The MOF offseason draft has been completed, free-agency is all over, and we’re ready to start the season! Speaking of the draft, we had a great turn out, and had some exciting picks all the way through right up until the last pick! Now it will be interesting to see what teams can do what, with what they picked!

We are ready for another season, Season 44 to be exact. We saw Jonesy complete the 2nd undefeated season in MOF history with a perfect 19-0 run to his 4th MOF Championship. Very impressive to say the least. Can anyone knock him off? This was his 2nd Super Bowl win in a row and some coaches are throwing in the towel. Will his good fortunes run out this season? Let’s see what the swami thinks as we dive into our Season Predictions!

*Remember all these predictions are very in depth. We go game by game with the current schedule and predict games 1 by 1 and thats how we come up with our algorithms. Remember this is all in good fun and for some, some bulletin board material! Enjoy*

AFC East

Buffalo Bills - Coach Sawemoff90
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 San Francisco 49ers & Buffalo Bills (4-11)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 41 San Francisco 49ers (8-8)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 21-32 (.396) | Playoff Record (0-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 329-341 (.491)

The Buffalo Bills are primed and ready to start a fresh season under Coach Sawemoff90. Coach Saw took over the Bills last season at (2-11) after going (1-10) with the 49ers as an interim coach. He finished 2-1 with the Bills and made some really nice draft picks to get ready for the season. We all know that this division took a big hit in the off-season so the AFC East is wide open. The Buffalo Bills offensive line is strong led by LT Cordy Glenn (87 overall). They did lose Richie Incognito in the off-season to retirement as well as Center Eric Wood, but they still have the depth. It looks like Tyrod Taylor will be the starting QB and he’s right in the prime of his career. LeSean McCoy doesn’t have much time left as he’s entering the age of no return for a running back however he still has the skills to carry this offense. You look at receiver, and the Bills are a little weak here. Jordan Matthews is their #1 and newly drafted Spencer Powe out of UAB looks like he will be the #2, and what a pick 7th round for a Star WR. You add Kevin White and Torrey Smith and the Bills have a below average but steady receiving corps. Charles Clay is a strong TE and a great safety net for Tyrod Taylor. The Bills defensive line is led by Marcell Dareus (92 overall). Shaq Lawson and Jerry Hughes look like they will be starting at both ends after the loss of Randy Gregory in the offseason. After the departure of Lawrence Timmons it looks like Preston Brown will now be the leader of this defense in the middle linebacker position. Derrick Morgan and Jarvis Jones/Junior Galette will be the outside starters with some good depth as well. The cornerbacks of the Bills are a strong point as they have Tre-Davious White and Demetris Humes at 1 and 2. Keith Tandy and Micah Hyde round out the secondary. The Bills have enough power to make a run in the AFC East the question is will Coach Saw be ready and used to this team to make a run?

Prediction: 7-9, 2nd place AFC East

Miami Dolphins - Coach Bhicks14
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Miami Dolphins (8-8)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Miami Dolphins (11-5)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 17-11 (.607) | Playoff Record (1-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 324-360-1 (.474)

The Miami Dolphins eyes raised up when Coach Leetpenith announced his retirement in the off-season. The Dolphins are one season removed from winning the division in Season 42, which was BHicks rookie season. His sophomore season was a slump as he finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs. Now in his 3rd full season here in the MOF, he looks to take advantage of a wide open division. The offensive line of the Dolphins are led by Center Travis Swanson (86 overall). They didn’t lose any significant offensive lineman in the off-season and they wound up signing free-agent Kofi Amichia to start at LG. After rumblings all off-season about Miami trading Ryan Tannehill it looks like he’s staying put as the starting QB. There’s no question the off-season chatter will cause some turmoil in the locker room, but that should dissipate quick when you win games. The Dolphins swapped running backs as they lost Jay Ajayi but traded for Ameer Abdullah who rushed for a 4.9 YPC average with the Raiders last season. After the trade that sent Devante Parker to the 49ers, Miami grabbed Marvin Jones Sr. from the Chiefs in the off-season to play alongside Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills. They also signed Tight End Julius Thomas. There were also rumors of the Dolphins shipping Ndamukong Suh in the off-season, but that also did not happen. Although he makes alot of money, he is rated 94 overall and stuffs the middle of the field all day. They also acquired Dominique Easley from Oakland to start at RE. The Dolphins made a late trade for Gerald Hodges and traded Kiko Alonso, so we’re not quite sure if that’s a big upgrade or not. Either way the linebackers of the Dolphins are a weak spot. The draft pick of Derek Addai out of Notre Dame was an exciting move but im not sure if thats enough. Included in that trade for Hodges, the Dolphins gave up Byron Maxwell (82 overall). They still have Matt Savage and Xavien Howard which is above average for the position. At safety they trade for Jimmy Ward and still have Reshad Jones at SS. The Miami Dolphins have a good team, and probably the most talented coach in the division which equals excitement coming from South Florida.

