DATE: 23 April 2018


PRESENT:          Hugo van Niekerk (Chairman), Elias Kaweme, Hardus van Deventer, Asaph Jeka, Cornelia Mol, Nico von Stade and Charlotte von Stade


AGENDA:           1.            PRAYER AND REVELATION

2.            INTRODUCTION

3.            7 PARABLES

4.            REPORT BY ELIAS

5.            REPORT BY HARDUS

                            6.                    POSSIBLE VENUES FOR MEETINGS


8.            CENTRAL PRETORIA





13.          MISCELLANEOUS




The meeting is opened in prayer and worship. Hugo shares a word from the Lord that says we must not wait to be perfect to start moving, but in moving, we will become perfect.


2.             INTRODUCTION


Because of our love for the Lord, we do not want to stay on the Mountain of Transfiguration, but want to go down and obey the Lord. Joel 3:14 says "Multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decision! For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision." We are on earth for only a short moment of time; we have to make the decision now for the Lord.


One of the saddest verses in the Bible is in Jeremiah 8:20 “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.”


Many people in the past also understood multiplication such as the House Church Movement which was derailed by the Shepherd Movement which became extremely controlling. It is very difficult to fit all the gifts into a traditional Sunday service. What happens is that God is granted a few minutes to work and then the service must continue.  We need to minister in the highways and byways. We are not against big meetings, like in a stadium for instance, but the Kingdom Global DNA is established in small groups.


3.             7 PARABLES


Hugo starts Bible reading from Matthew 13:1 where Jesus starts to tell seven parables one after the other. These 7 parables are like secret maps in that only when you superimpose on all of them one on another and shine a light through from the back, only then do we see the full image of Jesus.


1.             Parable of the sower

Here we see that depth and root goes together. Jesus is willing to reveal the mysteries to those who are willing to follow Him but not to masses. You have to follow the King in order to understand the Kingdom.

Persecution is part and parcel of the Kingdom life (Math. 13:21).


How many tribes entered Promised Land? Reuben, Gad and half tribe of Manasseh did not cross the Jordan. Why? They were distracted by their livestock. Don't allow your blessings to keep you from obeying God. (Numbers 32:1) Tares stop fruit from coming forth.

One of the great blessings God wants to bless us with is time. Money is not the most valuable commodity, but time is.


2.             Parable of Wheat and Tares


This points to the spirit of antichrist. Today we call it Liberalism and Humanism. Man has become the centre and not God. Mammon, not money, is a problem. Big ministries have great financial pressures, and preachers are often tempted to preach what people want to hear in order to persuade them to donate money to the ministries.

The harvest at the end of the age is the second harvest. This is a harvest of judgement. The first harvest is those that are now brought in. It is a choice we all have to make. Whoever is not in the Kingdom, will be reaped by the angels. Then a new era will arrive when the righteous shall shine as the sun in the Kingdom of the Father.


3.             Parable of Mustard Seed


The small mustard seed eventually became a big bush.


4.             Parable of Leaven


At the moment, the leaven of the Kingdom is present at Menlyn Main, and somehow it will filter through even though we don’t know how.

The revelations we see here, have been hidden since the foundation of the world until Jesus revealed it to his disciples. We are privileged to have these revelations. (Math. 13:17)


Nico explains the process of making bread with old fashioned leaven (sourdough). If the water used in the sourdough is not pure, then the leaven will not work properly. It is important that the leaven of our message stays pure.


5.             Parable of Hidden Treasure


The parable of the hidden treasure shows what our attitude should be. The Kingdom of God is not about human blessings. The more we chase blessings from a human perspective, the less we will find it.


6.             Parable of Pearl


The merchant did not sell some or most of what he had, but sold ALL he had to get the pearl. People keep back things out of fear.


7.             Parable of Drag Net


The drag net gathered good and bad fish and at end of age, the angels will gather the bad and throw it away.


Mat. 13:52 - Old treasures points to the new, it is a shadow of things to come; this is what makes it great.


4.             REPORT BY ELIAS


He still has a lot of work to do. Currently he is busy with to allocating the 21 000 communities in SA into their respective provinces. Eventually we will have a list of all the communities.


Statistics for the period 27 March - 19 April 2018


82 people joined various Facebook groups of which 7 joined international groups.

North West was the most active group during this period.


Capital Cities: Elias is consolidating the defined countries and their capital cities with existing Facebook groups and opening up Facebook groups for those who do not yet have such a group. Kingdom Global teachings will then be distributed to each of the capital cities through these groups.


Africa has 54 countries and 54 capital cities

Australia has 14 provinces.

