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Collection Management Policy Team - Statement of Work
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Collection Management Policy Team (CMPT)

Description and Statement of Work

Return on Investment (ROI)

Some CMPT team members have strategic and decision-making ability and some have detailed collections budget and management understanding. The team functions under the umbrella of Scholarly Communications and many identify high-level strategy items that include Fulfillment.

  • Team Member
  • Investment:
  • Monthly 2 hour meetings
  • 5 hours / month working on projects
  • Return:
  • PALNI professional development funds are available to attend meetings and conferences
  • Input and direction on projects that benefit their institution
  • All of PALNI
  • Return:
  • CMPT provides value on shared negotiations and reduce purchase and management costs for projects through pooling resources, skills, and communication.


Goals of the Statement of Work

This statement of work defines the scope and activities of the Collections Management Policy Team to PALNI supported institutions. The objectives of this statement of work are to:

CMPT Charge

The goals of the team are to identify and support shared collection management activities. Activities include policy development, pilot initiation, and administrative oversight.

Admin Team Membership

Ongoing Responsibilities of the Collections Management Policy Team

Services of the Collections Management Policy Team

  1. Evaluation and piloting of PALNI-wide acquisitions that are not available or being pursued by ALI.
  1. The committee will request feedback on proposed high interest projects.
  2. Projects may be PALNI-wide or paid individually as an opt-in
  1. Review of PALNI collection management needs
  2. Administration of PALNI collections projects

Ongoing Local Responsibilities




FY 2017-2018