Prediction: 9-7, 1st place AFC East, 4th seed in AFC

New England Patriots - Coach Hovadagod_23
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 41 New England Patriots (4-12)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 40 New England Patriots (6-10)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 100-247 (.288) | Playoff Record (0-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 321-356-2 (.474)

Coach Hova makes his return to the MOF after Leetpenith’s departure right before the Season 43 playoffs. The move came a surprise to most of the league but some of the league saw this coming. Either way there is a new sheriff in town in New England, and it’s an old sheriff. Season 41 was Hova’s last full season here as he went 4-12 with these exact Patriots. The off-season was not kind to the Patriots as they lost Tom Brady to retirement. It was only a matter of time experts say, as the aging QB was at his wits end with the inter management turmoil. Coach Hova was set up nicely though by Coach Leet, as you look at the offensive line of the Patriots and it’s very strong led by RG Shaq Mason (89 overall). The lowest rated lineman on the starting 5 is 82 rated Center David Andrews. The draft pick of Matt Lechler looks like to be a future move if Nate Solder decides to hang it up in the next season or two. The Patriots are fortunate that we started this franchise before the trade of Jimmy Garoppolo so it looks like Jimmy G will be the new starting QB of the Patriots for seasons to come. Jay Cutler serves as a backup just in case. Last season the Patriots acquired Latavius Murray and he had a huge season, he looks to piggyback off that under coach Hova. They also acquired Corey Coleman as their #1 last season and this season drafted Antwan Davis who looks like he can be a stud. TE Rob Gronkowski is still the 99 rated dominant receiver that Jimmy G will love to throw to as much as possible. The defense of the Patriots was not touched in the off-season. Trey Flowers (89 overall) is the starting RE and the best player on the line. It looks like Malcom Brown and Vincent Valentine will be the other starting lineman. The linebackers are dealing with the loss of David Harris and Shea McClellin but they are still very good here as Dont’a Hightower (93 overall) leads the squad. Malcolm Butler (95 overall) is one of the best corners in the MOF and he’s on one of the best secondaries in the MOF as well, Stephon Gilmore and Eric Rowe round out the corners 87 and 81 rated overall. Devin McCourty and the ageless wonder Patrick Chung round out the safeties. The Patriots have the talent, no question, the loss of Brady was hard and the lack of any off-season moves also hurts but they surprisingly still have the talent to compete, the question is will Hova rise to the occasion?

Prediction: 3-13, 4th place AFC East

New York Jets - Coach Latinyank77478
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 New York Jets (3-13)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 New York Jets (9-7)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 160-143 (.528) | Playoff Record (4-8)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 369-319 (.536)

