AP Seminar 2019-20

Mr. Gerth

There are a number of good sources for finding information about controversial issues. Where you look depends on what you need.

For Books:

Remember that the Walnut library has MANY good books on controversial issues; you will want to find books by looking for the subject (i.e. "abortion"), or by looking for the titles in particular series of books on controversial issues. Search under the name of the series in the Library catalog. Remember to think about the BROADER topic for your subject (i.e. look for a book on Mass Media for information on music lyrics) The best series for books about controversial issues are:

To search the WHHS Library Catalog on the web, click here

For magazine and journal articles:


Fulltext magazine and newspaper articles, including maps, and a current events section for recent news stories. Password Needed from home: user name go; password: eagles

Resources in Context: High School

Fulltext magazine, newspaper, and reference articles on a variety of controversial issues. Password Needed from home: cinc48953.

INFOhio Databases

Two databases in Infohio are particularly useful, Academic Search Premier and Points of View Reference Center.  Academic Search Premier will have more scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, and Points of View will have articles on different sides of controversial issues. Password needed from home; ask at the WHHS Library for it.

From the Cincinnati Public Library:

Opposing Viewpoints in Context, available from the Research and Homework Center, is an excellent source, with the complete texts of most Opposing Viewpoints and At Issue books.  You will need an active public library card to access this.