June 22, 2019

WSICA Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Donna Anderson, Jim Darby, Dean Cornelison, Linda Henson, Jerry Perez, John Thorpe, Jeff Spivey, Chris Klein and Greg Willis

Meeting was called to order by President Donna Anderson at 4:30 at SST

Open Issues discussed:

  1. Treasure Report: Jerry handed out a detailed report showing our assets and liabilities. WSCA has $7282.82 in the budget. We are working on getting our non-profit 501C status so no taxes have been paid until we secure this. The report also showed how much income we have received from each club since January 1, 2019.
  2. Perpetual Trophy: There was discussion regarding a perpetual HOA trophy to be kept at the state shoot club. Trophies range from $225 up. The suggestion was to have this trophy and then give winner a certificate. There was a bit of discussion around this and it was determined that we would do a survey to see what the shooters were interested in regards to tophies vs $. Donna will put together a survey to send out to the members. More discussion to follow after survey.
  3. ScoringPro: There was discussion regarding asking every club to use ScoringPro. There was a bit of discussion around whether all clubs will do this. Chris Klein told us the benefits (can preregister without a penalty of not showing up, it has all the shooters via their shooter number in the system, it is updated by NSCA each week, the scores go directly to NSCA when done, it is easy to use.) Chris also mentioned that Tammy would help anyone who wants to use the system. It does cost a penny a target so $1 per shooter.

It was also discussed that it would help if shooters preregistered. Board will ask Rory Baird to put that on the Facebook event when posting for SST, UNSC and Lost Pair.

It was determined that those who do not use the system will need to get their scores sent to WSCA within 2 weeks or there will be a monetary penalty. Jim Darby will contact NSCA to see if we can charge a monetary penalty and will get back to the board by July 15th. We talked about $25-50 and if not paid, they would lose their place in the calendar dates for the schedule until they are paid up,

  1. Club Promotion: It was determined that the clubs need to be their own promoters but it is also part of the by-laws for the board to try to add more members. Linda will contact NSCA to get a mail listing of all shooters. More discussion on this at future meeting.
  2. 2021 State Shoot Host: The board has not received any club interest in the 2021 shoot.  Linda will send out a letter to all the clubs again asking them to respond by August 31st. If we have no other clubs who want to put on the shoot, Lost Pair is interested,

New Business:

  1. It had been determined that the preliminary at the state shoot would be called the Gerald Loupe Memorial shoot. This got overlooked but will happen in 2020.

  1. Linda was voted in as the new Secretary.

  1. Youth funds request. It was determined that as of September (?) WSCA will no longer be funding the WAYSS youth shooters. It was motioned and passed that we use that ½ cent to help fund clubs to use SportingPro (club would take the ½ penny off what they pay to WSCA for their shoot.) Going forward if a youth organization wants financial help, they will need to propose a grant.

Next meeting TBD. It may be a conference call.

Adjourned at 5:35