They’re Well Dumb

‘’I see what’s happening here watching folk on youtube and they’re strange you don’t even know who they are there deplorable, it’s nice to the humans never change oh what can I say except there well dumb!” I sang out loud then Mum rushed into the room saying ‘’ STOP SINGING THAT STUPID SONG, ABBY IS TRYING TO SLEEP!!!!!”

“Ok I will stop singing the song.’’ I also said “ I am going to get some ice cream now ok!!!”’

After I ate My Ice Cream I went and sang out loud’’ WHAT CAN I SAY EXCEPT THERE WELL DUMB HERES ANOTHER ONE WITH A TREE A IT OK IT'S OK THERE WELL DUMB.’’ Then Mum came in the room again.   Mum explained again why to stop singing when she left again.   I watched my favourite youtuber MOLT and then i watched him again for 2 hours then I went to Mum and said.

Finally I apologise to my Mum I said’’ Sorry Mum for signing they're well dumb while Abby was trying to sleep.