You ever think you’re not special? Not wanted? Not cared about? Well, for me, that’s all true. You see, I’m a day of the year. Specifically, March 19. And, all of the 364 other dates live on the planet Datonamore. (Day-Tah-Nah-More) I’m nothing special. Nobody talks about me. I’m only useful one day of the year, and even then, it’s just another day past. Nobody talks about March 19, like it’s a special day like, December 25, or October 31, or February 14. They all sit together in their free time. Everybody crowds them, including dates nobody knows like June 3, or August 15, or July 18. At least they feel good about themselves.

I do have one friend and she’s June 12. Oh, and boy, she is perfect. She just sees me as a friend, and nothing else. I bet if I was December 25, she would like me.

But that will never happen. I want to be the most popular date on Datanamore.

Yesterday, I had lunch with June 12. I couldn’t stop looking at her eyes. She’s beautiful.

Maybe I can get advice from December 25, to get people to like me.


(Back To Today) So I walked up to December 25th’s house and knocked on his door. I also wanted to ask him how he liked being popular as much as he is. He answered. “Hello. You are?”

I didn’t know what to say. He didn’t even know me. “ Ummmm….uhhh”



“March 19.”

 I said. “Ohhhhhhhhh, you mean the depressed one that sits around crying all Day?”


I frowned. “Why don’t you come on in?” “Oh... Uh, Okay.”

 This was turning out better than I expected. We sat on his leather couch. “So what brings you around here?”

“Oh, I just wanted to ask you a few questions.”

“Okay. Ask Away.”

I hesitated.

“Umm... so like, Uhhhh, I want to be known. Any advice?”

“Well, for starters like you, I wouldn’t make people think that you’re emotionally unstable. Also, just try to be yourself.”

 “I’ve tried that for over 15,000,000 years. Nobody's noticed me, and I try to be their friend during their conversations.”

  “ I’m not saying go barge into conversations, start off small and build up from there.”

“Then how do you get so popular?”

“Like i’ve been telling you, just be yourself.”

I was so angry! Didn’t he know that i’ve been trying that?!

“But people crowd around you!”

“So? You think I like all of the fame? I can’t even go to the shower without people asking for my autograph.”

I never thought of it that way. But it doesn't stop me from wanting to become famous for a couple of weeks or even days.

“Listen, If you think your not special, you’re not missing much, trust me, and if you want to be special, you already are. You are the only day that is proud to say that you are March 19.There are plenty of People that say that you are their favorite day.”

 WHAT??????!!!!!!!!! Never saw that coming.

 “Wait. You're just saying that to make me feel good, aren't you?” “No. Do you know why people say that you are their favorite day?”

 What was he talking about?


“Because you are their birthday.”

 Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Wait a second. Plot twist!

“I don’t understand.”

 “You are very special. Many people love you. You just have been focusing on the bad things in life, when all you had to do, was realize, that good things are all around you.”

Wow. I really felt special for the first time in my life.

“And guess what? You weren’t the only one who was feeling bad about yourself. You know how I’m so popular? How do you think December 26 feels? Nobody focuses on him, they're too busy focusing on what happened the day before to even notice him. Same thing with July 3, and November 1. They don’t get crap. Oh, and guess what? You’re in luck. Can you guess what day it is?”

“Oh, I know, it’s Christmas!”

“No, it’s March 19. You know what that means.”



        Happy Birthday dear,  Matthew, happy birthday to youuuuu”

“Blow out the candles, Matthew.”

“This is the best birthday ever.”

“Well, after all, it is your 13th birthday, March 19.”

Little did Matthew know, March 19 was looking right down at him with his new girlfriend, June 12.