NYP is just another term for not doing the work

The NYP policy only benefits those who didn't do the work in the first place

The policy un= treats those who are doing it for the first time

Level the playing field

Fairness issue - genuine trying / slacker

(Limit) number of retakes (habits of work/environment) Gives students more reason to slack off

No penalty for late work and no incentive for doing work. Participation is down.

Roughly 80- 90% students voted that deadlines were a concern

Last year, I was motivated. Now that I have 100 chances, I'm not motivated enough to my work. (majority agreement by raising off hands)


We are just waiting for a consistent policy (too many changes)

The policy doesn't seem fully developed yet - too many “kinks"


What about "NYP" for the Q? Instead of individual assessment

Guidelines for a (reasonable) turn-around for receiving the UA form

One student retort - chuck PowerSchool

There needs to be more structure so that it doesn't cause us to LEARN on the retake “safety



Doing away with mid-terms does not prepare us for college -- we need more high stakes testing Policy does not reflect “real life" where there aren't second chances Artificial v. reality Deadlines are a concern because they can always reassess and doesn't prepare you for college It doesn't teach you responsibility. You don't have unlimited opportunities in college. This system is not preparing us for college. NYP/College Transcript

Don't think we are getting the education we need

We are setting bad habits Colleges are NOT doing this Concern -- the colleges are going to bypass our applications if they see “NYPs" The new grading system does not prepare you for college, but we (as students) have a responsibility to prepare ourselves.

How do colleges understand NYPs? Does it impact our application status? This isn't preparing us for college NYP is much softer, friendlier than an F - this is setting us back Having an NYP on my transcript raises the issue for colleges - what is that? Colleges will ask Your professor isn't going to accept your excuse, even your employer. They're going to fire you! Fellows: If you agree with the deadline thing, close your eyes and give a thumbs up if that is one of your concerns... [Looks pretty unanimous)


Athletics - consistency of rules Keep consistency with Universal Reassessment policy

To maintain equity Use of form (UA)

"Streamline" it Some teachers do not offer balance between “F” & “S” (and & def.)

We'd like more smaller "S" Student/teacher discretion to maintain a "69" instead of entering a “1” Teachers differ on how they implement the grading system.


About the walkout -- not being able to stand up for what you believe is wrong Students expressed sadness to see a separation between the community and the school itself Last spring, there were less than kind words said by both sides, especially over the schedule Animosity over the way they were spoken to has trickled down from parents to students Students would like to receive a copy of all communications that parents receive, specifically mentioning information about schedules and the email that went home on Tuesday night to parents about the potential walk out Students spoke of "abuse of power" in the lack of communication between the superintendent and the students

Nothing was learned from last year; no direct input was sought from community about grading practices despite the passion that was shown about the schedule last year The students want actual communication with the superintendent, perhaps in a large forum They also want more scheduled opportunities for communication with parents This lack of frustration to communicate fuels frustration The NYP needs to be communicated to the student body and wants students need to speak-up.

Why bother talking because we're going to be ignored anyway Nothing is going to happen despite these meetings Students would like a greater explanation of the process/philosophy behind the changes (i.e. are we moving to standards/mastery based?). Too much change within one year- we need more time and communication

Why are we having the meeting when we feel we have expressed our concern in the past? We have had conversations before, are we really being heard? We feel we've been lied to before how can we trust this? What has been the point of meetings and surveys in the past? | feel that my responses were not being read? Share survey responses with those who took the survey. Survey questions were multiple choice, why not share this out? There is no effort to communicate with students? We should should have been included in last nights message.

We see a disconnect in communication between teachers, students, administrators and central office administrators

More stats about how the NYP system has effect students, positive or negative? Substantiate claims. Students having a voice in deciding on the policy / implementing something without the students and the community input


Credit - reasonable consequences Scheduling conflict and is a surprise to the community. There was not any respect for the grading policy coming into the policy and that has stemmed into who buys into the work and who does not. Some students don't see the connection between learning and grades.