The Jets are coming off a rough season at 3-13. However they made a ton of moves to improve this team and they did a really good job, especially in the draft where they grabbed D.J. Stone out of Pittsburgh to play corner. The offensive line of the Jets is a little weak, led by RG Brian Winters (82 overall). The Jets also signed C Matt Slauson to start (79 overall). Throw in the T.J. Clemmings signing from Washington and they are on the right track here. Quarterback looks like it’s a work in progress in New York as Colin Kaepernick was traded to Cincinnati and the Jets made a trade for DeShone Kizer from the Browns to be their QB of the future. This was a great move, it solidifies the position and hopefully they won’t have to worry about QB any longer. The Jets made a huge splash and signed 34 year old Adrian Peterson who still has something left in the tank. They have some depth there at back as they also signed Damien Williams and traded for Aaron Jones. Wide receiver is a weak spot for the Jets as their #1 receiver is Quincy Enuwa (82 overall). They signed Mike Wallace to be the slot guy, and they still have Robby Anderson as well. The Jets traded Muhammed Wilkerson in the off-season which was an eye opener because the line of the Jets was left hurting. Leonard Williams is a star at LE (92 overall). Other than that though, they need some help. Chris Wormley and Ra’Shede Hageman are the other two starters on the line. The Jets lost Daron Lee in the off-season at linebacker but signed Brian Orakpo who brings leadership. Devon Kennard is an up and coming MLB (84 overall). The Jets acquired CB Sean Smith to play alongside Denzel Ward. The draft pick of D.J. Stone was also a great pick to play nickel (82 overall). The safety position is also above average for the Jets with Marcus Maye at FS and Jamal Adams at SS. The Jets are a question mark going into the season, but like we said before the AFC East is wide open, so if the Jets make a run we wouldn’t be shocked.

Prediction: 5-11, 3rd place AFC East

Final Take AFC East: The word of the day is wide open. The AFC East took a shot when Leetpenith left the Patriots and left the division up for grabs. The experts are leaning towards the Miami Dolphins to win this division. Buffalo and Coach Saw are our team to watch out for, if Saw can get them on the right track they might challenge the Dolphins. We believe the Jets and Patriots will finish the division in that order.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens - Coach Remo357
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Baltimore Ravens (1-15)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Baltimore Ravens (3-13)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 4-28 (.125) | Playoff Record (0-0)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 318-362 (.468)

The Baltimore Ravens and Coach Remo357 have had a rough couple seasons to say the least. Season 42 Remo went (3-13) and then last season went (1-15). So Remo has a record of 4-28 (.125) in his first two full seasons, so something has to give, right? QB Wade Webster broke the record for most interceptions in a season, and that was only in 14 games played (2 games were simmed). The Ravens had a pretty good draft however, and made some improvements to this team, but then again anything they do is an improvement. We start with the offensive line of the Ravens, who is led by RG Marshal Yanda (92 overall). The line is decent, they have Ronnie Stanley (86 overall) and Ereck Flowers (80 overall) at the tackles and the aforementioned Yanda and Nico Siragusa at Guards. Newly signed Rob Havenstein takes over at Center (82 overall). Wade Webster is back at QB as the Ravens aren’t giving up on him just yet. Joe Flacco is still waiting in the wings on the bench and making a pretty penny with a cap penalty of 25.98 million. Running Backs include Terrance West and Kenneth Dixon. Jeremy Langford and Danny Woodhead are also on this roster, in a very deep running back corps. Receivers are hurting a bit in Baltimore as their #1 is Travis Benjamin (81 overall) and #2 is Jeremy Maclin at (80 overall). So they are going to need to upgrade here. Crockett Gilmore is the starting TE and provides a nice big target for Webster at 6’6”. The defensive line of the Ravens were upgraded by the addition of Akeem Spence. Emmanuel Ogbah looks to have a breakout year at LE and 2nd year RE D.J. Keith looks to start as well. CJ Mosley leads a linebacking team that looks pretty good, the Ravens did lose Lamarr Houston and Francis Elgin but they drafted Will Sentef out of Michigan State 1st overall. So they better get some production out of him right away. Tony Jefferson leads the secondary (88 overall) that also needs some help. They traded away Jimmy Smith in the off-season but drafted Chaquil Boyle out of Tennessee in the 2nd round. The Ravens are on the way up, they have to win more than 1 game this season and i think they made enough moves to do so. Now the question is will they compete? I don’t think coach Remo is just there yet, but maybe in another season or two.

