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Bryan County Schools gifted education program serves students in grades K-12 by providing enrichment opportunities for those students who are intellectually advanced. At Richmond Hill Middle School, gifted students are served through the advanced content model. These students are placed into classes that are designed to be more rigorous, move at a faster pace than the on-grade level class, and provide enrichment for the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

Students are identified and placed into the gifted education program based on criteria that has been established by the Georgia Department of Education. Students who transfer from gifted education programs within the state of Georgia have reciprocity in the Bryan County Schools gifted program. Students who transfer from out-of-state must meet Georgia requirements.

Any responsible person who has knowledge of a student’s intellectual abilities may refer a student to the RHMS gifted referral committee. The committee will evaluate the referral and make a recommendation on whether further testing is warranted. Testing for gifted placement will occur in the fall and spring of each school year.

Gifted Evaluation and Eligibility Chart