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Actually, Spadaro was Here

I think you guys probably got the gist.  Criminally motivated interference with the judicial process so as to prevent the judicial mechanism from doing its job.

If Judge Huff, Judge Schoenfeld, Judge Cohen, Judge Abdus-Salam [RIP], Judge Toker  [RIP], and Judge Lebedeff got together today and took a look at this case in the clear light of day:  what would they see?

They’d see it for what it was - a simple 2nd/3rd party insurance problem with no facts requiring a trial:  all that was needed was a declaratory judgement allocating the costs of restoration between a tenant and a landlord.

The derailing of the case, the subverting of the judicial process that took place, must be laid at the feet of the officers of the court who deceived the above judges (principally Huff, Schoenfeld and Lebedeff) as to the true nature of the case.

The principal subverter was Robert M Spadaro:  all that remains is to establish the degree of criminality.

The correct allocation of the costs to restore the damage from the steam pipe explosion was probably 99% to the Koenig family and 1 % to the landlord 55 Liberty Owners Corp.

That allocation made the Koenig family’s insurer - unincorporated reciprocal inter-insurer USAA - the first payer.

The ultimate payor would have most properly been landlord 55 Liberty Owners Corp:  it was the criminal negligence of building architect Joseph Pell Lombardi who engineered the 32-story steampipe riser in the first place which explains the steampipe explosion which USAA adjuster Richard J Froese photographed.

55 Liberty Owners, itself, should have been seeking to recover from architect Lombardi and from the building superintendent Robert J Phillips whose criminal negligence in not applying the engineering fix was after after all the real cause.

When USAA manager Leonard Dale Stewart wrote landlord on November 21 1991 - this is what he said as to 55 Liberty’s flimsy allegation about a planter that never existed, and not existing, was therefore never watered.

Here is Leonard D Stewart’s “signature”:

USAA’s Leonard D Stewart never sent me a copy of his letter.

Additionally, I do not believe that Leonard Stewart ever sent a copy of his November 21 1991 letter to Mrs Louisa Kennedy.

I only received a copy of Leonard D Stewart’s purported letter several years later when cocksucker Spadaro produced it on a document demand. Even then, I was only given an incomplete copy - without the color attachments.

If 55 Liberty and its perjuring superintendent wanted to deflect Robert M Spadaro’s subrogation action for the costs to restore the exploded steampipe damage - the time to raise that defense was in a formal demand in 1991  - not ten years later.

And why was Robert fuckface cum-in-the-mouth Spadaro defending 55 Liberty Owners Corp in the first place - when he should have been standing beside me defending my family against Robert J Phillip’s perjured testimony?

Because Spadaro is a scumbag?

Or is he?

Or was Spadaro following the instructions of high-ups at USAA to perform a criminal evasion of its duty to indemnify the Koenig family?

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My family’s unincorporated insurance syndicate USAA promised us loyalty, honesty and integrity.  And every last shred of evidence points to 55 Liberty’s negligent failure to install a braided flexible stainless steel fitting to overcome architect Lombardi’s criminally negligent engineering as the direct cause of the steam pipe explosion.

So who the fuck was cum-in-the-mouth Spadaro being loyal to?  Was impugning me and my family with dishonest allegations of spilling water in front of a slippery corrupt judge like Lebedeff honest:  is that honesty?  Is it integrous to do the sleazy Southern-Italian wop guinea-walk away from the clear duty to defend an insured against just the sort of claims that were levied against me and my family.

What a cocksucker - that little Spadaro!

Integrity, loyalty and honesty meant reimbursing the Koenig family for their costs and then seeking reimbursement from 55 Liberty Owners Corp’s multi-peril policy.

Am I missing something here?  Well this is what slippery slide-on-her-own cunt-juices Judge Diana Alexis Lebedeff missed.

Robert J Phillips had been delivered to USAA lawyer Robert J Spadaro by 55 Liberty Owners Corp as a quid pro quo for not first paying the Koemog family claim and then not subrogating the costs back to 55 Liberty Owners multi-peril policy carrier.