Wants to go back to the old grading system One NYP puts you in NYP and some students aren't taking advantage of the FLEX and NYP learning lab Losing academic integrity in the honors class. How it looks on college transcripts and the grades should represent what a student did in terms of the assessment The requirements for after school activities Employers will not give you NYP's they will fire you.

Too much focus on the reassessment and not enough on the material Has to meet with a teacher Covering up the F's and D's How many times can you redo a grade?

It's not fair that I am successful the first time around while other students can retake things unlimited times.

Now I can't pass a class if I miss one [assessment). I used to be able to pass a class even if I failed [an assessment].

Last year, if I did well on my formatives, I wouldn't always have to take the summative. I could do the formatives, fail the summative, and still pass the course.

We can't compare success this year to last year's Ds and Fs when we're not allowed to fail. We never got the 10 day period last year. Now we're forced to retake everything we fail. Last year, there was more pressure to turn an assessment/assignment in.

We can't change what kids care about. We can't force them to learn if they don't want to. Why don't we find a more interesting way to make kids want to learn?

We're more stressed out this year (x2).

Why not focus on the kids willing to try and let kids fail if they don't care. They will learn it eventually.

We need more than 10 days. We need a teacher to check with us to make sure we're on top of everything.

It's important that we find the motivation to do the work/better ourselves. It's important for students to find motivation to learn within themselves.

They could have an average of a passing grade, but one missed assessment gives them an NYP and prevents them from participating in sports.

Some kids can't do better than a D and now they will fail or be prevented from participating in sports.

A 70 is too high to be considered proficient. It should be more like a 60 or 65.

A different code instead of an NYP so students aren't prevented from sports.

Some students simply won't “get it" no matter how many times they retake an assessment. There should be alternative ways of assessing students.

Is it true that they're getting rid of Flex? [NO!]

NYP shouldn't be based on one thing.

Student came to teacher right after the meeting (didn't want to share out in the group). Likes the policy because not as much stress on homework. Likes the extra time to show his learning since he has a hard time making deadlines.

Independent Study / Personalized Learning grading practice

NYPs do not motivate You can't MAKE people learn Teachers' stress level increases as the time goes on and students' stress levels, too

I have two brothers coming up through Housy Students made it clear what they wanted -- it was tweaked somewhat but still went through

Deadlines should be enforced/there should be consequences

We have until the end of June realistically

Some teachers who are opposed to the grading system are just giving students 70s

When assignments are not turned in, new assessments (new books, new quizzes--completely different from the original, should be assigned). This should happen when the assignment is late (anything past the due date. No exceptions.)

Flex block is a huge success, but college and career readiness is negatively impacted. There are less people in the College and Career center than there ever has been.

This is impacting class rank. And since students still have the ability to “make up" work, this should change.

The honor roll is honoring everyone, not just those who play by the rules.

Teachers need to enforce the you have five days to make up an assignment (assignments that are not NYPs).

Last spring it was all about the schedule, the grading policy occured over the summer. Why?

The math of NYP doesn't always make sense. Why does NYP in one assessment wipe out all other work?

Colleges will not accept late work without penalties. Where is the incentive for the ‘disorganized' student to do things on time?

We want to leave the school a better place.

I'm becoming used to the safety net that NYP has conditioned me to.

The system is not fair to those who do work on time.

It's easy to neglect studying because you can get around the system'.

NYP allows choice, making decisions without adult supervision, managing your time as you see


How do you grade in technology ed classes?

How can you maintain eligibility for extra curriculars, scholarships.....

NYPs don't differentiate between how best to assess individual learners.

It feels like there is not end of the quarter anymore....transcripts and report cards are delayed...

Why is it such a big deal that we are having these meetings only with the threat of a walkout?

We recommend Dr. Vogel attend tomorrow's morning meeting!!!R

Grading policy - I think we should not have it for next year because we don't like it.

