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Batıkan Bora Ormancı

I'm a fellow, friendly researcher who is interested in all topics within computer science. I love learning, researching, and programming. I’m open to all kinds of offers and I’m interested in traversing new domains that are, for now, unfamiliar to me.

Pages 1-2: Resume, Pages 3-7(Attachments): Awards & Certificates, Activities & Hobbies, Memberships & Affiliations, Projects

If my CV is ‌insufficient, please contact me and give me some advice. Thanks and regards.

Work Experience

  • Undergraduate Researcher

TÜBİTAK, Turkey & Marmara University, Istanbul/Turkey

11/2021 - NOW

  • I took part in an academic project about NLP word disambiguation (confidential).

  • Tutor / Laboratory Assistant of Engineering Faculty

Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

10/2019 - NOW

  • I've assisted professors with software-related courses, helped students with their theoretical & practical problems, …
  • Assisted  INF202 (Software Engineering, Dr. Burcu Yıldız’s class)
  • Assisted INF303 (Software Engineering Project, Dr. Önder Tombuş’s class)
  • Tutored students for almost all classes in the computer science curriculum.

  • System (Test) Engineer

Daimler SDC Turkey, Istanbul/Turkey & Daimia, Istanbul/Turkey  

06/2021 - 11/2021

  • I worked as a full-time external employee at Daimler.
  • We did manual UI tests, UI test automation w/ Ranorex & c#, API test automation w/ python, …
  • I automated multi-factor authentication which had been slowing down testers for a long time.

  • Content Moderator (Mainly German, English & Turkish)

Conectys, Istanbul/Turkey

04/2021 - 06/2021

  • I reviewed (application) documents for big companies (classified info.) and approved or rejected them within reason. I reviewed content in German, Turkish, English, Dutch, Spanish, Esperanto, and 20+ other languages.

  • Founder / General Manager

Bata Kozmetik, Istanbul/Turkey

06/2017 - 12/2019

  • It was a one-man cosmetics company where we produced e.g. chocolate face masks and distributed them to several pharmacies. I’m no longer active in this business. Click to see sample product image

  • Cyber Security & Cyber Security Marketing Intern

ARTI & ARTI Technology Services, Istanbul/Turkey

10/2017 - 02/2018

  • I went there for only 2-3 hours a day, and gained experience on the following topics:
  • How cyber security is being marketed to numerous companies to sell e.g. Palo Alto products.
  • Kali Linux and penetration testing.
  • Networking simulation tools such as Cisco Packet Tracer, GNS3.


Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

2018 - 2022

  • Expected Graduation C.G.P.A: Between 3.95 and 4.00 out of 4.00.
  • Transcript: (Not graduated yet, contact me for current one).
  • Representative of CS Department, Representative of Engineering Faculty, Student Council Vice-President.
  • Founding president of Undergraduate Research Club, founding representative of Quantum-Turkey Student Branch.

Bielefeld University, Bielefeld/Germany


Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey & Bielefeld University, Bielefeld/Germany

2017 - 2018

  • Pre-University Education in Turkey
  • High School: Mustafa Saffet Anadolu Lisesi (2013-2014), Kadir Has Anadolu Lisesi(2014-2016), Eğitmen Özel Lisesi (2016-2017, Graduated)
  • Middle School: Cemal Diker İlkokulu (Graduated in 2013) …

until 2017


(If I were to invest enough time, I believe I can perform well using any language or tool. Items below are ordered as most familiar -> least familiar.)

  • Languages: English (C1-C2 or TOEFL 111/120), German(~C1 or DSH2), Turkish(Native). (I can also understand other Turkic and germanic languages to a good extent)
  • Programming Languages etc: Java, Python, Kotlin, C, C++, Matlab, Visual Basic, Lua script, HTML/CSS, JS, SQL(MySQL, HSQL, SQLite, Postgresql, …), MMIX, Jinja2, C#, ...
  • Frameworks/Libraries etc: Pytorch(Python), Gatsbyjs(HTML, SCSS, JS, ReactJS, GraphQL), Flask(Python), JavaFX(Java), Android Programming(Kotlin),  Tensorflow Keras (Python), …
  • General: Project management, Scrum, ...
  • Tools etc: Maven, MS Office, Ranorex, Libreoffice, Cisco Packet Tracer, GNS3, Android Studio, Maven, Wireshark, Omnetpp
  • Roles: Researcher, Project Manager, Fullstack Developer, Code Architect, Tester, Back-End Developer, ...