I believe that Daniel Ward White Esq and Alan Goldberg Esq and Joseph Pell Lombardi supplied Robert J Phillips to USAA.

If that is not true - if Spadaro actually located and tracked Phillips down on his own - and if it is true that Spadaro had a late-in-the-game epiphany to get Robert J Phillips as a witness .  .  .  

then the very first minute that Spadaro heard this story that Phillips was relating that Koenig had spilled water on a mythical planter - he should have reported it to USAA and the Koenig family should have immediately received a defense.

To be totally loyal honest and integrous to all its syndicate names, Koenig family’s unincorporated insurance syndicate, USAA, needed only to lay off the USAA members’ costs of the settlement to the negligent landlord, the criminal architect Joseph Pell Lombardi and the building superintendent Robert J Phillips, who had cavalierly, willfully, and intentionally failed to install this (duh) flexible stainless steel fitting:

And what was the relationship between Daniel W White and criminally negligent architect Joseph Pell Lombardi?????????????

Here is a hint:

June 25, 1906

Here is an exquisite question?

Why, then, did USAA’s shyster lawyer Robert M Spadaro Esq produce surprise witness building superintendent Robert J Phillips to testify that Koenig had destroyed the apartment and caused $25,000 of damage by over-watering a planter: when USAA’s Leonard Stuart in his long letter to Louisa Kennedy had already made clear that there was no planter leak much less a planter?

If I’d overwatered a planter - would that not have been covered by my USAA homeowners policy and my USAA Umbrella Policy?

Here is a curious back-story. USAA’s unlicensed and even then soon-to-be-fired adjuster Richard J Froese, in 1989, had importuned me to file a false claim that I had damaged the floor - telling me that he’d honor my claim if I submitted a false admission of responsibility.

Cocksucker Spadaro may contact equally sexually-confused Froese [1] at his home in Syosset  and ask Froese what he saw that day that led him to believe that the exploded steam pipes were not the true explanation.

In fact - I demand that cocksucker Froese supply an explanation for everybody to hear as to exactly how I might have intentionally produced the sort of damage that only condensed under-floor steam can cause.

There was no way to insert Con Edison steam condensate under the floor.

USAA adjuster Froese uttered the casual throw-away inducement that I commit insurance fraud by accepting blame just as he was photographing the asbestos-covered exploded steampipe:  incredible!

Froese’s Photograph of the exploded steampipe
that had just been repaired by Robert J Phillip’s plumber.

Anyway - I saw this as a RICO problem and in 2005 I commenced a legal action to that effect.

The problem was US District Judge Joanna Seybert was a USAA member and a Kool Aid drinker.

US District Judge Joanna Seybert’s husband was also a USAA member.

And get this:  US District Judge Joanna Seybert’s husband John Robert Seybert was also a career USAA staff attorney working with USAA staff attorney Neil Kanzer Esq in USAA’s Garden City LI NY Office.

And USAA’s jailing lawyers John Robert Seybert (the judge’s husband) and Neil Kanzer worked out of an office right next door to jüdischer ordnungsdienst lawyer Drucker   whose unrestrained enthusiasm for locking me up (along with his feckless cunt daughter Paula Fromme) is really quite remarkable.

To cut the story short - on the orders of Lester Lyles/ and Stewart Parker’s predecessor, I was immediately arrested by these two guys:

and jailed in solitary confinement for 7 days in the the Nassau County Correctional Facility.

Judge Robert Roberto, who had ordered the jailing, was bribed with $25,000 to let me out.

nb:  This story is going to do nothing but get better and better.  It rests in the hands of Joe Kuroly and Robert Spadaro to correct the matter.

Exhibit “A”: Stewart’s letter to Louisa Kennedy

Exhibit “B”:  Koenig letter to USAA lawyer Spadaro (a criminal) noting that he had supplied Leonard Dale Stewart’s letter 4 years late.

Exhibit “C”: Better copies of photographs that were degraded in USAA Lawyer Spadaro’s custody while Leonard Dale Stewart’s letter was being hidden from me - hidden by Spadaro with criminal intent.




[1] Richard J Froese
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R J Froese Adjustment Company
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Plainview NY 11803

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