Students and teachers - one NYP can cause your grade to be NYP for the whole marking period Some students aren't taking advantage of Flex blocks & learning lab to resolve NYPs

No penalty for late work so there is no incentive for students to turn in work on time. People are participating less in class, this is not motivating them

Grading policy & reassessment - each teacher has a different policy Diminishes a good learning environment if people can hand in assignments late and still get a good grade Impacts my learning that other people aren't putting forth their best effort; no motivation for me

Deadline - this policy diminishes the importance of deadlines An NYP isn't representative of all the effort that you put in If after the 10 day period you still have an NYP, you get the actual average in that class For those that have tried and not succeeded, it's not indicative of their effort


No deadlines is not motivating us to get things done. There is no motivator

It's more about how many times you reassess, not necessarily about the learning

What if you're able to go to class and understand the assignment? Now you need to meet with your teacher to get a good grade- doesn't necessarily mean that you learned. I can't get a higher grade unless | meet with my teacher

You need to take advantage of the resources Going to your teacher shouldn't be a requirement for getting a better grade

The NYP is a mystery to me. We're basically just covering up our failures. We're not addressing the actual failures.

We weren't really expecting this grading policy. That threw us for a loop. It works for some people but not for others. The problem is that some don't want to do anything. This creates a bad relationship with the teachers. This NYP probably makes our school look good but it's not really getting at the point.

We weren't necessarily prepared for this change. This is going to need more time.

Facilitator: Do you think that you are in a position to go out into the world and clearly explain the policy? (Not that many thumbs up)

Concerns with NYP- way it was implemented. NYP on transcript for college. Scheduling came up, but not NYP- it was a surprise for community and students. Not having voices heard. Please state concerns. (very hard to hear)

Not have it for next year because they don't like it and their sister doesn't like it.

Coming from both sides. One NYP can ruin grade. Students need to recognize Flex, Learning Labs- not taking advantage of that.

No penalty for late work, so no incentive to turn work in on time. Affects learning and academic environment (not participating). Different teachers accept and deal with late work differently. Lack of academic integrity in honors program- people are there who shouldn't be in an H class.

No deadlines/NYP detrimental to those going to college.

Colleges may not understand what NYPs mean on transcripts.

Lack of motivation with lack of deadlines.

Deadline headcount: 19? (not all students were taking part in the exercise)

Reassessment is more important than learning the material in the first place.


Now you need to meet with your teachers to get good grades, regardless of understanding. Can't get a higher grade unless you meet with the teacher.

Rarely meet with teachers and still getting good grades.

Going to a teacher shouldn't be a requirement to get a good grade.

It's not for everyone- still get good grades.

Just covering up failures in school and not dealing with the actual failures.

We're making the school look good because of fewer failures.

Teachers weren't prepared for the change.

It's an issue when entering an NYP for an assignment and it gets calculated as a 1 even if the actual grade was a 69. Doesn't accurately represent what you know.

Not being able to get below a 70 puts students at a disadvantage against other students in CT. Different standards.

Should allow an individual assignment to be scored below a 70 if your overall grade for that class remain above a 70 - shouldn't be an NYP

If an NYP is in Powerschool, don't know the actual grade. Difficult to study for the re-take if you don't know how you actually did.

It is really hard for teacher's to link formative assessments to summative assessments so quickly. Should get time to link assessments to individual learning targets. Lots of assignments have multiple skills associated with it - shouldn't have to re-take the whole thing if an NYP.

Perception of no deadlines is a problem. Students feel like there aren't any deadlines effects teachers at the end of quarter when they are inundated with late work to clear up NYPs. They have to keep grading and re-grading re-assessments

Teachers have deadlines like grades being due, but students are getting in assignments at last

minute. Not fair to teachers. Not accurate to the real world. High school is supposed to prepare for next level and this is not

Worry about freshman existing in this for 3 and 2 more year.s. Juniors either have a work ethic or don't at this point, but freshman are learning it's not needed. Work ethic is being eroded. Colleges don't follow this policy and our students will have a difficult time adjusting

A lot of time is spent on a unit with many formative assessments but only 1 or 2 summative assessments means fewer grades but higher stakes on each assessment. A lot of work is done, but not graded or it doesn't count in final grade.