Soft Skills & Extracurriculum

  • Having founded and led many organizations throughout my life, I believe to perform well as a leader/guide.
  • Having been a member of international societies of varying sizes, I believe to adapt well to what is new.
  • Having made friends from countless disciplines, I’ve learned to work well interdisciplinarily.
  • I enjoy creating and exhibiting magic tricks, and I especially enjoy breaking the magicians’ code.
  • I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others, for their perspective on them may be enlightening for me.
  • I enjoy traversing new domains of experience
  • I’ve taken a course on seamanship and acquired a permit that allows me to drive ships of lengths of up to 24 meters in international waters.
  • I’ve taken a course on short-range radio operations.
  • I’ve played countless board games and made friends who study board game history.
  • I’ve taken a liking to play map-based strategy games that simulate real-life diplomacy.
  • As a child, I’ve partaken in a global mapping community where people draw maps that either describe real-world history or depict imaginary alternative history scenarios.
  • I’ve tutored countless students or worked as a student assistant next to many teachers, which helped me learn from everyone’s perspective while learning to guide others.
  • I like helping others
  • I usually choose to help others by guiding them, e.g. showing them a great learning source and aiding them as they learn.
  • I founded a community where students of the Turkish-German University and candidate applicants communicate and help each other. ( )
  • I’ve participated in some activities of “Çorbada Tuzun Olsun Derneği” where they help the homeless by providing them sustenance or by companying them in daily tasks (e.g. if an elderly homeless person needs to get a doctors appointment, they may not know how to use their mobile devices for that. It really is a charitable action to just do that for them. ).
  • I love hackathons and events of similar kinds. I participate in them whenever I get the chance, and I’m always active.

Summary of Projects

(Click to see the Projects section where there is additional info about each project.)


Awards & Certificates

( Beware that the following pages are only attachments to my Resume)

  • Language Certification: Toefl (111/120)



  • Reading: 27/30, Listening: 29/30, Speaking: 28/30, Writing: 27/30

  • Course Completion: Blockchain - Revealing the Myth (100%)

OpenHPI, Hasso Plattner Institute/Germany


  • This course helped me learn a lot about blockchain. It explained the infrastructure and motivation behind bitcoin, blockchain, and ethereum in detail. I’ll be writing a paper about blockchain this semester and I hope that this knowledge will be useful.

  • Course Completion:  Introduction to Machine Learning

Global AI Hub


  • This course took a top-down approach to machine learning (similar to the approach on “Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow, 2nd Edition” book by Aurélien Géron.) The whole course lasted a week and the top 1% of the students who have completed the course have been awarded a top learner’s certificate.

  • Course Completion: Introduction to Software Product Management

University of Alberta


  • Project Completion: Intermediate Pandas Python Library for Data Science

Vinita Silaparasetty / Data Scientist / Trendwise Analytics


  • Course Completion: Getting Started in GIMP

Carma Baughman / Subject Matter Expert / Freedom Learning Group


  • Course Completion: Computational Learning Theory and Beyond

OpenHPI, Hasso Plattner Institute/Germany


  • This course was quite hard and required a lot of self-research. It helped me get some knowledge about computational learning theory but I couldn’t invest sufficient time to get the maximum I could get from it. I took part in order to improve the paper I was writing that semester, the title of which was: “Strictly Standardized Learning: Comparison of Structured Texts with Conventional Paragraphs”. I made use of what I learned during this course on sections, in which I compared human and machine learning.

