on contract acceptance will take place within a week of the General

Membership meeting.  Votes will be counted and verified by the GSCFT

                      representatives at each school site. Ballots shall be returned to the

GSCFT office and kept for one year.

Article VIII  Ratification of Constitution and Bylaws

               Section A:

       A copy of the Constitution and Bylaws shall be

               given to each site representative and posted on the GSCFT website.

               Section B: Ratification will be done by secret ballot, if requested, at a time

                  and manner determined by the Council of Representatives.

               Section C: A majority vote accepting the Constitution and Bylaws changes is

               required for ratification.

Article IX       Grievances

Section A.

A grievance can be filed when there has been a violation, misinterpretation or inequitable application of any of the provisions the GSCFT/SCCS Agreement (Contract) .

Section B.

In the case that a grievance proceeds to the formal level, and

results in possible suspension/dismissal, the Executive Board (see

Bylaws Article 5, Section F) will reviews the grievance to determine

whether there is sufficient merit to proceed to arbitration. The

Executive Board will make a recommendation to the Council of Site

Representatives. The grievant will be notified at least 48 hours prior

           to the Site Council Representatives meeting as to the recommendation of

           the Executive Council. If the grievant disagrees with the outcome of the

           binding vote of the Site Representative’s Council, she/he may request (in    

           writing) an appeal, which will be taken to a special meeting of the Site

           Representatives’ Council called for this purpose.

1)The right to take a grievance to arbitration is reserved to the union.  The employee does not have an absolute right to arbitration and the union enjoys considerable discretion;

2) This discretion must be exercised in good faith after thorough

consideration of the grievance and the case, taking into account the

significance of the grievance and of its consequences for the

employee on the one hand and the legitimate interests of the union

on the other;

3) The union’s decision must not be arbitrary or discriminatory; and

4) Representation by the union must be undertaken with integrity,

without negligence and without hostility towards the employee.

Article X         Agency Fee Payers

                       Those unit members who elect to pay a service fee in lieu of joining the

                       Greater Santa Cruz Federation of Teachers may attend membership

                       meetings for the purpose of discussion of contract issues. Service fee

                       payers are not considered members and may not hold office, serve on

                       the Council of Representatives or the Negotiating Team.

Article XI         Charitable Donations in Lieu of Membership


                       Any unit member who because of religious affiliation in a religion which

                       forbids paying of union dues or on the grounds of conscience cannot pay

                       fees to a union, may apply to the Executive Board for the right to

                       designate that the Federation contribute the amount of the service fee to

                       organizations specified in our Contract. The Executive Board may apply

                       fair and objective criteria to the conscientious objector status in making

                       the decision.  If the Federation and the unit member are not in    

                       agreement, concerning the stated prohibition regarding payment to the

                       union, the unit member may appeal the matter in writing to the District

            Superintendent or her/his designee asking that a panel be convened to

            decide the matter.