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Mar 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

We are seeking members interested in serving on the Madison SCI Board of Directors (“BOD”). The board’s job is to help continue the MadSCI mission.

Our mission is to benefit and raise awareness of the community of people with spinal cord issues (injury, illness, & disease) and related conditions - including multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and others. We have peer/mentoring for individuals and family members and adaptive equipment that members can borrow for free.

If you’re interested, send a short bio, a statement of interest, and a photo to (contact info below).

Each bio / statement of interest will be circulated to the membership and available at the March Spring Fling of the calendar.  The election will take place via mail and email during the following two weeks, with ballots due no later than first business day of the April meeting/event of the calendar year.

How many people can serve on the Board and how big of a commitment is it?

  • The BOD has nine seats and each term lasts two years.
  • Our bylaws require the Board to meet four times a year.
  • Each year, the BOD will select four of its members to serve as the officers, i.e., President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers will meet more frequently than the BOD.
  • One year there are four seats up and the following year there are five seats up.
  • The following are goals that we would like to see each board member strive for:
  • Recruit at least one volunteer per year to help with equipment, meetings, events ...Ask a sponsor or provide one sponsor for the executive board to ask to support the organization
  • Help with at least 2 activities / meetings every 6 months.
  • Network with people, businesses, ...  by sharing newsletters, flyers, activities, ...
  • Look for your replacement - Yes, please start recruiting because the more people involved the more the organization grows and can further its mission!

That’s very interesting.   But   I’d like more information before I decide  to volunteer.

Sounds great!  How do I sign up?

Simply complete the Express and Interest form -:-  another option is to write a short bio and a statement indicating why you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors. (see last page of this letter) If it’s convenient, you may also include a photo, resume, or CV—but this is not required.  We will circulate this information to the members at the March Spring Fling and April member meeting.

Election ballots will be available to be downloaded from the website and be available at the March Spring Fling. Make sure you get your ballots to no later than the first  business day after the  April Meeting/Event of the calendar year.

Cool.  What is the pertinent contact information and do you have anything else to say?

This is a very exciting time for our organization. It is an honor to have such capable members interested in serving Madison SCI. Please take some time to look over Madison SCI’s Bylaws, attached hereto. Also, please remember the following important dates:

March of the calendar year —Deadline to submit bio / statement of interest.

March Meeting & Spring Fling—Candidates Bios will be available

April – In-person voting for candidates at the member meeting

The business day after the April meeting - Voting deadline for any mailed ballots.

May/June —First Board of Directors for Madison SCI

Contact info:

        President, Mark Laufenberg:

        Secretary, Stephanie S.: - 920-251-3744

        Treasurer and Member Coordinator, Tina McFadden: 608-839-5454 - 

        VP, Peer-Mentor & Marketing Coordinator,  Monica S.: - 5805 E. Open Meadow, McFarland, WI 53558.

We look forward to working with you!

 Madison SCI Executive Board

Candidate for Madison SCI Board of Directors (2018)


Statement of Interest:

Picture (2”x4”)


Mar 2019