  • Course Completion: Learn LaTex - The Complete LaTex Course

Dr. Gary White / Udemy


  • Project Completion: Pandas Python Library for Beginners in Data Science

Vinita Silaparasetty / Data Scientist / Trendwise Analytics


  • Project Completion: Scrum Team Building Using Games and Interactive Tools

Coursera Project Network


  • Camp Completion: Google Developer MultiCamp Android (Kotlin)

Developer Multigroup / Google Developer Groups


  • Camp Completion: Quantum Computing and Programming: QWorld Bronze Diploma

QTurkey & QWorld


  • Course Completion: Künstliche Intelligenz und Maschinelles Lernen für Einsteiger  (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in German) (95.6%)

OpenHPI, Hasso Plattner Institute/Germany


  • Contest Result: CS50 Puzzle Day 2020 (8/8)

Harvard University, Cambridge/MA/USA


  • Course Completion: CS50x: Introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming (100%)

Harvard University, Cambridge/MA/USA


I've taken the web track and programmed a flask web application with the ability to get quotes for shares of stocks to virtually buy and sell them (within a demo), my final submission was my personal site built with gatsby, Click here for a video explanation of my final submission (It had to be 2 minutes long, and therefore really superficial).

  • Contest Result: CS50X Puzzle Day 2020 (8/8)

Harvard University, Cambridge/MA/USA


  • Contest Result: Hackathon (Big Data Solutions) (Third Place - Team Leader)

Board of European Students of Technology Istanbul, ITU/Istanbul/Turkey


We placed third at this 2-day long hackathon that took place at the Istanbul Technical University. The participating teams were asked to build big data solutions using the state-machine-like system developed by the main sponsor of the event TRLogic called FormicaBox. I, together with the team I led, have built a not-so-complete prototype that helps the user find nutrition from nearby vendors depending on their current needs that are determined by a chiplike theoretical device that may be implanted to their body. Most of the work was conceptual but in the end, we had a similar system that proved the possibility of the concept, that also used their FormicaBox platform. We used 100% Java.

  • Course Completion: Web Application Security

Turkish Cyber Security Cluster & BUSIBER, Bogazici University/Istanbul/Turkey


The course was given by a penetration tester called Berk Imran at Bogazici University, after the completion of which I was awarded a certificate of attendance.

Activities & Hobbies

  •  Organizer: IT Summit of Turkish-German University

Undergraduate Research Club of Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey


I’ve (co-)organized a summit where silicon valley engineers have met with TGU students to prepare them for interviews.

  •  Participation: PLM & PDM Training

Daimia, Istanbul/Turkey


I’ve learned about the history, present, and possible future of the PDM system used by Daimler Mercedes. This training helped me get a better understanding of the processes for the quality of which I’m responsible.

  •  Participation: KTHack 2020 Hackathon (About Quantum Technologies)

QTurkey, Istanbul/Turkey


To summarize, we’ve researched how the teaching materials used by QWorld and QCousins could be improved and provided a demo. I’m personally really interested in optimizing the contents of courses or teaching materials

  • Participation: Arcelik Hackbot Hackathon

Arcelik, Istanbul/Turkey


We were eliminated in the final phase. It started with 100 teams and we were somewhere on the top 10 (Only top 3 were declared). I and my friend Berat together programmed two telegram bots in two different programming languages (Java and Python) that together could offer better help to arcelik customers. We've deployed the bots on telegram, the user would first chat with the bot written in python (click to see code), which would compare the query with the FAQ from arcelik website and yield the top three most similar results. If the user can't be satisfied with them, user would be routed to the other bot written in java (click to see code), The java bot would check the similarities of answers to previously tagged questions and the new question, if the new question is not like any questions before, the question would be routed to a group that consists of arcelik personnel who would answer and tag the question, so that the system keeps getting stronger. The reason we coded it all with 2 different programming languages was to make use of both of their advantages and provide future adaptability. We also had a little project documentation and agile board.

  • Competency: Amateur Seaman

Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

2019 - ∞

I have the Amateur Seaman's Certificate issued by Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, that together with the Certificate of Competence for Short Range Radio Operators enable me to drive non-commercial boats and ships of length up to 24 meters globally.

