Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. late summer

Location: Town square of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain

        Iñigo looking down upon the now defeated and unconscious Alter. The healers came to watch the outcome during the fight, thus took alter to a medical area. “I was shocked that he was injured by that attack as he was, you being an amateur after all.” Iñigo at first was a bit insulted by the comment, but before retaliating, realized that she wasn’t wrong to say that. “I guess he just wasn’t that lucky was all?” “I guess, you did make quite a name for yourself now, for I’ve heard of this guys, and he wasn’t wrong about the level he plays at, so now that you won against a champ, you’re going to have to be ready to defend your new title.” “Wait what, but I have my shop that I have…” A girl suddenly started to yell and ran over to Iñigo. “I assure you that Iñigo here only got extremely lucky for this win, in fact, I bet he was being nice to him, and let Iñigo win” “Hey Roesia, I’m literally standing a foot away from you, and I think I beat him fairly enough?” The healer seemed to be a bit annoyed by the whole discussion. “I don’t care how the battle was fought, Alter still lost, and Iñigo, by the way, that’s your name right?” “Yes, I’m Iñigo Florandaz.” “Wait, you’re a Florandez, why are you so shocked to win? Your family helped create the game. That’s probably why your discovery was just that powerful. In fact I’ve never seen such a powerful discovery before, especially from an amateur.” “Okay, but what about these Necromancers he was talking about?” “You expect me to know everything, don’t you?” “Well, to Iñigo’s defense, you were the one that knew this guy, so we expected just a bit more from you.” “Yes, what she … said.” “I think the mayor most likely knows more about Alter than I do, but that’s just my assumption.” “Well thank you for your help, and hopefully this doesn’t interfere with my shop’s grand opening.” With that, Iñigo and Roesia went over to Mayor Antonio’s chambers, at the northern edge of the city.

They were running over to the entrance of the building, when Roesia asked Iñigo, “ Why were you even fighting him in the first place? You don’t play that game unless its with Antonio, so what happened?” “We’ll, you see… He was kinda attacking the kids, and stealing their stuff.” “What, that’s a pretty bad thing for some champion to do. Good job at putting him in his place. I just didn’t know you were that good at the game, no offense.” “None taken. To be honest, I wouldn’t have expected a victory from me either, but sometimes things work out for the best, now doesn’t it?” “Well, we’re almost there, Mr. Champion. Hope you can explain this to him, for he might just freak out about it, and bring the wrong attention over because of it.” They had just arrived at the door. “You remember how to get in here again, right Iñigo?” “Of course I do, let me just get it from my bag.” Iñigo took off his satchel in search for a vile that would unlock the door. After first arriving at the town, the mayor got to know Iñigo very well, and took him under his wing. He knew that Iñigo had great potential, as the family was known for, but wasn’t sure if he would ever be as great for the fact that he hadn’t learned from his parents before their untimely demise. Iñigo wasn’t a fast learner to say the least, but always was able to do what he was doing at the best it could be done. Iñigo found the vile, and poured it on the lock, to see that the door was now able to properly open.

They continued into the mayor’s chambers, to find him having some tea at his main desk. “So I heard that you two were coming from my assistent upstairs, explain to me what the issue is.” “Wait, you think I would only have bad news for you, I thought you knew me better?” “Iñigo, I do. That’s why I’m asking for the bad news.” Roesia started to chuckle, then Iñigo shoved her. She stopped after that, but continued to smile about it. “So what is it then? What’s the pressing new you got?” “Well mayor, to let you know, I won my first real battle of Elementist…” Antonia jumped from his chair and ran to Iñigo, shaking his hand and cheering in excitement. “Really, I thought you would be a natural! I was a bit concerned that you would mess things up at first, but you really did it didn’t you. Who was the loser of the game?” “Well mayor, that’s Iñigo’s issue. He defeated some champion of Elementist name Alter, now he has to defend his title and battle some ‘Necromancers’?” Antonio fell back to his chair, a bit dumbfounded. “You really did it now, didn’t you Iñigo. You couldn’t have defeated a more problematic adversary.. Alter is… was the champion of the middle eastern region, and the only Alchemist that could defend from the ancient cultist knew as the Necromancers. They were trying to resurrect their leader that lived many decades ago, the name of the leader now alludes me, but he was so powerful, he could control the very nature of life itself. I fear that you now defeating Alter, you will need to banish these beings from this life once again before they have the opportunity to bring back their leader.”

 Silence filled the room, Iñigo in particular was looking quite faint. “We’ll then Mayor Antonio, I guess that means I really shouldn’t open up the shop this time around, now should I?” “Sorry Iñigo, but you now have to deal with this fight that you started. I can’t say if everything will be fine, but I do have faith that you can actually do this.” “What if Iñigo just refuses to do it? I mean, can’t anyone just take the title instead? He shouldn’t be forced to do this.” “I’m afraid that he will have to Roesia. I know this isn’t fair, but I wouldn’t have expected that Iñigo could have won the battle to begin with. To achieve that victory means that he can definitely do this. No one simply beats Alter unless they are a skilled player of the elements. I have full faith in you Iñigo, now make us proud. Also don’t embrace us in the process.” With that, Mayor Antonio ordered his guards to escort them out of the building.