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Particularly for local Hashers, please note that there is no parking at the Stadium Merdeka. There is some but limited parking next to the Chinese Assembly Hall.


You are advised to get to the Stadium by taxi, Grab Car, LRT, Monorail or get a lift.




Please also do not drive to the runsites as this will cause a congestion. We expect some 400 hashers at each runsite in 10 buses.




We hope you can wait till you get back to the Stadium for showers and change.




If you are collecting freebies on behalf of someone else, please produce a Letter of Authorisation from the actual person.




The two following pubs are the Hash pubs for the event:

Royal Selangor Club

Dataran Merdeka

1, Jalan Raja, City Centre,

52100 Kuala Lumpur


The Long Bar opens at 11am and Hash Bar opens at 5pm.

Dress - Hash attire or casual smart and strictly no nudity.

As a Homecoming gesture, to "Where it All Began" Mother Hash has made arrangements with The Royal Selangor Club for Hashers attending the 80th Anniversary Celebrations to visit the Club for a few days to enjoy a few pints of chilled beer. The two outlets at the Club will be open to all visiting hashers.

Unfortunately, like Mother Hash maintaining traditions, females are strictly not allowed in the Long Bar. Females can always sit just outside and still enjoy the drinks. There is comfortable seating with fans and in fact, you get a better view from there.

Cash transactions are not permitted in the Club. The Club Receptionist will sell cards at RM50 per card with RM40 purchase value and RM10 deposit. The deposit will be refunded together with unutilised cash value if purchaser return the card to them. If in case, the value of RM40 not enough, purchaser can always top up the value of card at the receptionist.

You may also buy meals at some outlets. Please check with the Receptionist.

This facility is valid from the 12th September to the 19th September.

Club Phone: 03-2692 7166

If you have any difficulties, please call Hardy Boy at +6012-238 1222.

The Pampas

66, Jalan Raja Chulan,

50200 Kuala Lumpur,


Opens: 4.00pm

Closes: 1.00am

Phone: 03-2079 5548

Meals available



This will be on Sunday 16th September at 2pm. It will start at the Stadium Merdeka.



The important point to note is that the buses will be loaded at 10.30am for the runs. Not at 11am as earlier stated.

Loading starts at 10:30 first come first served.

If you are late, you may not get the runsite of your choice.  

So be early (suggest 10:00) to the stadium to ensure your choice.


Please keep reading the website for updates.

See you all soon!!

On On,


Transport to Run Site for Monday's (17th Sept 2018) Men only Run

For those who have registered for Mother Hash's Normal run on Monday, there will be transport arranged from the Merdeka Stadium to the run site. To and fro fare is ~RM40.00 and please register at help counter. Please be at the Merdeka Stadium by 1500 hrs (3 pm) on that Monday.

Latest Update!!!! 19th Aug 2018 @ 0940 hrs

By Hardy Boy

Ball Breaker (BB)

Some of you have registered for the BB on Sunday, 16th Sept 2018. Please take note, as usual, the BB is only on the Saturday, 15th Sept 2018. So those who registered for the BB to run on Sunday, you have been moved to the Long run. Have fun doing the Long run on Sunday. To make it clearer, there is NO BB on Sunday. If you have not registered for the Saturday’s BB you may do so latest by this Friday, 27 July 2018. Send me an email at Mother Hash <>

Reg Desk for BB

BB runners will be required to confirm their participation and collect their BB bib at the special BB reg desk Thursday & Friday.

Green Dress Run

There will be a Green Dress Run(GDR) registration desk for “Walk ins / Late Comers”. You may pay RM125.00/USD30.00 cash and register. You can also register between 12 noon & 2.00 pm at the starting point which is the Padang Merbok, about 5 mins walk from the Royal Selangor Club. However, no guarantee of any freebie unless you are very lucky. You MUST wear your GDR wrist tag on the run.