More motivation if assignments are graded throughout. There is the thought that don't need to try on formatives - students don't see formatives as necessary or real work

This policy makes it easier to procrastinate. Clear up NYPs after the quarter ends. Students need deadlines. Frustrating when you turn in an assignment on time and receive an 80 and

||| someone else turns it in weeks late and gets a 90 - had much more time to do it and there is no penalty for being late. Why be on time?

late work comes in from another student and gets a higher grade they've had more time to gain an understanding of the material and a better opportunity to get a higher grade. Understand I can re-take, but extra work is needed to do so.

Want formative assessments to count, just weighted less

Best students getting abused by this system -- work ethic is decreasing. Being able to wait until the last minute or constantly re-doing assignments is unrealistic

Some concepts are difficult and can't get it - want to just take the 60 and move on. Can't do that now - have to keep re-taking. Would also relieve work on teachers that have to grade re-takes

Another system that gets put in might be worse (grades being 1-4) ..

Disappearing work ethic - even in high achieving students

Shouldn't need someone to check if you finish homework or formatives - college professors

won't do that. Students should hold themselves to high standards.

Students aren't caring about 1st summative assessment. Use it to see what's on it and then re-take. Inundates teachers at end of m.p.

Purpose of high school? Learning vs. grades. School would need a lot of time to switch over to

mastery based grading system..Curriculum would have to be re-written.

No sense of accomplishment any more to make honor roll. Can just keep re-doing assignments. Doesn't mean as much. III

. . .

Progress Report


Week of:

Focus Area(s):

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Flex Period

Met with teacher before/after school After school study assistance

| Completion of homework

Student tutoring



*NA = Not Available


Student Concern



Lack of deadlines, instilling bad work habits, lack of

preparation for

college and



Two-step intervention status: o Step 2: students with two or more NYPs are still eligible to participate in

activities, but must show evidence of 4 hours of extra help per week,

either in Flex or Open Table (see below). o Step 3: students are no longer eligible to participate in extracurriculars

(i.e., games), loss of Enriching Students self-scheduling option and any Senior Privilege. Under extreme circumstances, student may be reassigned from an elective to an Academic Lab for intervention (see below).

This system will allow us to | monitor student performance every 15 days and adds a consequence for students

who are not completing work | in a timely manner.

Difficulty accessing extra help in Flex


An after school "Open Table." This will run in the school library from 2:30-5:30, Monday-Thursday. Students check into the library to work on missing assignments with assistance from a proctor.

This gives students twelve more hours of support time during the week, with teachers available in the


• Academic Lab classes will be open for students to complete assignments during the day. These classes will remain relatively small in the number of students allowed so that individual attention can be effective.

This will allow students with | extensive academic struggles to access extra help in small-group settings during the day.

• A Math Lab will be available during the flex block. The Math Lab will primarily be used for students to reassess. This will decrease the number of students in math rooms during flex time so that students will be better able to meet with their classroom teacher.

This will allow Mathematics and Humanities teachers to work with smaller groups of students by sharing more generalized academic

instruction and activities with other faculty members.

• An English Language Arts (ELA) lab will be available in the library reading room during flex block and will be supported by a teacher to help with writing assignments and/or written assessments. Students will also be able to meet

with their assigned English or Social Studies classroom teacher during this flex time for individual conferencing.

Maximizing the use of Flex Block

We are expanding the options for students during flex to get them “what they

| This allows students to get

need." Students will be able to go to any teacher for help with an

whatever help they need,

assignment, regardless of whether they have them for class. If your

from whichever staff member

humanities teacher helps you understand physics, go to that resource!

helps them to learn best.


We are requiring teachers to make contact with at least five parents each week to communicate student progress and/or raise awareness with regard to NYP.

| This will raise the awareness

of parents and teachers about academic struggles.

Monthly Climate & Culture Committee Meetings with student representation.

| This would allow students to

A subcommittee of this group will meet with administration to discuss

have a say in how the school

upcoming changes and solicit feedback from students.

is run and a chance to have more extensive conversations about the reasons behind proposed changes.

Quarterly Class Meetings with designated discussion topics. These will serve the purpose of addressing class issues, but also to generate conversation about proposed changes that would affect students.

This would allow more opportunities for all students to provide feedback.