Europe has 54 countries and capitals.

North America has 23 countries

South America has 12 countries

Asia has 47 countries


He will have a consolidated report ready by 7 May.


Hugo says we must first focus on India and China rather than on Australia because there are many more people living there. There can be up to 100 million people in one province in India and China. Hardus must add Russia to Asia.  Every day counts. We will in future understand why it is so important that we keep on moving.


5.             REPORT BY HARDUS


China is open on Facebook. The country has 33 divisions, 22 provinces, 4 municipalities, 5 autonomous regions, 2 Special administrative regions.

One municipality in China is already activated.

Hugo says that the China underground church is the biggest church in the world.




Jaco showed Hugo some beautiful buildings in Pretoria where we could have meetings. Hugo wants us to have meetings once a month where all the different ministries report back and it gets broadcasted. These will be more formal meetings. The advantage of a formal setting is that people will tend to view what we do more seriously. Some people, especially people coming in from outside, might think because we meet at a home, even though we find it very enjoyable, that we are not serious about what we do.




The model of Kingdom Global Communications is that it will give free wifi to people which will be paid for by advertisement. Data is big problem in Africa. Access to this data will be through the Kingdom Global App which has already been developed. The app will not be static but we will keep on refining it. That way people will be exposed to Gospel at each time they make use of the internet.


Regarding this project, we need supernatural favour from God, but at same time we also need to move very fast. Please pray for this project.


8.             CENTRAL PRETORIA


Hugo says we will focus this week on Central Pretoria. Beauty is well respected in the area; she looks like our person of peace. We need to study maps and see where are the boundary lines of this area, what are key places in the area, e.g. the train station, Government Departments, the University of Pretoria is adjacent to the area - we must see what other Universities and schools are in that area. The Union Buildings are in that area. We have to pray for prayer meetings and evangelism on the streets that will be held there.




We want to get more involved with Cheryl’s project that is aimed to bring hope and inspiration to the youth in Soshanguve and Mabopane. There is a possibility that a car manufacturing factory will soon be opened there - this means many job opportunities and also opportunities for supporting factories to be opened in that area.





Asaph says the people at Dorothea Mission are ready to meet with us. Hugo says we should try to meet with them next week Wednesday (2 May).


KG Compassion needs to give training to the 6 volunteers we currently work with. They need to learn how to distribute gifts and funds received and how to work with the children, among other things. Training will have to be over weekends.


Cornelia asks what days will suit Asaph to go for training with Funanani.


Elias says we need a system that documents donations and distributions. Elias will give some training to Asaph on how to use spreadsheets.

Nico will have a session with Asaph to show him how to write a business plan, perhaps on a Monday after the weekly meeting. Asaph must write down questions he might have, for Nico.


Hugo says Asaph must look at projects that are currently run in Tembisa and see how we can use what they have already done. Asaph is going to meet with Rhema compassion next Thursday at 11.00. Hugo will accompany him.




Benoni Kingdom Community had camp for their members. They are still waiting for registration of Benoni KC as a church.




A need was felt for someone in Kingdom Global to have a marriage licence, but we have found out that the issue of having a marriage licence is not a good thing. Many pastors have a licence to marry people. They complete the register to comply with the legal requirements, the couple signs and the pastor takes it to Home Affairs. People can also register the marriage themselves at Home Affairs and then afterwards have their marriage blessed by a pastor.  If one has a marriage licence, you are compelled by law to marry anybody regardless of faith or sexual orientation. We do not want to expose ourselves because there are people who use this to set up churches deliberately to bring them in to trouble.


We have a situation where two foreigners cannot be legally married in South Africa. We then have a situation where two people want to get married and want their marriage to be blessed, but they cannot be legally married. The system of lobola causes the same problem. People do not have the money to pay lobola and then just live together.


There was another situation where a South African woman asked Carol to bless their marriage but for financial reasons they were not legally married. Jaco's legal advice was that this would not be the correct thing to do.

Hardus says in times past, people were married by the church not the state. Hugo agrees, but says we will comply with the laws as far as possible.


13.           MISCELLANEOUS


Hardus asks whether a place like Hong Kong is Kingdom Global Hong Kong or whether it is Hong Kong Kingdom Community.

Hugo says countries, provinces and mega cities are Kingdom Global Xyz, the rest is Xyz Kingdom Community.  A mega city is classified as such when it has more than 10 million people.


Prayer requests


Pray for Hugo's mother in law who is undergoing a shoulder operation.

Pray for Avril, we are trying to get her to work with Cornelia on her team.


The meeting is closed in prayer.