Registration Timings - Main Registration

Thursday, 13th Sept 2018

0900 - 1800 hrs - Registration at the Main Venue - The Merdeka Stadium

Friday, 14th Sept 2018

0900 - 1800 hrs - Registration at the Main Venue - The Merdeka Stadium

Saturday, 15th Sept 2018

0900 -1100 hrs - Registration at the Main Venue - The Merdeka Stadium

Sunday, 16th Sept 2018 - No Registrations

To Register, you will need:

  1. A photo ID (Passport or ID Card)
  2. Fill up a pre-printed Disclaimer Form with your name and Passport or ID Card no. If you know your Rego no then please fill that up too.

Updated: 15th June 2018 @ 1000 hrs

By Jega

See down below for:


How to get to the City from the airport,

Getting around the City and

What to see in the City

Welcome to the Hash House Harriers 1938 - Mother Hash

80th Anniversary Celebrations, 14th - 16th September 2018

We in Mother Hash have the honour and pleasure to host this event for all hashers around the world to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of our founding in 1938. Ever since then, members of various chapters have spread out and spawned all of our chapters. The humble beginnings of a group of 9 hashers led by A. S. Gispert, has resulted in our large network of nearly 4000 chapters all around the world.

We are a unique community. Though we are individual chapters, but yet we are bonded by a common interest to have a good non-competitive run and socialise afterwards. We have many variations in all parts of the world but we all maintain the core traditions.

So let us all get together for this momentous celebration and make it an event to remember.

The celebrations are over a period of three days with many runs and activities to cater for all. Please watch our website for regular updates.


- 80th Anniversary Committee

Where will the 80th anniversary be held?

At the The Merdeka Stadium (Independence Stadium) Kuala Lumpur, which is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia. For those who were here for Interhash 1998 & the 60th anniversary, it is the very same Venue. See Venue link. The city covers an area of 243 km2 (94 sq mi) and has an estimated population of 1.6 million as of 2010. Greater Kuala Lumpur, also known as the Klang Valley, is an urban agglomeration of 6.9 million as of 2010. It is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the country, in terms of population and economy.

Like us on Facebook at 


Motherhash's 80th Super Tentative Schedule and Event Details

07th - 13th Sept 2018

Pre Rambles - Please refer to Pre & Post Rambles Page

Train Rumble Schedule

Saturday 8th September 2018 - Bangkok

Sunday 9th September 2018 - Pattaya

Monday 10th September 2018 - Hua Hin

Tuesday 11th September 2018 - Hat Yai

Wednesday 12th September 2018 - Ipoh (Malaysia)

Thursday 13th September – Depart Ipoh

Depart Ipoh mid-morning 13th Sept, arriving in Kuala Lumpur early afternoon, in time for you to head to your own hotels, and prepare for the Green Dress Run that afternoon.

In each of the locations we will run with the local Hash Chapter, enjoying the best of the local hashing territory and hospitality.

More details to follow

Thursday, Sept 13th 2018

0900 - Registration at the Main Venue - The Merdeka Stadium

0900 - Hash Bazaar at the Main Venue - The Merdeka Stadium

1400 - Green Dress Run– Run starts from Padang Merbok which is located in the city, 5 minutes walk from the Royal Selangor Club & about 20 mins from the main venue (Merdeka Stadium)

Friday, Sept 14th 2018

0900 - Registration at the Main Venue - The Merdeka Stadium

0900 - Hash Bazaar at the Main Venue - The Merdeka Stadium

1700 - Dinner served. Band starts.

1800 - Opening Ceremony - Dinner & Dance at the Main Venue till 2300

Saturday, Sept 15th 2018

0900 - Registration  - The Merdeka Stadium

0900 - Hash Bazaar  - The Merdeka Stadium

0800 - Buses leave for the Ball Breaker

1030 - Buses leave for trails from  The Merdeka Stadium

1700 - Band starts

1700 - Buses back from trails to The Merdeka Stadium

1800 hrs - 2000 hrs - Dinner served  - The Merdeka Stadium

Skits - around 2000 hrs

Band from 2200 - till 2300

Sunday, Sept 16th 2018

0900 - Hash Bazaar  - The Merdeka Stadium

1030 - Buses leave for trails  - The Merdeka Stadium

1700 - Band starts

1700 - Buses back from trails  - The Merdeka Stadium

1800 hrs - 2000 hrs - Dinner served  - The Merdeka Stadium

Skits - around 2000 hrs

Band from 2200 - till 2300

Monday, 17th Sept, 2018

1700 - Motherhash's Run - Men ONLY - Registration is compulsory.

