Hi! Thank you for choosing our practice for your health and wellness needs. Dr. Oenbrink, DO has decades of integrative family medicine practice. He was board certified in Family Medicine in 1985 and board certified in Addiction medicine in 2015. In 2005 Dr. Oenbrink began to specialize in the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions such as CIRS, Lyme, Mast Cell Activation, etc. He is certified in Shoemaker Protocol and is vice chair of the research committee for ISEAI. We look forward to working with you to develop a personal and effective treatment protocol.

The following is information about our practice, what to expect at visits, forms needed prior to scheduling, fees, etc. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Appalachian Wellness Center PLLC is located at 200 District Drive Suite 001 Asheville, NC 28803.  Out Phone number is 828-785-1850 our Fax # is 828-785-1802.  As you turn onto District Drive from Fairview, we are on the ground floor at the top of a set of stairs that connects the sidewalks running parallel to District Dr.

In order for us to make an appointment for you we need you to fill out some information on our website www.AppWell.net before we can create a chart to put you on the schedule.  At the top of our home page please note Patient Pre-Visit Forms then go to Medical Forms.  Next, complete the following forms:

New Patient Demographics.  

This form will require you to refer to your;

  1. Insurance card
  2. Next of kin address
  3. Phone number
  4. Contact information for whomever you would like on your HIPPA release form.  

This form takes about 10 minutes to complete.  

We cannot proceed to schedule an appointment without your social security number as we cannot order labs without this number.

All of our online forms are HIPPA compliant.

Please provide the complete name and Fax Number (EMail if possible) for your primary care physician and for your pharmacy contact information.

Then return to www.AppWell.net-->Patient Pre-Visit Forms-->Medical Forms-->under “New Patient” complete:

New Patient CIRS History Form.  

This one takes about 35 to 50 minutes to complete.  

Then back to our website and under patient Pre visit forms then Under Free Screening: 

Free Lyme screening

This takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Finally, www.AppWell.net-->Patient Pre-Visit Forms-->Medical Forms Miscellaneous”, do the Visual Contrast Sensitivity (www.VCS.com) Test.

This test cost $10.00, if you wear eyeglasses to use the computer then please wear your

eyeglasses.  Please email the results to mga@appwell.net.


If you have any medical records you would want to have reviewed please bring them with you.  You may also scan them in ahead of time and email them to mga@appwell.net.  

All records will be reviewed in your presence for appropriate discussion.

When the above are completed, your chart will be created and an appointment scheduled.

(Pre-visit questionnaires need to be completed prior to all appointments.  The questionnaires for the initial appointment is MUCH longer than the follow-up forms.  The Free Lyme screening needs to be completed prior to seeing the clinician for any appointment, the CIRS Follow-Up appointments form is on the right side of our website.)

What to expect:  

First day:  Spirometry, EKG, Physical Exam, MARCONS Nasal Swab test, review of information recorded in your pre-visit questionnaires about how you got sick, what symptoms you have, etc.

Prior to leaving the office on the first day, we’ll ask you to prepare a timeline of your health decline: Please start with your parents' generation if possible as this is a heritable illness.  This should focus on chronic health conditions as related to possible environmental exposures including mold exposure, insect bites preceding episodes of illness, when illnesses, especially complex chronic illnesses (CCI) that have resulted in consultation with multiple practitioners in multiple specialties. Email  your health/illness timeline to rjodo@appwell.net.  

The timeline will be reviewed on day two of your visit.

Second Day;

Review of the timeline that you created, discussion regarding the timeline.

Creation of your plan with meds, labs, supplements, and information on getting you back to health.

There may be times when the clinician appears to “go dark” and be quiet.  You have a complex chronic illness with many parameters to be reviewed and treatment options considered.  

No easy task!  It takes time to formulate a plan for this...


Following your initial visits:

Margaret will call you after your first appointment to get you on a plan to stay organized.

We will provide a chart to help you to stay on task with your medications, supplements, labs, appointment follow ups, NeuroQuant MRI if you are going to have one done etc.


Laboratory orders are electronically sent to Lab Corp and to Quest Labs.

