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Fifth Grade Newsletter No 09

October 9-13, 2017

Mrs. Svirida | (916) 331-7377 ext. 3191

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Dear Parents,

        Thank you for all the participation in the Frozen Food Fundraiser. Our class sold a lot and I am grateful to the students and parents who helped with that.

             With the cooler weather upon us, the jackets and sweaters are out.  Please label your child’s outwear with his/her name as so many of them are similar (lots of navy blue) and the children don’t always recognize theirs.  


        Chick Fil A lunch orders went home Friday. Please return them in provided envelopes with exact change by Tuesday. You are not required to participate.

It’s time for parent teacher conferences, October 26-27. I would like to invite you to visit my [LINK] and sign up for a parent teacher conference with me. If those days and times do not work for you please email me directly. I can meet you another day and time that works best for both of us that week. Also, I want to mention that my door is always open if you need to speak to me. You will receive your child’s report card during your conference time.

We will be going to the California Cavern’s on our next field trip. This week I sent some information and permission slips home about this field trip coming up in November. I have several drivers already, so thank you for the huge response of volunteers. Most of the payments and permission slips have been turned in. I still need a few from a couple of students. Please send that in ASAP.  

I sent home scholastic book order forms last week. Feel free to make orders with scholastic if you need new books. You are under no obligation to do so, but they have very good deals on readers. If you do order the code for our classroom is QJ8GK which will allow us to earn free books for the classroom. Please send in to class by October 17th.  

Test/Quiz Schedule

Monday - Penmanship test 8

           Science Quiz 7 (3.1-3.5)

Tuesday - History test 4

Reading vocab quiz

                creed: a statement of what one believes

                criticize: judge and find fault with

                disembark: to get off a ship

                doxology: a short hymn of praise

                hostile: relating to an enemy

                provision: the act of supplying needs

                spontaneous: not planned

Wednesday - Math test 5

Thursday - Science quiz 8 (3.6-3.7)

              Language quiz (pronouns)

Friday - Spelling test 8 (Review test)

         Bible quiz 7

 Matt. 6:19-20


Mon - Write reading vocab words above 2x each. Study for History test

Tue - Spelling copy list 2x all spelling and vocabulary words.

Wed - No Regular Homework. Study for science quiz and Language quiz (pronouns).

Thurs- Finish nation notebook pages 17, 19 tonight. Study for Bible quizzes and Spelling test.

Fri - Finish reading Noah Webster for Wednesday (Date change. Oct. 18)! Finish Nation Notebook pages 17 only

MUSIC - Students are learning their third note on their instruments. Begin testing on notes this week.



PLAYING “B-flat” ON FLUTE - Flute - B-flat

We are getting ready for the Christmas Concert on December 19th. Download and listen to songs to prepare for Concert:


SING WE NOW [MP3 - link]   [LYRICS - link]