As Mother Hash, we want to be generous in our invitation to all Men and not restrict it and therefore this is open to all Men Hashers both local and overseas.


There are Men Chapters who have invited Mother Hash for Free of Charge runs. Mother Hash will reciprocate with this event as Free of Charge.


In addition, there are Men Chapters who have invited Mother Hash and requested sponsorship or chapter donations. In return, Mother Hash requests sponsorship or donations from these chapters.


All other Men Chapters and individual Men, local or overseas will pay the guest fee of RM 80 per person. We trust that Men Chapters will only register their own members.


We are setting a limit of 1200 Hashers for this event.


For Reg Form - Pse click here and scroll down to Men’s Only Run on Monday.

Monday, 17th - 22nd Sept, 2018

Post Rambles - Please refer to Pre & Post Rambles Page


Many of you may be coming to Malaysia for the first time. For those who have been here before, perhaps you will see some changes, particularly in the transports systems. All in all, we hope this will help everyone.

These are some guidelines on getting from the airport to the City or to your hotel directly. We have included information on how to get around as well as some places we think you should not miss.



Those of you coming by air will arrive at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport – KLIA. Some will arrive at the KLIA 2 which is for the budget airlines. The airport is about 55 kilometres from the City.

Trains and buses from the airport will arrive at the KL Sentral station. This is the Central Station in the heart of the City. From this station you can get to your hotel by local taxi or by GrabCar. You can download this GrabCar app and get around conveniently at a lower rate than the taxis, which is the other alternative.

From either KLIA or KLIA 2, you can get into the city in 4 ways.



This is the quickest but not the cheapest way to get to the KL Sentral and will be convenient if you have a lot of luggage.

You can get on the KLIA Express train at Level 1 at KLIA terminal, or at Gateway@KLIA2 at KLIA2 terminal.


The schedule and rates and bookings are in this URL:


Detailed time-table is in this URL:


Travel time: 28 to 33 minutes


Cost for a single trip:

RM55 ($13.5) for adults; RM25 ($6) for children aged 2 to 12 years


Service hours: 05:00 – 00:40 daily


Service schedule:

Every 15 minutes – peak hours: Sun to Fri 06:00-09:00 hrs, 16:00-22:00 hrs (approximate)

Every 20 minutes – off-peak hours: Sun to Fri 05:00-06:00 hrs, 09:00-16:00 hrs, 22:00-00:00 hrs (approximate)



b.          BY BUS


Taking a bus from the airport is the cheapest and most convenient way to get to KL Sentral. The journey, from the airport to the Central Station in the city on a shuttle, is enjoyable and relaxing, because you’ll be sitting in a bus equipped with air conditioning and comfortable padded seats.


If you are arriving at KLIA, then you can use the Airport Coach.


Full details, schedules and bookings are in this URL:


A summary of the details are as follows:


·         The first bus from KLIA leaves at 5.30am and the last bus is at 12.30am midnight.

·         You can purchase your tickets online or at Airport Coach ticket counter at Level G, Block C, KLIA, the      bus station area.

·         Ticket is RM10 one way and RM18 for return ticket.

·         The travel time is approximately 1 hour.

·         There are no charges for luggage.


If you are going to land at the KLIA2, you can take the shuttle service provided by SkyBus.


Details are in this URL:


Between the two:


Travel time: 1 hour (Airport Coach); 1 hour and 15 minutes (SkyBus)


Cost: RM10 ($2.4) for Airport Coach service; RM11 ($2.4) for SkyBus service.