Prediction: 2-14, 4th place AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals - Coach MaddenUSA
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Cincinnati Bengals (3-10)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 35 Oakland Raiders (1-15)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 17-80 (.175) | Playoff Record (0-0)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 340-338 (.501)

MaddenUSA is back with the Bengals after a 3-10 season 43. He came back after an 8 season absence where he went (1-15) with the Raiders in Season 35. Success has been few and far between for MaddenUSA as he boasts a 17-80 overall record, with 0 playoff appearances. But something has to give soon right? We know that Coach MaddenUSA is a quarterback junkie as we see the carousel keep turning. They traded for Colin Kaepernick and Jared Goff then signed Philip Rivers, and cut Andy Dalton. Now there are rumors going around that they are trying to acquire Carson Wentz from the Eagles. What!? The offensive line of the Bengals took a hit with the loss of RG Trey Hopkins but they are okay with the leadership of 2nd year LT Aurel Richardson. They draft pick of Joey Hilbert (2nd round) looks to help out immediately as he looks to start at LG or RG. Dorian Johnson RT (81 overall) and Russell Bodine (85 overall) round out a decent line. We already mentioned the QB position for the Bengals but it looks like Carson Wentz might be on his way to Cincinnati and Philip Rivers could be out, if that deal falls through look for Rivers to start the season but Goff to see some time too. The Bengals have some nice depth at RB and im surprised they didn’t make any moves to deal one of them. Jeremy Hill (89), Giovani Bernard (88), and Joe Mixon (85). Not enough footballs to go around. AJ Green leads a very solid receiving corps that just added Michael Crabtree to the mix. Jeremy Sprinkle at TE had a very good Season 43 and looks to improve from that. The defensive line of the Bengals is also very good, they have Carlos Dunlap (86) and Geno Atkins (89) still leading that line. They could use an upgrade at DT as their #1 is D.J. Reader (76 overall). They didn’t make any moves to help out the linebacking squad but Vontaze Burfict (90 overall) seems to not need much help. Vincent Rey and Jordan Willis are the other sides starters and that is a very good front 7. The secondary is where these guys are very poor. The best CB on the team is William Jackson (79 overall). The draft pick of Tacoi McNary in the 1st round hopes to pay dividends immediately as he looks like he will start at FS right off the cuff. The Bengals only won 3 games last season, but MaddenUSA could have won 4 or 5 if he played a full season. He’s in a tough division, so i don’t expect the Bengals to do much except battle for 3rd place.

Prediction: 4-12, 3rd place AFC North

Cleveland Browns - Coach JiggaJP2121
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Cleveland Browns (13-3)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Cleveland Browns (8-8)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 62-78 (.443) | Playoff Record (0-2)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 292-391-2 (.428)

Coach JP had his career best season last season with the Browns as he went (13-3). This is unheard of from the MOF Browns who have the 2nd worst win percentage in MOF history. But this is the new Browns and JP made more moves in the off-season to take this team to the next level. A terrible playoff loss to the Texans is haunting them and we know that they will do everything they can to get back to that spot. The offensive line took a big hit with the retirement of LT Joe Thomas and it left a glaring hole on that side that is being filled right now by Rod Johnson (78 overall). There are rumblings that the Browns will be moving newly signed Bryan Bulaga to LT though to fit that need. The rest of the line is very very good for the Browns, with Joel Bitonio (89 overall), J.C. Tretter (87 overall), Kevin Zeitler (91 overall) and we already mentioned Bulaga (85 overall). The Browns made the QB controversy non existent when they traded DeShone Kizer to the Jets in the off-season, paving the way for Miles Anderson to be the no question starter especially after his rookie season that saw 4,722 yards and 43 touchdowns. Duke Johnson and James White will be sharing carries in the backfield with Duke getting the majority of the carries. They lost Pierre Garcon in the off-season but they signed both Randall Cobb and Tyler Lockett and they also drafted Allen Person who has blazing speed. The offense is rounded out by Tight End David Njoku (94 overall). The defensive line is very solid as well, led by Myles Garrett (97 overall). They did lose DT Danny Shelton to free-agency and Cliff Avril and Caleb Brantley round out the starters. The linebackers are also very solid, with Christian Kirksey leading the charge (87 overall). Danny Trevathan and Aaron Lynch look to start as well. The Browns lost Eric Weddle, and moved Richard Sherman to safety but that leaves a little bit of a hole at CB. Byron Maxwell was sent from Miami, and they resigned Jason McCourty but they will need to look to upgrade at CB. The Browns are as solid as they come and Coach JP turned a major corner and has turned into a top tier coach. I would be very surprised if he took a step back this season, i expect JP to battle for the division title once again.

