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BDGA National Team Selection Guidelines
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BDGA National Team Selection Guidelines


We are selecting teams to be successful in their competitions; in practice this means securing medals/podium finishes. A committee will be formed to undertake team selection as and when it is required. The committee will follow the guidelines laid out below.


In advance of competitions, players will be asked to put themselves forward as available and keen to play.

The players putting themselves forward will then be judged against the following criteria:

  1. PDGA rating relative to likely competition. Players will be judged within the division(s) for which they are eligible. It is expected that players will accept to play in the division they are selected for.
  2. Commitment to disc golf within the UK.
  3. Trend in standard over the previous year.
  4. Conduct on and off course befitting a national representative.

There will be at least 1 ring-fenced place each for female and junior competitors, unless there are no applicants in those categories.

(Rough) Timeline:

5 months before competition: committee open to expressions of interest.

4 months before competition: Deadline for expressions of interest.

Approx. 2 weeks later: Committee releases selection list, with reserves.

Committee Composition:

Team Administration:

A team Captain will be selected from within the team by the committee. The team Captain’s role will be to act as a lead figure at the tournament, to look after player welfare and tactics as appropriate.