I attend all types of interdisciplinary events all the time. Hackathons, seminars, investment meetups, even events that are unrelated to me and my areas of emphasis. I have a certificate that allows me to captain ships of lengths of up to 24 meters in international waters, a couple of magic tricks that I always bring with me, and a fun personality. I hope to learn a lot from you and your company, and I hope you’ll be glad to meet me as well! I want to keep learning, and experiencing new domains.

 ———————————Work Experience———————————

  • Software Project Manager & AI Research and Implementation Assister

NOXON GmBH, Munich/Germany

10/2023 - Ongoing

  • Managed the project “Development of Smart Apparel for the Detection and Mitigation of Parkinson's Disease Tremors”

  • NLP Engineer                        

Wertebündnis Bayern, Munich/Germany

09/2023 - 11/2023

  • Prepared NLP solutions that match project ideas to wertebündnis partner entities.

  • Tutor / Assistant Positions at TUM and TGU                 (Worked internally)

Technical University of Munich, Germany & Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

10/2019 - Ongoing

  • Tutored the biggest course in Germany (Introduction to Software Engineering (EIST) at TUM), Created and maintained some of the automatically graded programming, final exam and retake exam exercises.
  • Assisted  INF202 (Software Eng., Dr. Burcu Yıldız’s class), INF303 (Software Eng. Project, Dr. Önder Tombuş’s class)

  • System (Test) Engineer                (Worked as an external employee)

Daimler SDC Turkey, Istanbul/Turkey & Daimia, Istanbul/Turkey  

06/2021 - 11/2021

  • We did manual UI tests, UI test automation w/ Ranorex & c#, API test automation w/ python, …
  • I automated multi-factor authentication which had been slowing down testers for a long time.

  • Founder / General Manager

Bata Kozmetik, Istanbul/Turkey

06/2017 - 12/2019

  • It was a (family) cosmetics company that I founded, where we produced e.g. chocolate face masks and distributed them to several pharmacies. I’m no longer active in this business. Click to see sample product image


  • Master of Science: Informatics

Technical University of Munich, Munich/Germany

Oct 2022 - Ongoing

  • DAAD Scholarship Holder. Also Degree Representative of Msc Informatics (2022-2023)
  • Worked for Parloa GmbH as part of a seminar (Responsibility: Dialog Execution & Summarization using LLMs).

Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

2018 - 2022

  • First student to graduate from any faculty of TGU with a perfect CGPA (4.00/4.00).
  • Click to download transcript: (English, German , Turkish, or E-Signed). Click to download diploma (German & Turkish)
  • Representative of CS Department, Representative of Engineering Faculty, Student Council Vice-President.
  • Founding president of Undergraduate Research Club, founding representative of Quantum-Turkey Student Branch.

——————————Other Notable Achievements ——————————

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(If I were to invest enough time, I believe I can perform well using any language or tool. Items below are ordered as most familiar -> least familiar.)

  • Languages: English (C1-C2 or TOEFL 111/120), German(~C1 or DSH2), Turkish(Native).
  • Programming Languages etc: Python, Java, Kotlin, C, C++, Matlab, Visual Basic, Lua script, HTML/CSS, JS, SQL(MySQL, HSQL, SQLite, Postgresql, …), MMIX, Jinja2, C#, ...
  • Frameworks/Libraries etc: Pytorch, Gatsbyjs(HTML, SCSS, JS, ReactJS, GraphQL), Flask, JavaFX, Android Programming(Kotlin),  Tensorflow Keras, …
  • General: Project management, Scrum, LLMs, NLP, Computer Vision, …
  • Tools etc: Maven, MS Office, Ranorex, Libreoffice, Cisco Packet Tracer, GNS3, Android Studio, Maven, Wireshark, Omnetpp, …
  • Roles: Researcher, Project Manager, Full Stack Developer, Code Architect, Tester, Back-End Developer, …
  • Datasets: VitalDB, NYC Crash, Bitcoin closing prices,  …

———————————Sample Projects———————————

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