  • Competency: Short Range Radio Operator

Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

2019 - 2024

I have the "Certificate of Competence for Short Range Radio Operators" that is valid for operating VHF/DSC radio equipment onboard non-SOLAS vessels.

  • Participation: Artificial Pancreas Workshop

Medipol University, Istanbul/Turkey

It was a short, mostly discussion-based workshop held by Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Ömer of Medipol University. I've taken part because I have an interest in bioinformatics.


Memberships & Affiliations

  • Founding President: URCTGU (Undergraduate Research Club of TGU)

Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

I’ve founded the said student club at our university, so that people who enjoy researching may research together.

03/2021 - 06/2022

  • Mentor: QTurkey

QTurkey / QWorld, Turkey/Latvia

I’ve helped other students learn about quantum programming by becoming a mentor at the following QWorld Quantum Programming Workshops

03/2021 - 06/2022

  •  Founder & Representative: QSBTGU (QTurkey Student Branch)

QTurkey / QWorld & Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

QTurkey is a branch of QWorld, the aim of which is to achieve an open access and public global ecosystem for quantum technologies and quantum software.  I’ve partaken in some of their contests and workshops and after they’ve launched the QSB program, decided to gather students from my University to form a bridge between Quantum enthusiasts of TGU and QWorld.

12/2020 - 01/2022

International Association of Engineers

I became a member hoping I may make use of the publications before writing my bachelor's thesis. I’m also a member of several societies within IAENG (Society Of Artificial Intelligence, Society of Imaging Engineering etc).

10/2020 - Current


This section is incomplete. Contact me for more info.

  • Postponed & Not Deployed: Java Telegram Bot - Upnotify_Bot

Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

Latest Update: 08/2021

  • My role: Project Manager, Software Architecture Planner, General Purpose Coder
  • Other roles within the team: Back-end developer, Tester, Documenter
  • Project Summary: This will be a telegram bot that helps people track changes on web pages they wish to track. Users may choose to pay to have the bot check their requests more often. The bot had been finalized but is not yet deployed. Some changes will be made later on pre-deployment.

  • Complete: Machine Learning Project for Average Land Temperature Prediction

Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

Completion Date: 06/2021

  • My role: Project Manager, Dataset Finder, Evaluator, General Purpose Coder
  • Other roles within the team: Modeler, Presenter, Designer
  • Project Summary: We’ve joined 4-5 datasets that contained data about bitcoin, s&p500, and energy consumption. We’ve made certain changes to the data and finally trained models to predict global average land temperature. Later on, we will write an article about the project and try to publicize it.

  • Complete: Machine Learning Project for Banking Product Purchase Prediction

Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

Completion Date: 12/2020

  • My role: Requirement Engineer, Data Understanding, Researcher, General Purpose Coder, Critical Thinker
  • Other roles within the team: Algorithmic Analyser, Evaluator, Tester
  • Supervisor: This project was supervised by Prof. Dr. Adem Alparslan from FOM University, Germany.
  • Project Summary: We tried to detect if a theoretical product would be purchased by the customers of a theoretical company for our Data Mining course. In the end, we came up with proposals and presented our case as if this was a real data mining project. We trained a random forest model and used XAI (Explainable Artificial Intelligence) to identify how particular features affect the model. We were graded with an A+. We also received a financial award for this project, as the best project in the computer science department.

  • Complete: Java Android Application - Homebook

Turkish-German University, Istanbul/Turkey

Completion Date: 12/2020

  • My role: Documenter, Tester, General Purpose Coder
  • Other roles within the team: Back-End Programmer, Front-End Programmer
  • Supervisor: This project was supervised by DI. Ömer Karacan
  • Project Summary: Homebook is a financial Android application created with Java to control the costs of a shared apartment and distribute them among the residents. We used Firebase as a database and as an authentication service to authenticate users and associate them with their data. The project was for the Software Engineering course at the Turkish German University. Were graded with an A+.
  • Click to see the Github repository.

Some parts of the CV have been removed for they were thought to be relatively unimportant. Click here to see.


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