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Bans Off Our Bodies - FAQ's
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Saturday, October 2nd 2021 | The march will start at 11:00 am in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and proceed over the pedestrian bridge to Loring Park. If you purchased a shirt, come earlier so you can pick it up (available after 10:00). We will have a rally in Loring Park with a variety of speakers along with some musical entertainment. Local Reproductive Justice orgs will have tables and information available. The rally is expected to wrap up around 2:00 pm.

Why not the Capitol?

Our vision would ideally incorporate the MN Capitol as a location. However, the Twin Cities Marathon had the Capitol grounds reserved for their event long before our event was created so it was not an option.

I receive emails from Women’s March and Women’s March Minnesota. Are you the same?

No. When you sign up for events and donate to Women’s March, you are doing that through the national organization (none of the interactions you have with the national org are shared locally with Women’s March Minnesota). Women’s March Minnesota is a C3/C4 organization that is completely independent. We were originally an offshoot and still collaborate with them at times, but we do not follow their leadership or take direction from them. Women’s March Minnesota is supportive of local and federal topics with a primary focus on happenings in Minnesota.

Who can attend?

Anyone and everyone who believes in protecting reproductive rights is invited to attend! Women, men, intersexed, nonbinary, transgender people, and children are all welcome!

Can I bring my dog?

Although we would love to see your pro-choice doggo, mixing animals in with masses of people isn’t the best idea. If you have a therapy/helping dog then of course bring them, however, we are requesting that doggo wait for you at home this time.

What is the cost?

This is a free event to all attendees. Raising our collective voices is so important! *please note however that the creation of this event is not free for organizations that are hosting as it all costs money to rent/purchase all the pieces needed to host large gatherings, so if you are able to purchase a tshirt or donate what you can afford then it is much appreciated!

What can I expect when I get there?

If you purchased a tshirt online then you will want to pick it up after 10:00 am. We will gather and wait for people to arrive then start marching at 11:00 am to Loring Park. We will use the pedestrian bridge as crossing at the Hennepin/Lyndale intersection is not safe and there are frequent car accidents right there. We will march to the stage area set up in Loring Park where we will rally with speakers and there will be some musicians for entertainment as well. We anticipate wrapping up by 2:00 pm. The event is designed to be accessible, and we will have a sign language interpreter at the Loring Park rally stage.

Is it safe?

Women’s Marches have historically been safe although there is never a guarantee of anything in life! At the Women’s March in Washington DC in 2017 we had approximately half a million people in attendance and locally in Minnesota we had an estimated 100,000 marchers. Worldwide there were an estimated 5 million who marched! There were no significant criminal concerns that occurred during these events. That said, with any pro-choice event there are typically a couple of men who regularly show up with bull horns, sometimes displaying grotesque photos of questionable origin, yelling, trying to shame people. Please ignore them, do not engage, and allow the volunteer marshalls to manage their presence. Please notify a marshal if you see something happening that is a concern.

We will be marching a route that bypasses the busy Hennepin/Lyndale intersection which is known for regular crashes.

If you have a medical concern please locate one of the event volunteers, (we will be wearing badges on lanyards/marshals will have vests) and they will support you. We do have a volunteer physician and nurse for the event. For any emergency, access 911 first of course.

Finally, we are still in a pandemic so we are requiring that all attendees, even if you are vaccinated, wear a mask to show our respect for one another!

What is the route?

Where can I park?

Here is a link with some parking options

Where can I go to the bathroom?


Port-a-potties at the Sculpture Garden and Loring Park = T

Will there be food there?

Maybe? Some of our partner orgs have expressed an interest in inviting some food trucks to be present at the Loring Park location but this hasn’t been locked in. So, I would not count on food/beverages so come prepared with what you need to sustain yourself for a few hours.

Can I bring a sign?

Yes! Show your spirit and your message of support to protect the right to bodily autonomy! Make your own sign; the day of the event a variety of organizations will have signs you can have (limited Bans Off Our Bodies signs available as well); or click the link below and download a print at home template.

What should I bring?

Your marching shoes! Your voice and passion for supporting reproductive rights! Check the weather and dress accordingly. Bring a drink/snack as needed.

I want a shirt but missed the online ordering deadline!

We hope to have a limited amount of shirts at the event (sorry only adult sizes). They will be a little more expensive than online as the Park Board collects a portion of all onsite sales.

Help! I purchased a tshirt and missed the opportunity to pick it up!

If you are late to the event and missed picking up your shirt/got sick and couldn’t make the event, email Women’s March Minnesota (have your order confirmation on hand) and you will need to arrange to pick it up later. We will plan on having pre-purchased shirts available for pick up until the end of the business day on Friday, Oct 8th.

More Questions?

Direct further questions that arise to