October-December 2018 Newsletter

In this edition of our newsletter, we are excited to announce our 2019 Elite Team roster and sponsors, as well as share some inspiring stories from the veterans we serve! We are pleased to announce we supported 67 veterans, to date, in 2018!

For the Project Echelon Racing Team, we are in the planning phase for next season. This past season was highlighted by 64 podiums, including 21 wins and a National Championship (Click here to see this year’s complete results). This year, we were also able to take our community outreach and veteran mentorship program to new heights, thanks to our successes and the platform it provided us. Learn more about what we have been up to below:

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Veterans Success Stories

Shawn Morelli, an amazing athlete and disabled veteran, will be competing under the Project Echelon banner in 2019. Shawn, who is the current Paralympic Gold Medalist from the Rio Summer Games in the Time Trial and Reigning Para-Cycling World Champion, is passionate about sharing her story on how cycling changed her life and now wants to empower others through it. Project Echelon is honored to be able to step in and support this amazing athlete and veteran in pursuing her goals in 2019.

Robert Verhelst, affectionately known as Fireman Rob, is a Fireman for the City of Madison, Air Force veteran and 9/11 volunteer recovery worker. Rob has been struggling with PTSD since his experience at the 9/11 site, in addition to events he experienced in the military & fire service, but has found peace and solitude through physical activity and following his passion to inspire others.  This year he will competing in a number of endurance events throughout the world, in full fireman's gear, often accompanied by military brothers and sisters or first responders, to raise awareness of PTSD and veteran suicide.

Ben Mathe had a dream of being a professional WWE wrestler. During his service in Iraq, Ben was shot in the face, which led to complications that made his dream seem all but impossible. However, Ben has worked to overcome his barriers and has started his own independent wrestling promotion company, which he uses as a platform to raise awareness for PTSD and veteran suicide. Project Echelon is working with Ben to help create a mini film about his amazing story. Check it out HERE.

Jared Sarten is an Army Ranger veteran who we have the privilege to work with through our athlete mentorship and coaching program. We have matched Jared up with athlete mentor Evan Hartig a few months ago and the growth experienced in each of these individuals has been nothing short of success and inspirational. The veteran/mentor relationship creates a safe space in which relationships are formed and growth via continued learning are fostered. With Jared currently living with his family in Alaska and having goals of completing the Sagan Gran Fondo, 24hr at Pueblo, and the Leadville 100 in 2019, this relationship becomes even more important!

We are extremely proud that we have been able to further support Jared in achieving his goals through our partnership with Saris and CycleOps, which has allowed us to provide Jared with a Hammer trainer to better support his training and fitness through the winter months. Ride on Jared!

Sound Off

One of the ways in which we achieve our mission of educating, equipping and empowering veterans through physical activity and self discovery is through our Art of Endurance podcast. Facilitated by co-founder, Eric Beach, the podcast engages listeners in conversations ranging in topics from training, nutrition, veteran identity, community development, and so much more. Check it out HERE.

Project Echelon Racing Team

In 2019, we look to continue to build upon our successes from this past season so that we may continue to grow our platform and outreach and share our mission with more communities and veterans across the country. We believe we have built a team that is strong and passionate, both on and off the bike, which will carry our work with a fire that will inspire those around us. In 2019, we welcome new riders: Matt Zimmer, Henry Lutz, Zach Nehr, Peter Olejniczak, Brandon Feehery, and David Greif.

2019 Domestic Elite Team Roster

2019 Regional and Ambassador Roster

What else have we been up to?

Introducing the 2019 Team Kit presented by Jakroo:

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