Prediction: 12-4, 1st place AFC North, 3rd seed AFC

Pittsburgh Steelers - Coach Pettigrew95
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 171-99-1 (.633) | Playoff Record (15-10) *1 Superbowl Win
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 376-302-2 (.554)

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Coach Pettigrew slipped into the playoffs last season and they probably shouldn’t have. Unless we missed something, the tiebreakers were against them but they somehow snuck in. They were knocked out in the wild-card round by the Texans but they had a very good season, once again, under Pettigrew. The Steelers did not do too much in the off-season, but that’s not Pettigrew’s MO. They didn’t lose much, they didn’t gain much and the cap space could be the reason (3.42 million). The offensive line of the Steelers is very good. The right side in particular with David DeCastro (92 overall) and Marcus Gilbert (89 overall). Add Maurkice Pouncey at center (86 overall) and these guys are ready and primed. The left side could use some help, because the did lose Ramon Foster, but they could shuffle around and get that left side stronger. QB Ben Roethlisberger is back at 37 years old and on the downside of his career, but still putting up huge numbers. I was expecting the Steelers to maybe draft his heir apparent but they decided not to. Le’Veon Bell is outstanding rated 99 at 27 years old, he has a good 3-4 years left in him at this level. The receivers are very good for the Steelers as well, Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, and JuJu Smith-Schuster. These guys just have to stay healthy and they will easily compete. Tight End could use an upgrade, as Vance McDonald (80 overall) looks like he will be starting. The defensive line is very good as well, with Stephon Tuitt at RE (88 overall), Cameron Heyward at LE (83 overall), Matthew Gilmore (86 overall) and Arby Jones (84 overall) at DT. Ryan Shazier leads a linebacking corps that was very good in Season 43, and is back in Season 44. TJ Watt had a breakout season, and Bud Dupree continues to improve. The Steelers drafted Brieon Hutchinson in the first round to replace the recently retired William Gay. The corners are in the low 80s, with Artie Burns and Joe Haden. The loss of J.J. Wilcox wasn’t really addressed as they drafted FS Ray Sherrell but we don’t think that’s enough. The name of the game for the Steelers is to stay healthy. Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell have a history of injuries and if that continues to happen then that will plague them this season. This secondary also is a weak spot of this team and to play the Browns, they’re going to need some pass defense.

Prediction: 10-6, 2nd place AFC North

Final Take AFC North: Two team race no doubt about it. The Steelers and  Browns. There is a very real chance that the 2nd place team in this division misses the playoffs with 10 or 11 wins so this division title means everything to these two teams. The Steelers secondary is putting them in 2nd place for me, I think they have a hard time stopping JP’s Browns as it is, and with that secondary it’s going to be even tougher. I expect the Ravens to win 1 or 2 more games than last year and the Bengals maybe to upset a few teams.

AFC South

Houston Texans - Coach Pauly2110
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Houston Texans (12-4)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Houston Texans (12-4)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 376-183 (.673) | Playoff Record (23-27)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 351-333-1 (.513)