Likewise, prescriptions are sent electronically to your pharmacy.

Compounding Pharmacy prescriptions can be printed and handed to you or faxed to the pharmacy if you provide their fax number at the time of your appointment.  

Sometimes the orders we send electronically to the labs or pharmacy will get stuck in electronic neverland. If they should disappear then please just call us and we’ll resend them.


If you have someone who can come with you, we are delighted to have them as two sets of ears & eyes are always better than one set. Also, a friend/spouse etc. often thinks of things you had not considered so it is helpful to bring someone but not necessary if they are unable to attend.

If you should have any questions, please call us or email us.  

We are in the office Monday through Thursday 9 to 5.

The office is closed on Friday as we need a day to catch up on paperwork.  If you need to call we are usually here 10-2.  If we have stepped out please leave a message and we will get back with you.

If you email us, please include Doctor Oenbrink on the email correspondence rjodo@AppWell.net so if someone is off, he’ll make sure gets done.

Financial Considerations:

3rd-party payers/Health Insurance Companies that we participate with include;

  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  2. Cigna
  3. Humana
  4. Medicare
  5. North Carolina Medicaid
  6. All other insurance plans will be “Non-Participating/Out-of-Network”

Please email a copy of both sides of your insurance card to mga@appwell.net or cao@appwell.net.  

If you are not the main subscriber to this account then please list the main subscriber’s full name, date of birth, address and their social security number.

We will try to let you know what to expect as payment from your insurance provider.  The final decisions will be your insurer’s, not ours.  

Insurance deductible must be met prior to your insurance paying the remainder of your bill.  

If you do not have these insurances listed above, are “self-pay/Out-of-Network”, the cost of an initial appointment with Appalachian Wellness Ctr PLLC for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) is $1500.00 for the first two-day visit.  This is the fee for clinician services.  It does not include other services (provided here or elsewhere) such as lab & imaging studies.

Typically, this consists of two (2) hours each day.  

It will include spirometry and an EKG if clinically indicated. 

We will mail insurance claims/paperwork for you one time at no cost to you.  

Each additional time that we need to process and send a claim to your insurance company the fee will be $30.00 paid before claims are re-filed.

If the 3rd-party payer/Health Insurance Company  requires a copy of your chart, then you will be charged for the printing and shipping of these documents.

North Carolina Medical Record Fees are;

Pages 1 - 25: $0.75 per page

Pages 26 - 100: $0.50 per page

Pages 100+: $0.25 per page

You will be given full access to your records at your initial appointment.

You may be able to avoid this fee by asking your 3rd-party payer/Health Insurance Company to allow you to provide these records.  This is your responsibility, not ours.

Any patient not in network or self-pay will be required to make a nonrefundable deposit for $500.00 that will be applied to the $1,500.00 self-pay fee and your credit card charged at the time the appointment is created.  The balance of that fee will be paid at the initial appointment.

If you need to change the date of your appointment, then please arrange at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.  

Failure to do so will result in a missed appointment fee of $500.00.

Unfortunately, as a small practice, we do not have the resources to provide you with financing for your healthcare.

We accept Care Credit (www.CareCredit.com) which may assist you in meeting your financial obligations for your care.

Expenses NOT Covered by 3rd-party payers/Health Insurance Companies:

  1. Each patient being seen for CIRS will be given a MARCONS NASAL SWAB TEST.  The lab fee is $85.00 if the test results are negative and $185.00 if the test results are positive.  The initial charge by that lab will be $185.00, if the test is negative you will receive a $100.00 refund.
  2. Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test ($10.00 per test/less expensive if a package is purchased, retesting is often recommended for patients, so please consider the package.
  3. Environmental Relative Moldiness Test (ERMI) or Health Effects Roster of Type-Specific Formers of Mycotoxins and Inflammagens – 2nd Version (HERTSMI2). Cost for this testing varies depending on how quickly results are needed (faster return is more expensive) from $130.00 to $435.00.


Thank you for choosing us to guide you through the recovery process & healing!

RJ Oenbrink DO



Margaret Annand



Cheryl Oenbrink