Tournament Rules


All teams are requested to check in online by Thursday at noon. Those teams that can not check in by Thursday at noon must contact us at 

As part of the check in process, each team will be asked to sign a tournament agreement confirming the obligation to have player documents available for review at any time during the event.  

Online Check-in Instructions

Online Check-in Agreement Form

Please note that a spot check may be done at any time during the tournament and that failure to provide the player documents committed to as part of the tournament agreement,  will result in a forfeit loss of the specific game when the check was made.   Documents include the following:

Official Team Roster: An official team roster for the event  as printed from GotSoccer with the complete roster.   For guest players there are instructions in the link above that cover players from within your own club as well as players from other clubs.   All players, including guests, should be listed on your roster.  

Medical Authorization Form: Team official must have for each player, the appropriatemedical authorization forms for their governing body. Medical forms MUST include a parent or guardian’s signature.  For Cal North registered teams, the release on the back of the player card, if it is completed and signed, can be used in lieu of a printed medical authorization.

Laminated Player/Adult Passes: Valid laminated US Club or CYSA/USYSA player cards with a photograph must be carried by all players and coaches/managers. All credentials must be from the same governing body and valid for the current playing year.

Guest Players: This tournament will accept up to five (5) guest players on a 7v7 or 9v9 team and seven (7) guest players on an 11v11 team.  Players coming from the same club as the registered team are not considered guests with regards to these limits.   Documentation for guests is only required of players from a club other than that of the team they are playing with.  A valid player loan form is required for each guest.   All players on a team including guests, must have cards issued from the same governing body.  A player can only be rostered on one team. Players may not be added to roster after team has been checked in.

Maximum roster size:


All games will be considered final. NO PROTEST will be accepted. Tournament Rules take priority in all tournament affairs. Areas not covered by Tournament Rules are covered by US Club rules and FIFA rules as modified by US Club.


It is important that each game start on schedule. For this reason, teams are required to report to the field and notify the Field Marshall at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. After locating both teams, the field marshal (or referee) will verify player passes, and equipment.


Ties in preliminary games will stand. Ties in Championship and Consolation games will be resolved immediately with penalty kicks to determine the winner. There will be no overtime games in this tournament.


Points shall be awarded to teams as follows, with a maximum of 10 points per game:


Any team not ready to play 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time (with 7 players minimum), or falling below 7 players during a game will forfeit the game. The official score will be 2-0, for a total of 9 points. No point will be awarded to either team if neither team is ready to play 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time.

The Referee may terminate any game at his/her own discretion if:


Point ties within a flight will be resolved in the following priority order:

  1. Head to Head Competition – The winning team will have the higher standing.
  2. Most Wins – Team with most wins will have a higher standing
  3. Goal Differential – Max GD will be capped at 4.
  4. Goals For - The team with the higher total of goals scored will have the higher standing (up to 4 per game).
  5. Goals Against - The team with the fewer total goals scored against it will have the higher standing.
  6. Penalty Kicks - If teams are still tied, the tie will be broken by kicks from the penalty spot, per FIFA rules and regulations.
  7. If more than two teams are tied, the order of pairing will be decided by the Tournament Committee. In any match where there must be a winner i.e. consolation, semi, final - at the end of regulation will be immediately followed by Penalty kicks from the mark, per FIFA rules and regulations. If divisions with semifinals, if the predefined semifinalists pairing produces games between opponents that already met in the preliminaries, the lowest seeds in the 2 semifinals will be swapped.



Good sportsmanship and conduct will prevail at all times. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents, and spectators at all times. Coaches will ensure that all Referees are treated with courtesy and respect by themselves, players, and team parents. Coaching shall be done only from an area ten yards on either side of the halfway line. A RED CARDed player or ejected coach will serve a minimum of 1 game suspension. Two yellow red-card suspension may be waived at the discretion of the Tournament PAD Committee.


Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is expressly prohibited.


The Home team is identified on the schedule that is in the tournament program. The home team will be required to change jerseys in case of a color conflict. If tournament balls are not available, the Home team must provide them. Both teams will align on the same side of the field.

12. RAIN

Rain-out policies are enforced on all fields. In general, light rain may cause games to be shortened in length. Constant, heavy rain may delay or cancel a game or Tournament, as deemed necessary by the Referee Coordinator. The Tournament Director reserves the right to shorten or suspend games, and change playing sites in order to complete the Tournament during harsh or inclement weather.


No shin guards, no play.


Awards will be presented to First and Second teams in each division.


A team wishing to withdraw from the tournament must submit the request in writing. The request must be received and written permission granted. Withdrawals prior to August 31st will not incur any penalty. If a team withdraws by Sept 2nd a $100 penalty will be charged. Teams withdrawing after Sept 2nd will forfeit the entire registration fee.


Any situation not covered by these rules will be taken to the Referee Coordinator and the Field Marshal and will be resolved by the Tournament Committee.