Ladies and Gentlemen you’re 6 time super bowl runner-up Coach Pauly2110! Pauly had an incredible Season 43 getting all the way to the big dance once again. When you’re a great coach, you’re a great coach it doesn’t matter what edition, game style, or speed, or anything we’re on. Coach Pauly will always be a great coach. Now with that said, the Texans signed some players in the off-season that came with an AARP card. They really are the Patriots south. The offensive line of the Texans is strong and led by LT Duane Brown (87 overall). Center Greg Mancz (89 overall) is the main attraction. The right side with DJ Fluker and Derek Newton both 80 overall could use some upgrades, but the line as a whole is solid. Deshaun Watson had himself an MVP type season 43 with 4,250 yards, 24 TD and 10 INT with a rating of 120.0 and looks to build on that season. Lamar Miller is back and healthy for the Texans as their featured back. D’Onta Freeman is the spell back and newly drafted Bryan Kincade brings some speed to the position. DeAndre Hopkins (98 overall) leads the receivers along with Will Fuller V (81 overall) and Jaelen Strong (78 overall). TE C.J. Fiedorowicz had himself a very good season 43 as well with 95 catches, 1,228 yards and 7 touchdowns and looks to continue to improve. The defensive line is led by all world LE J.J. Watt (99 overall) the next best lineman is the newly acquired William Hayes at 82 overall but who cares when you have Watt. The signing of Bruce Irvin immediately puts depth at the position but Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus looks like your starters are OLB. Benardrick McKinney is manning the MLB position with Cushing as the #2. The secondary of the Texans is a weak spot. They signed Ron Parker to play FS and they do have Kevin Johnson as their #1 CB , but they lack depth and overall talent. I expect the Texans to be in the postseason once again and primed for another Super Bowl run. It’s not easy getting there, so I expect bumps in the road, especially with that secondary but I still think Pauly is a perennial playoff coach it doesn't matter what team he is coaching.

Prediction: 11-5, 2nd place AFC South, 5th seed AFC

Indianapolis Colts - Jerdog101 ®
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Indianapolis Colts (0-4)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: N/A
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 0-4 (.000) | Playoff Record (0-0)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 324-359 (.474)

Coach Jerdog101 had a rocky start to his career. I believe he only actually played 1 game since he’s been signed onto the Colts and received 3 forfeit losses because of a family emergency and our condolences and prayers are absolutely with him. It looks like the focus is back for Jerdog and the Colts as he had a busy off-season trying to improve this team. The draft was very good grabbing MLB Trey Bryan and RG Morgan Bollinger and the signing of Mark Ingram and Shane Vereen helps as well. The offensive line of the Colts is one of the bright spots on this team, they did lose Su’a-Filo and Clark in the offseason but they signed RT Bobby Hart (81 overall) and drafted the highly touted Bollinger out of Ohio State (81 overall). They have Anthony Castonzo at LT (84 overal) and Jack Mewhort at LG (87 overall) and the line is manned up by Center Ryan Kelly (85 overall) capping off a very impressive line to protect Andrew Luck who is entering another season as the Colts starting QB. Luck had himself a good season 43 with 3,858 yards, 23 TDs and 15 INTs. Mostly under different coaches, but that’s something to build upon. Like we mentioned above, the Colts signed Mark Ingram and Shane Vereen to run with Christine Michael in the backfield. Look for Ingram to get the starting job especially after his benching in Washington last season, he has something to prove. T.Y. Hilton is a solid #1 WR (92 overall) and you have Donte Moncrief and Dalen Hurns both at 82 overall at 2 and 3. TE Ladarius Green (86 overall) sums up a pretty good offense. Defensive line of the Colts needs some help. They lost Hassan Ridgeway in the off-season and didn’t really upgrade. Jordan Spence (82 overall) and Henry Anderson (81 overall) look to start at DE and Johnathan Hankins is the man at DT (83 overall). The linebackers are average, maybe a little above since they have so much depth. Jabaal Sheard (80 overall) and Barkevious Mingo (83 overall) along with John Simon (82 overall) look to be your everyday outside linebackers. Newly drafted Trey Bryan is starting at MLB (83 overall) and looks to make an immediate impact. Vontae Davis (87 overall) is a true #1 CB even at his age he can still shut down the best of them. Quincy Wilson and Rashard Ghent round out the 2 and 3 spots at CB. Malik Hooker (80 overall) and Clayton Geathers (82 overall) round out the safety positions. The Colts are a tricky team to predict. They have talent on offense for sure, their defense is suspect a bit but the biggest question is that they have a rookie coach. We dont know how he will fair, but we do know this division is filled with two hall of famers and and up and comer. So his prediction can't be very good, you will have to earn your stripes Jerdog.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars - BigDre245
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Jacksonville Jaguars (13-3)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 224-112 (.667) | Playoff Record (16-14) *1 Superbowl Win
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 351-333-1 (.513)

