Self-Care Challenge

DIRECTIONS:  Make a copy of this self-care challenge and highlight the squares as you complete each challenge.  Try to connect five challenges horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  Or maybe you can complete all 25 challenges!  When you complete a challenge, take time to reflect on what you did to accomplish the task.  Share your reflections on each of your completed activities on the second page.

Write a story (or revise one that you have been working on).  Submit your work for publication at

Get up early to watch the sunrise.

Get moving for 30 minutes.  Go for a run. Dance along to your favorite album. Try yoga.  Just move!

Make a meal for others.  

Watch a classic movie.  Need some recommendations? Check out this list.

Call a friend (texting doesn’t count).  Just talk. How is your friend doing? How are you doing?

Improve your vocabulary skills by going to Hit “Play” from the top menu to test your vocabulary skills.

Take the classic book challenge. The BBC believes that you’ve only read 6 of these classic novels.  Are they correct?

Take a tech break. Go 12 hours without a screen. No phone, no computer, no television, no tablet - NO screens. What do you notice?

Make a to-do list.  What are the things that you would like to accomplish this week? Carry it with you. Check them off as you go. Celebrate when you check off that last item!

Do some reflecting on yourself as a learner. Which academic areas would you like to improve upon? Login to KhanAcademy to practice skills in that area.

Clean your space.  Tidy up your room or your car or your backpack.  Take time to organize and clean out your space.

Start and finish a good book.

Keep a food journal.  Log everything you eat in a 24-hour period.  What patterns do you notice? Where could you be making better choices?

Find an online tutorial to help you make something.  Learn to macrame or knit.  Learn how to draw a perfect circle. Make some slime or bake some cupcakes. You decide! What will you make?

Write a letter to an older family member and send it.

Keep a dream journal.  Write down descriptions of all the dreams you have over a period of three days.

Write and submit a poem to the KDL Write Michigan Teen Poetry Contest.

Meditate for 20 minutes. Never done this before? Try using for audio prompts.

Get outside and watch the sunset.

Go to bed before 10 pm.  Get 10 hours of sleep.

What do you know about coding? Learn to code at

Find a new book to read. Not sure what to read? Check out! 

Go for a 2 mile walk.

 What do you notice?

Test your vocabulary and help the hungry by heading to How many can you get correct?


Use this space to share what you did to accomplish each of these activities.