Guillaume Raimbault

31 years old - French

Employment history

Since June 2017

Cyber security consultant

Desired missions

Related to project and human management

Desired environment

International (on-site or not)

Airbus CyberSecurity

Since mid-2018, I work on Project Management missions:

  • Airbus CyberSecurity - National PDIS agreement (France)

Project Manager to obtain the french PDIS agreement (Security Incident Detection Provider) : planning activities and resources, involve and motivate colleagues from various business units, controlling and monitoring activities, cost, schedule… Closing the project.

Direct reporting to the CEO France and indirect to the general CEO

Priority 1 for Airbus CyberSecurity France since end of January 2019

PDIS agreement obtained mid-October 2019

  • Industrial sector (France) - Budget about 400 K€

Project Manager Officer during 6 months to coordinate multiple prestations :

  • audits : technical and organizational of an industrial site
  • proof of concept : about Active Directory security audit tools
  • studies : multiple subjects such as remediation, CERT, crisis management, network partitioning, critical assets identification…

In parallel, I also work on cyber crisis management exercises:

  • Hydraulic sector (France)

Design of scenarios for a cyber crisis management exercise and role playing during one real day simulating 5 days

  • Insurance sector (France)


Before these PM responsibilities, I worked on international projects. Among these:

  • Public sector (Belgium)

Construction of a framework and security sheets to evaluate their cyber security maturity. Meetings in english

  • Banking sector (Gabon)

Risk analysis post security incident using ISO 27 005 and french EBIOS methodologies of the core activity of the client (banking area). Also, multiple cyber security awareness sessions of 2 hours each to employees and training sessions to the new CISO. Periodic interventions on-site

  • Public sector (Qatar)

Assistance to the project manager of a call for tenders to deliver a SOC and train personnel to use it. Documents written in english

  • Banking sector (Europe)

2 cyber security awareness sessions of 3 hours each to employees

Other consulting missions I did:

  • Gas sector (France)

Risk analysis of the most sensitive IS using the french EBIOS methodology

  • Normalization sector (France)

Cybersecurity maturity audit following the ISO 27 002 standard

  • Hydraulic sector (France)

Design of scenarios for a cyber crisis management exercise and role playing during one real day simulating 5 days

July 2014 to May 2017

IT Security Project Manager

AFNOR - Paris, France

AFNOR is the french equivalent to ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

  • Manage the update of the security architecture (firewall, reverse proxy and email security gateway) done by a contractor. Manage 2 colleagues
  • Lead the technical part of the dematerialization of supplier bills. Manage 6 colleagues
  • Conduct the approval “SecNumCloud” by the french security agency to develop certification business. Manage 4 colleagues
  • Supervise external and internal penetration testings done by 2 external auditors
  • Pentest internal web applications during the development phase, alert on issues, recommend fixes and verification
  • User sensibilisation campaigns via messages on the intranet and conferences
  • Daily R&D about security news: 0-day, exploits, updates...

Mar. 2013 to May 2014

IT Security Consultant

Capgemini - Rennes, France

  • Pentest of web applications and networks in order to develop proposed audit services
  • Designing a proof of concept of Identity and Access Management with OpenAM
  • Elaborate security solutions to answer to the client’s requests
  • Security checking of the UDFs before submission to the client
  • Fixing security issues revealed by external audit
  • Development of an evolution in J2EE

Volunteer experiences and side projects

Being part of the Airbus Defence and Space “Shake and Shape” initiative, I work on the organization of a hackathon early 2020. Main topics are Space, Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

From Septembre 2016 to May 2017, I have been a volunteer for a neighborhood association. I help college students by groups of 2 or 3 to do their homework, learn and understand their lessons.

From 2012 to 2016, I developed and administered a free sports bets website where it was possible to bet on different tournaments of tennis, football and the formula 1 championship. I got 200 members registered.

In 2016 I participated in a Hackathon ran by Orange. The theme of the event was “Digital autonomy”. Although we didn’t win, we did really well considering we were the only one group starting from scratch.

In 2012 I competed in a Startup Weekend. Working very hard during 54 hours on the “Movie Blind Test” project, we won the event’s second place !

Education and training

Oct. 2019


PMP (Project Management Professional) exam preparation (Bristol, England)

35 hours training

Apr. -> Sept 2019


First Line Manager Program - Airbus Leadership University

80 hours training + 20 hours of coaching spread over 6 months

Mar. 2019


Being Agile - Airbus Leadership University

24 hours training

Jan. 2019


Introduction to Project Management using Project 2010 - Cornerstone

Building a schedule with Project 2010 - Cornerstone

Sept. 2018


People make the difference - AirBusiness Academy

24 hours training

Apr. 2018


Develop your leadership - AirBusiness Academy

16 hours training

Mar. 2018


Project Management Foundations - AirBusiness Academy

24 hours training

Mar. 2017


PAS 555 : Cyber Security Risk - Governance and management - AFNOR UK

16 hours training

Nov. 2016


CISSP : Certified Information System Security Professional - (ISC)²

35 hours training

Jul. 2016


CEH : Certified Ethical Hacker - EC-Council

35 hours training

Jun. 2014


English level C1 - The Language Gallery (Birmingham, England)

25 hours of english lessons per week during 2 weeks. At the end of the second week, the school delivered me a certificate to attest of my abilities.

Sept. 2013


Master in IT: Information Systems Security - Université Rennes 1 (Rennes, France)

Skills and strengths

My education, side projects, conferences I attended or took part in and specialised magazines I have read have given me a strong technical background.

As a natural human leader, I excel in team-work: developing new projects with people who have different backgrounds and cultures is, I believe, an enriching and enjoyable human experience.

Being a sportsman with fighting spirit, I like new challenges and thrive on being able to complete them.

It’s with a positive spirit, a can-do attitude and my interest in english that I always push myself to set new personal and professional goals.

Languages and licences


  • French : native
  • English : professional skills
  • Spanish : some basics


  • French driving licence : clean
  • International driving licence : yes


I like sport : I am a half-marathon runner (01:45:38), I have practiced table-tennis and judo for respectively 10 and 7 years. I read daily sport news, mostly about football, tennis and table tennis.

On holidays, I like to travel to discover new cities, people, ways of life and cultures. Since 2015 I have been to New Zealand, Tasmania, the southeast coast of Australia, Montenegro, Croatia, Gabon, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Italy.