Service hours: 05:30 – 00:30 daily (Airport Coach); 05:00 – 02:45 daily (SkyBus)


Service schedule: Every 30 minutes (Airport Coach); every hour (SkyBus)


Note: Get on the bus at least 10 minutes before its departure to avoid problems.




c.           BY GRABCAR


This is a ride hailing service and is very convenient. You have to download this app. Such cars are usually easily available and may even take less than 15 minutes for a response, as many of them hang around at the airport. Unless there are many flights in at the same time.

Rates are Rm 65 for a normal car and for a larger one for more persons or luggage, it may be Rm 75. Tolls are not included.

The advantage is that these are door to door and can take you directly to your hotel




These are convenient as well though costing more, but are door to door as well.


These coupons can be purchased when you exit the Arrival Hall of the KLIA and Level 1 at the KLIA2 gateway@klia2 Mall, also known as the Transportation Hub. Look for the signs. There can be a queue for these and waiting time can be long at times when many flights come in at the same time.


There are 3 types of services:


(i)      Coupon Taxis

Mention where you want to go and you will get a coupon after paying. You then go out the Hall and wait in turn for the taxi.


(ii)    Metered taxis

You can buy a coupon for Rm2 and the go and wait in turn for the taxi. Mention to the driver where to go and he must put the meter on. You will charged for what is on the meter and a small surcharge for the luggage.


(iii)   Limo Services

For more passengers or luggage, these may be better but more expensive. However, if shared, it is a good alternative. Like the coupon taxis, you pay according to the destination and get a coupon and wait in tuen for the taxi.


As a guide, taxi fare from KLIA / KLIA2 to KL Sentral:

The standard coupon taxi fare from KLIA or KLIA Terminal 2 (KLIA2) to KL Sentral is only RM74.30 for BUDGET TAXI. Therefore, if you have more than one person, it is definitely cheaper than the airport express rail line service (KLIA Express). In fact, if you have more persons, you can even hire a PREMIER TAXI which only costs RM102.10.


But these are very rough rates and will depend on the place you need to go. Sometimes the budget taxis are not available and you have to get a Premier Taxi.


The advantage of using taxi is that it can bring you to the doorstep of the exact location around KL Sentral or any other hotel in the city. Of course, the journey time could be slightly longer, which is about 1 hour or more depending on the time of day.



Those arriving by train from Penang or Singapore from a private trip, and those arriving on the Train Rumble, will come into the KL Sentral station. From here you can get to your hotel by taxi or GrabCar.



In Kuala Lumpur, avoid getting around in the morning and evening rush hours. Taxis and GrabCars are difficult to get and will cost more than usual. In any case, the Malls, shopping and tourist sites open about 10am.

GrabCars are recommended as you will know the rates upfront. Taxis are fine as well as long as they use the meter.

The taxi or GrabCar is the best way to get to and from the hotel to the Stadium, unless of course you are nearby and can walk.


There are buses but not convenient as they are stage buses.


This is the easiest was to explore Kuala Lumpur as a tourist. It saves you the trouble of having to figure out the routes yourself, or how to use the train maps, transfers and schedules.

The buses are double-deckers with the front part of the upper deck open.


Details are in this URL:

You can find Hop-on, Hop-off counters in front of almost all tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur. It is your choice to purchase tickets at those counters or when you’re already on board.


Service hours: 09:00 – 20:00 daily


Service schedule: Intervals between the buses 20 to 30 minutes with the last at 7pm.


Fares: Ticket valid for 24 hours RM50 ($12.50); valid for 48 hours RM90 ($22.50), children/students/disabled RM25 ($6.25) and RM45 ($11.25), respectively


Be prepared for hot sun with a hat or umbrella and for rain with an umbrella.



There is a Light Rail Transit (LRT), Monorail and a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). You can get around the City using these as well, especially if there is a station nearby.

Route maps are in this URL:

If your trip in Kuala Lumpur will last for more than a couple of days, consider buying the prepaid MyRapid card, which can be used on pretty much all public transport modes in the city.


For details go to this URL:


You can also purchase LRT tokens at machines at the entrance of every station before getting on the train.


