Monday CC Roundup 10/1

At the Invitational we saw a lot of students run season best performances on the toughest course we have season this season.  Congrats to all who achieved a season best.  We then had some fun Saturday night at Hollywood Horror Nights, riding rides and getting scared. Flrunners Invitational Results.  Season best times can be found at our team page on  Boys and Girls 

This week on Saturday we have the Okaloosa County Meet in Baker at Ropin’ the Truth Ranch (8210 Jordan Road, Baker, FL 32531) .  


6:25am Buses depart NHS Fieldhouse

8:00 Coaches Meeting Finish Line

8:30 Varsity Girls

9:00 Varsity Boys

9:30 JV Girls

10:00 JV boys

10:45 Awards

Awards to the top 10 in each race.  We will also recognize all the seniors at the awards ceremony.

Next weekend, the Pre-State Meet will be the final race for those who will not be competing in the State Series.  After Pre-State the roster will be cut to the top 10 and those not competing will start their time off before starting to run again for track season.  I am in need of a parent who could ride the bus with those running in the friday jv races to and from Tallahassee.  If you are interested, please contact me.  If we do not have someone who can do this, we will not be able to provide a bus to the meet and athletes will be responsible for getting to and from Tallahassee themselves. Bus will depart NHS at 1:00pm and return appxoimately 10:00pm (Varsity runners will be spending the night Friday in Tallahassee and traveling via vans.)  

Team Banquet: The team banquet will be November 21. Mark your calendars!

“Runners of the Week”

Varsity Boys

Freshman Kaden Levings put on a show this weekend.  Kaden was our top finisher coming in 27th.  He ran a season best 16:36, which is a PR by 38 seconds and ranks him currently as the #2 freshman in the State!

Varsity Girls

This week’s award goes to sophomore Sophia Dedmore.  Sophia moved to Niceville from Alaska this summer and has done a very nice job acclimating to the heat and humidity of Florida.  Sophia ran a season best this weekend finishing 5th for the varisty team.

JV Boys

Keeping it with the freshman, Will Jetton is our JV Boys runner on the week.  Will was our top finisher in the Unseeded Varsity race and ran a 20 second PR, finally crashing through the 19:00 barrier running 18:45!

JV Girls

Freshman Eleny Hobbs just crushed the Unseeded Varsity Race.  Eleny ran 22:41, which is a 1:22 PR to finish 11th overall.  Had she been in the varsity race she would have been our #7 runner!  

This week’s Senior Spotlight

Reece Navarro

Josh Oliver

Tell me about your family...

My brother, mom, stepdad, dad and stepmom are all incredibly supportive of my cross country career. My mom has dealt with hauling me to practice every morning through sophomore and junior year, and anytime I go on vacation with my dad and stepmom, we can always get a great run together.

   I have a super supportive family. My mom, dad, and stepdad have always been there to cheer me on in the activities I choose. Balancing band, cross country, school, work, and even a band outside of school can be challenging to say the least, but they have always allowed me to take part in the things I want to, and cheer me on in all of them.

My brother graduated last year, and is leaving for SCAD in Savannah in September. I’ve always admired his work ethic. He always manages to finish everything you could possibly throw on his plate.

When did you start running? Why did you start running?

Sophomore year, because I wanted to compete in some kind of sport and running seemed easy.

I ran track in middle school, but didn’t run cross country in high school until my junior year (last year). I started running because of an agreement/bet I made with my friend Zach Alabata. Basically, if he was accepted into, and marched the same DCI (Drum Corps International) corps as I did the prior year, I would have to run cross country with him. Here we are now.

Favorite part about being a cross country runner

Feeling healthy and physically capable, as well as making friends with some incredible people.

You learn to push yourself harder when in a group than you ever possibly could by yourself.

Best memory of cross country

A vivid memory of jumping in Turkey Creek after a hot run on the boardwalk.

Not necessarily the best memory, but the most vivid would be getting heat stroke after the “Dolphin Dash” last year. It’s always funny to look back on and hear about things I said to people when I was going through the worst of it. Good times.

Favorite Musician/Band/Music Genre


 The 1975, Lil Peep, Pouya, $uicideBoy$, Tyler the Creator, The Japanese House, Nirvana, Cage the Elephant, Pink Floyd, etc.

Your place to relax

At home

Crab Island or the beach with friends

Favorite subject in school



Favorite food


quality pizza

Complete this sentence "Everyone who knows me, knows I love...."



Plans for the future?

Study Engineering at UF, and possibly music performance during or after college.

I plan to go to a public university in Florida (hopefully UCF), and major in business, marketing, or public relations.

Anything else you’d like to add


I’ve always argued that cross country is more of a mental sport than a physical one. I only ran cross country for two years, and I can definitely tell the difference it’s made on my mental strength and endurance.


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