Texas Mentor Talk (TMT)

Scott Rippetoe and Allen Gregory will not be holding a Texas Mentor Workshop this year due to COVID19.

In its place, we are going to hold Texas Mentor Talk as a time for FRC mentors around the state to virtually connect and discuss various topics. We want to ensure that they aren’t just presentations but active discussions. We’d like the participants to build a broader network of contacts in the state and grew the sense of community among teams.

Texas Mentor Talk Survey

If you are interested in being a part of these video calls please fill out the survey below.


Full Texas Mentor Talk Calendar:



Dec 14th - 7pm (central)

Sept 7th - 7pm (central)

August 24th - 7pm (central)

August 10th - 7pm (central)

July 27th - 7pm (central)

July 13th 7pm (central) - Controlling Motion with smart motor controllers

June 29th 7pm (central) - Designing the Robot Together

June 15th 7pm (central) - The Virtual Off-season