What up DOE? BigDre had himself a “dre type” of season 43 winning 11 games and getting to the postseason once again. He had a very impressive run getting to the AFC title game and knocking off the big time Broncos in the division round. Dre looks to continue his success in Jacksonville in Season 44. The Jaguars didn’t really sign or lose anyone of real significance. Although they were trying to make deals from the start to the end of the off-season. The offensive line is what holds this team together. C Brandon Linder (96 overall) is the top center in the game, along with LT Cam Robinson (91 overall), LG Patrick Omameh (82 overall), RG AJ Cann (87 overall) and RT Jermey Parnell (77 overall) round out one of the best offensive lines in the MOF. The Jaguars were trying to upgrade their QB position but they failed miserably, so it looks like they will be sticking with Paxton Lynch (78 overall). Lynch had a subpar season with 23 TDs and 22 INTs so we don’t blame Dre for wanting to upgrade. Which explains the draft pick of Roy Beal out of Clemson, he could challenge Lynch if things start hairy. One of the best running back groups in the MOF is led by Leonard Fournette (96 overall), they also have T.J. Yeldon (84 overall), Chris Ivory (79 overall) and Corey Grant who has a 96 speed. If Dre offers a package of these backs maybe he can upgrade at QB, just sayin. Wide receiver is another strong point on this team, led by Allen Robinson (94 overall) and Dede Westbrook (86 overall). Don’t forget Marqise Lee (84 overall) and Allen Hurns (81 overall). The depth is insane. TE Jesse James (86 overall) rounds out the great offense of the Jags. Let’s peak at the defense. The defensive line is very solid for the Jaguars, led by RE Calais Campbell (92 overall) they also have DT Malik Jackson (88 overall) and LE Dante Fowler Jr. (83 overall). The linebackers are also a great strength of this team, Myles Jack (89 overall), Telvin Smith (86 overall) and Paul Posluszny (82 overall) all have great speed. What’s the most scary, is that the secondary could be the strongest part of this team. Jalen Ramsey (99 overall) and A.J. Boye (91 overall) are easily the best cornerback tandem in the MOF. Barry Church just moved to FS (82 overall) and Kenny Vaccaro is ready to have another strong season at SS. The Jaguars are quite possibly the most talented team in the MOF. The only weakness is at quarterback, if you want to call it a weakness. I expect the Jaguars to compete once again for the division title and make another deep run barring any injuries.

Prediction: 12-4, 1st place AFC South, 2nd seed AFC

Tennessee Titans - Kalikarpenter
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Tennessee Titans (5-11)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Tennessee Titans (9-7)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 65-79 (.451) | Playoff Record (1-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 323-363 (.471)