Note that the KL Sentral @ Monorail line is not located inside the main building of KL Sentral, which means you’ll have to walk about 400 meters to reach the main building.





– The lowest price services are red and white taxis (RM3, $0.7 first 1 km, then RM1/km, $0.25/km). There are also service of bright blue taxis (RM6, $1.4 first 1km, then RM2/km, $0.5/km).


– If you use taxi services between 00:01 and 05:59 there will be a 50% surcharge (if at 01:00 the meter shows RM20, you’ll have to pay RM20+10).


– Expect small surcharges such as radio call charge (RM2, $0.5) and luggage charge (RM1, $0.25 per one piece).




Having said all this about regular buses, there is the GO KL CITY BUS. This is also an easy way to get around the City. IT IS FREE!!

The routes covers most of the tourist spots such as Bukit Bintang, Chinatown and the Petronas Twin Towers and its shopping annexe.


Details are in this URL:




So what is there to see in Kuala Lumpur? Here are some suggestions.




Anchoring the sprawling Kuala Lumpur City Centre, are the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Hailed as the Twin Jewels of Kuala Lumpur, a visit to KL just is not complete unless you have visited this place. The 88-storey chrome and steel towers are joined at the 41st and 42nd floors (175m above street level) by a 58m-long, double-decker Sky Bridge. You can visit this Skybridge but is always a long queue. Tickets are limited.

But never mind. Because there is a large shopping mall and plenty of eateries in the KL Suria which is the podium of the towers.

For details of the Skybridge go to:




This is a good place to get a grand view of the City and the distant surroundings. There is no worry of queues and you can spend as much time as you like.

Standing atop the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, the 421m-high KL Tower is, at present, the world's fifth tallest structure. Officially known as Menara KL, despite the Twin Towers, it remains an important architectural marker. The ideal trip is to go up at 7pm, just before sunset and stay on till after so you can see the city both in the day and in the night….weather permitting.




The colourful Chinatown is a well-known bargain hunter’s paradise that seemingly never sleeps. Deeply immersed in Oriental culture, heritage and history, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist spots in Malaysia, and holds its own against its more glamorous neighbours, KLCC & Bukit Bintang. Representing Malaysia’s multihued multicultural background perfectly, you can find all sorts of stuff, from Chinese herbs to imitation goods in this area.




11 km north of KL, Batu Caves is a 400 million-year old limestone hill (with a 100-year old temple incorporated within it), best known as the focal point of the annual Hindu festival of Thaipusam in January. The celebration attracts thousands of visitors who come to see the colourful spectacle of devotees who pay homage by carrying ornately-decorated ‘kavadis’ (frameworks) combined with various metal hooks and skewers which are used to pierce the skin, cheeks and tongue. But it is worth a visit all year round.




An historical part of the city where the earliest developments began. On the one side is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, with its Moorish Architecture and on the other side is the Selangor Club, with its Tudor architecture. In a now demolished building annexe behind this clubhouse was where the Hash was founded.





This road has some of the best upmarket Malls in the City, with all the best brands. Converted to USD, there should be some great bargains here. There are also many restaurants in the vicinity catering to various tastes.




Called the cultural heart of the city’s local cuisine, Jalan Alor (located just behind Jalan Bukit Bintang), is basically a strip of hawker stalls set up on the five-foot walkway on both sides and plastic tables and chairs spilling out onto the road. The variety of food available is amazing with barbecued meats, noodles and desserts recognised as some of the best (and cheapest) in the city.

Just around the corner is Changkat Bintang with the pubs for all.


As far as food is concerned, this is everywhere and of all varieties. Just walk about and find what you like best.




The focus for the city’s artistic community, Central Market is a KL cultural landmark, just a short walk away from Petaling Street. Also called Pasar Seni, it was built in 1928 and used to be a simple wet market, until the early 1980s when it was revamped into a handicrafts outlet. In similar vein to New York’s SoHo flea market – the merchandise here is cheap and comprises traditional goods such as batik, embroidery carvings, souvenirs, and sculptures.