7th Grade Newsletter

March 2018

Dear 7th Grade Families,

News from the Classroom:


This month in ELA, we are wrapping up the poetry unit and beginning our drama unit. In a few weeks, you will be invited to see them perform Shakespearean monologues! You can support your scholar by having them practice saying their lines for you.


This month in Math, scholars are learning about probability followed by statistics. You can support your scholar by reviewing their notebooks, classwork, and homework as well as using Tenmarks as an additional tool. You can also talk about when you encounter probability and statistics in everyday life. For example, probability on the weather channel and statistics surrounding sports such as the March Madness basketball tournament!

Social Studies

This month in Social Studies, scholars are learning about Westward Expansion and relations between the U.S. government and Native Americans. You can support your student by looking at a map and asking them if they think Andrew Jackson should be on the $20 bill.


This month in Science, scholars presented their Science Fair projects. Scholars will continue learning about Astronomy and the origin of the universe. They will also be working on a group project, planning a NASA mission to Mars. You can support your scholar by asking them to talk about what they are learning in science class.


Students in 7th grade music have explored the music of the 1920's and have begun to examine the swing and big band era of the '30's and 40's.  We have discussed dance marathons, Woody Guthrie's folk songs and the vocal brilliance of Ella Fitzgerald. Students continue to progress at the piano keyboard, focusing on Major and Minor chords.

What’s coming up this month?

  • March 6: grade-wide science fair
  • March 13 (evening): school-wide science fair
  • March 29: Nature’s Classroom scholarship application due
  • March 29: 7th grade class trip to see A Wrinkle in Time

Tips for Success:

  • Social Studies: Scholars may get rid of anything from before the unit on the US Constitution. DO NOT get rid of your notebooks!
  • Continue to monitor Engrade.
  • Make sure independent reading books are read on time.

Thank you for your support! Please contact us at mgennaro@motthall2.org (ELA), jkesten@motthall2.org (Math), bscanlon@motthall2.org (Social Studies), awilliard@motthall2.org (Science), kheller@mothall2.org (ICT), and blee@mothall2.org (ICT) with questions!


7th Grade Team