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One Stop Training Provider

Why choose Podojil & Associates Incorporated Training? Simply put, we're the most comprehensive e-learning and classroom training marketplace in the world.  We have one goal, and that is to provide a complete system from end-to-end while making the learning management system and process as simple as possible.

We believe that the focus of our organization should remain on education.

Not only does Podojil & Associates Incorporated may have the ability transfer to leading universities like Columbia Southern University (CSU) and colleges, our company has also teamed with another leading provider of e-learning and our partner is 360 Training.  360 Training programs are recognized by ANSI / IACET third party accreditors.  When you sign on to our Podojil & Associates Incorporated / 360 Learning Portal, you will see that this education can offer you many other vocational fields of study.  We are extremely proud to say that when 360 Training started in the United States, Podojil & Associates, Inc. was one of the first companies to offer their educational programs.  

Podojil & Associates Incorporated can proudly say that our team of professionals have built educational curriculum for the following OSHA Training Education Centers (OTIEC): University of California San Diego (UCSD OTIEC) San Diego, California State University Dominguez Hills (OTIEC) Carson California, College of Southern Nevada (OTIEC) who has since closed their OTIEC center and also Arizona State University (OTIEC). We are also proud to say that many of our team members use to teach there as well.  

Podojil & Associates Incorporated is also proud to say that members of our team also developed a two-year safety, health and environmental degree program for South Seattle Community College, Seattle Washington.

To help children stricken with cancer, Podojil & Associates, Incorporated has allowed our educational programs to be used by the International Association of Safety, Health & Environmental Professionals (IASHEP) since they contribute to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

So, when it comes to educating people in the safety, health & environmental field, to the best of our knowledge no other consulting company in the safety, health or environmental field can offer you the experience and knowledge that we can.  Podojil & Associates’ Inc. offers many discounts on our educational programs. Need more information then email us off our website.

Why choose Podojil & Associates Incorporated over the dozens of other safety, health or environmental companies that are currently operating in industry today?


Well, here are 7 very important reasons:

1.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated has the reputation of being the industry leader when it comes to Safety, machine guarding, fall protection, construction safety, cranes & material handling equipment, electrical safety, ergonomics, and most of all, developing customized Accident Prevention & Safety programs and Manuals. Want to reduce your risks and Achieve Target Zero for Accidents?  We can show you how.

2.  To date,  Podojil & Associates Incorporated has never had one of our safety programs, machine guarding designs, or specialized training programs fail an OSHA inspection.  Quite the contrary, to our competitor's services.  Our finished machine guarding program and training sessions are often complimented on during inspections.  First impressions are critical during an OSHA inspection!

Why can we make this statement?  The reason that we can make this statement is simple; many of our Associates have worked for OSHA and know what to look for.  Can our competition say this?  Ask them the next time that you talk to them.

3.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated programs and services are industry specific yet affordably priced for any company.  For example, we have yet to find a machine or safety hazard that we can not effectively safeguard or eliminate!

We have designed many of our machine safeguards ourselves and with the help of machine operators when we worked in industry.  Many of our competitors copy our designs and this is ok with Podojil & Associates Incorporated since we are always improving on our designs based on new technology and materials.  Most importantly, we talk to the machine operators who have to use them everyday.

4.  Our safety programs and machine safeguards are developed by a highly qualified team of OSHA and ANSI trained professionals, not manufacturing or equipment engineers who may not have specific knowledge of OSHA regulations.  For example, most safeguarding companies will sell you two hand controls and light curtains and tell you and your employees that they are now protected.

These same companies never tell you or your employees that a part break off the machine or the product that you are fabricating fly out of the machine, that these devices will not protect your employees from potential injury and maybe even expose others to the hazard. Podojil & Associates gives you a written risk analysis of the hazardous area.

The Hierarchy of machine guarding and factory safety is not new to the manufacturing world it started in the 1800's.  

5.  Podojil & Associates Incorporated puts our money where our mouth is.  We use the very same products on our own family member's equipment and we educate our employees on the same safety programs that we sell out in the field when working onsite with our clients and their employees.

6. Our written safety manuals and self inspection checklist are actual compliance programs not a regulation cut and pasted into a Word® document as you so often find on the internet.

7.        Fast service.  You can have a written Accident Prevention & Safety Program, or Monthly Safety Meeting Topic program that offers you and your employees 12 months of safety, health and environmental topics (ACTION SAFETY) in one convenient package.