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   What other pets live with you?  


   Please list previous pets that have lived with you and the reasons they are no longer a part of your family:


   Why do you think a GSMD would be the right breed for your family?


   Have you ever met a GSMD? Where? When?


   What are your experiences with large breed dogs?


   What do you estimate the annual costs are for caring for your new Swissy? (Food, preventative vet care, insurance, training, day care etc)


   Where will the new puppy /dog be living?


   What kind of vehicle will your new Swissy be riding in?


   How many hours will they be left alone? And where?


   How do you plan to housebreak your puppy?


   What are your thoughts on crate training?


   How will your new Swissy get exercise?


   What kind of training and/ or obedience classes do you plan on attending?


   What kinds of activities do you plan on doing with your new Swissy?


   How will you socialize your new dog/puppy?


   What do you plan on feeding? And how often?


   Are you interested in a show dog or companion dog?


   Are you interested in competing in other AKC events like Agility or Obedience, or any working dog titles like Drafting, Herding etc.


   Do you prefer a male or female and why?


   Are you interested in a puppy or an older GSMD? Why?


   Are you 100% committed to caring for this Swissy throughout it's lifetime?:


   Are you aware that large breed dogs like the GSMD are prone to some health problems and treatment can be very expensive?


   Have you researched the most common health issues ? ( Bloat, Epilepsy, Orthopedic disorders, Urinary Incontinence )


   Are you willing to spay/neuter? If no, why not?:


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