What You Need To Know About Home Maintenance

Buying and moving into a home is an easy process but the toughest responsibility in having a home is maintaining it. Everyone wants a safe home to live in especially when you have children or pets. When it comes to home maintenance, it is not about the bills or the day to day cleaning. In this article, you will learn more about pests control. Keeping these living creatures from destroying everything you have or even jeopardizing the health of your love ones.

Cockroach infestation

This is the most common found pest in all homes. Many might not know but it is not okay to have cockroaches roaming around your beautiful home. Cockroaches breed very quickly and they bring along bacteria everywhere they go. Not only do they cause food poisoning, they can also trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks in serious cases. They are nocturnal creatures which live and feed in the dark, preferably in moist area. So look out for areas like behind the refrigerator, under the sink, the cooking stove, home drainage system and deep in the kitchen cabinets. After exterminating an adult cockroach, make sure that there is no white oval casing around. If there is, immediately remove them or your effort of disposing the cockroach would have been in vain. This white oval casing contains twenty to thirty roach eggs and hatches quickly before you even notice them. Thus, precaution has to be taken when clearing cockroaches.

Termite infestation

Almost every household would experience this once without knowing the cause and paid for the consequences. Termites are one of the most troublesome pest to clear. Worst of all, they damage all your furniture without you knowing. By the time you have notice the damages and its nest, it is all too late. You would have already needed to contact the professional exterminator and purchase a new set of furniture to replace your current ones. Worst of all, there is no guarantee that a re- infestation with termites will not happen. The best way is to prevent an infestation from even beginning in the first place. Look out for cracks in wall foundation, it is a great start for termite to begin its colony. Take note of damaged wood or holes in furniture, most likely done by termites. If you ever suspect termite infestation, do not hesitate to call for an inspection. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Bed bugs infestation

Known also as the 'Human parasite', bed bugs are one of the most annoying pest among all. As bed bugs mainly feed on blood, it bites on any area of the skin which leads to swelling and itchiness. Attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide, bed bugs often reside in mattresses, feeding only in the night when people are sleeping. Be precaution of these bugs as they could cause skin allergies and rashes, not to mention sleepless nights due to itching. These pest make a home in mattresses, couch, bed frames, or even closet at times. Few signs of bed bugs are bites and swelling itchiness on the skins. Another sign is when there are blood stains on bed sheets. The best way of exterminating them is to replace the mattresses and all accompanying it, including pillows and blankets.