Grading Policy: No Zeros, Reassessments, and Practice Work

We believe that grades should reflect student achievement.


...graded assessments should reflect student achievement of course outcomes. ...zeros should not be included in achievement grades.

O Any assessment that does not meet minimum requirements (70 or above) shall

receive a “Not Yet Proficient” (NYP) in the gradebook and must demonstrate proficiency in the course outcomes included in that assessment. Students with an "NYP" should be scheduled for a Flex block at least once a week until they have demonstrated proficiency in the course outcomes required in that assessment. Any "NYP" that remains as an assessment mark at the end of a term will result in an "NYP" for the course, and must be completed in order to earn credit for that course.

Arrangements will be made with the course instructor or department head to

demonstrate proficiency in those standards in order to earn full credit. O Students may opt to reassess, even if they met minimum requirements on the

initial attempt. The highest score on the assessment will stand. Students seeking to improve their score will need to submit the universal reassessment

form described below. . ...practice work should not be included in a student's grade.

...students who do not demonstrate proficiency in a course outcome should be allowed an additional opportunity to demonstrate proficiency.

O Proficiency is measured by a score of at least 70% on an assessment o Students must complete a plan for reassessment in order to be eligible for a

retake (see below). ...students should be allowed to demonstrate the extent of their achievement through reassessment of course outcomes. ...the content of any assessment should not be a surprise to the student. The content of the reassessment shall be equivalent to the content of the original assessment.

Practices that support the implementation of these policies:


Students will have five days to submit the Universal Reassessment Form (from the date that assessment is listed in PowerSchool) to explain their plan for reassessment. This plan will be developed in conjunction with the classroom teacher. Teachers will assign the assessment a “Not Yet Proficient" (NYP) in PowerSchool so that students know which assessments are eligible for resubmission. One reassessment will be allowed, provided students satisfy the terms that were outlined on their reassessment Form. Students must submit an artifact of mastery on the due date for an assessment. If an assessment is not submitted, the student must submit a form

that explains the steps they will take in order to complete the assessment. "Not Yet Proficient" grades should be resolved within ten days after the end of the marking period (or with a contract). NYP grades awarded at the end of the fourth marking period must have prior approval of the principal. Clearly define practice work and assessments for students in advance of inclusion in a grade. Practice work is defined as any task that leads to demonstration of mastery, or a task that follows concepts or skills first developed and discussed in class. Questions about whether an assignment constitutes practice will be handled first by the Department Head and then by administration if necessary.


Semester Two Update

To encourage timely completion of assessments:

Grades will be reviewed periodically for NYPs. Every fifteen days (3 of a quarter), any student who has an NYP in any subject will be placed on "Step Two” for extracurricular activities. Students on Step Two will:

o still be eligible to participate in activities, but must show evidence of 4 hours of

extra help per week, either in Flex or Open Table (see below). A completed Progress Report will serve as evidence of this work, and will be collected by PLP teachers on Day 6. participate in an after school "Open Table" study hall from 2:30-5 PM each day to complete any assessments that led to an NYP. Students must bring their

Chromebooks to the study and check in with that day's proctor. If students do not meet NYP after the probationary period, they will be referred to administration for "Step Three." Students in Step Three:

o Will become ineligible for extracurricular activities for the following term. o Will lose the ability to self-schedule in Enriching Students. 0 May be rescheduled from an elective course and enrolled in an Academic Lab.

o Will lose any Senior Privilege. A Math Lab will be available during the flex block. The Math Lab will primarily be used for students to reassess. This will decrease the number of students in math rooms during flex time so that students will be better able to meet with their classroom teacher. An English Language Arts (ELA) lab will be available in the library reading room during flex block and will be supported by a teacher to help with writing assignments and/or written assessments. Students will also be able to meet with their assigned English or Social Studies classroom teacher during this flex time for individual conferencing. Students will be able to go to any teacher for help with an assignment, regardless of whether they have them for class. For instance, if a humanities teacher helps a student understand physics, they should go to that resource

We are requiring teachers to make contact with at least five parents each week to communicate student progress and/or raise awareness with regard to NYP.