Coach Kali is looking to bounce back after a disappointing Season 43 where he finished 5-11. The Titans are only 2 seasons removed from going 9-7 and fighting for a playoff spot, what happened from then until now? Well we’re not exactly sure, but the Titans made some moves to improve this team in the off-season, including nabbing TE Hunter Henry from the Chargers after the departure of TE Delaine Walker. The offensive line is where we will start for the Titans, and it’s led by LT Taylor Lewan (92 overall). Other than that and RT Jake Conklin (89 overall) these guys are a little below average. LG JaMichael Stead (76 overall), C Ben Jones (81 overall), and RG Brian Schewenke (80 overall) are average at best. QB Marcus Mariota (84 overall) is back after a lackluster season of 20 TDs and 27 INTs with a passer rating of 80.7. He will need to improve on that if the Titans want to compete in this division. The Titans went separate ways with Demarco Murray in the offseason and traded for Jalen Richard (81 overall) who looks like he might split time with Derrick Henry (87 overall) in the backfield. Don’t sleep on Khalfani Muhammad (69 overall) who is a speed back that might get some touches. Corey Davis (85 overall) leads a decent receiving corps with Taywan Taylor (81 overall) and Rishard Matthews (80 overall). With the above mentioned Huner Henry (90 overall) starting at Tight End. The defensive line got an upgrade when the Titans drafted Ricardo Hunt (80 overall) Left End out of Ohio State with the 11th overall pick. A questionable move since they already have DaQuan Jones (82 overall) and Jurrell Casey (89 overall) on their starting line. D.J. Baptiste (82 overall) starts at Nose Tackle. Outside linebacker is a bit of a weakness for he Titans, they lost Brian Orakpo in the offseason and did not replace him. Instead they will start Jayon Brown (79 overall) and Jonathan Newsome (79 overall). Avery Williamson (85 overall) and Wesley Woodyard (78 overall) are at MLB. The secondary is pretty decent here in Tennessee with Logan Ryan (89 overall) and Adoree’ Jackson (83 overall) starting at CB. They have Kevin Byard (82 overall) at FS and Johnathan Cyprien (85 overall) at SS. The Titans have some talent but they have some really tough competition here in the AFC South, and not knowing what the Colts can be, the Titans see some serious danger of finishing in last place unless they can turn it around.

Prediction: 5-11, 3rd place AFC South

Final Take AFC South: Another two team race for me. The Jaguars and Texans will be at the top of the division and conference all season long, i expect both teams to be in the playoffs when it’s said and done but the question is in what seeds? I like the Jaguars simply because the talent level on that team is second to none. The Texans will be the 5th seed no doubt in my mind. The Titans and Colts are going to be fighting for 3rd place, we don’t know much about the Colts but we do know the Titans did not have a great season 43.

AFC West

Denver Broncos - TBCPlowboy
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Denver Broncos (14-2)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Denver Broncos (12-4)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 33-8 (.805) | Playoff Record (1-3)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 375-311 (.547)

Denver and TBCPlowboy were a great story last season. They were on the verge of going undefeated and people were dreaming of a 19-0 season out of the Broncos. Instead they lost their final 2 games and were bounced in the divisional round of the playoffs by the Jaguars. So that’s 3 losses in a row! That’s unheard of by Coach TBCPlowboy who boasts a 33-8 overall MOF record, including a 26-6 record this edition with the Broncos. The Broncos didn’t have an eventful offseason but they didn’t need to. They lost 4 offensive lineman in the offseason which is debilitating to any other team except the Broncos. You look at their line and they are stacked. LT Daniel Horn (86 overall), LG Ron Leary (82 overall), C Matt Paradis (90 overall), RG Kyle Friend (87 overall), RT Frank Everitt (86 overall). Incredible. Quarterback is where the drama is going to be. Last season it was Chad Kelly (73 overall) who led the team with 3,504 yards, 28 TD and 11 INT. Plowboy showing you that it doesn’t matter who’s under center. This season they wound up drafting Case Spitz in the 1st round, and signing Carson Palmer. So it looks like the Chad Kelly era is over. Haynes Newman starts at RB for the Broncos and with his 95 speed, he’s blazing and amazing (Walt Fraizer voice). Last season Newman ran for 1,908 yards and scored 30 touchdowns, we look for the same production again this season. They have solid wide receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, don't forget Carlos Henderson in the slot. They drafted Barrey Meyers out of Wisconsin with their 2nd 1st round pick and it looks like he will get the nod at Tight End. The defensive line of the Broncos is very nice with Shaquil Barrett (89) at left end, Shane Ray (88 overall) at right end, and Derek Wolfe (89 overall) at DT. The amazing Cobb Webb (79 overall) who broke the record for most interceptions in a season with 20 is back with Brandon Marshall (86 overall) at MLB. Von Miller is probably the best defensive player in football, starts at LOLB (99 overall), and Ukeme Eligwe is at ROLB (74 overall). The secondary is also incredible in Denver, Chris Harris (98) and Aqib Talib (92 overall) rival Jacksonville’s starting Corners only. The safeties Russ Bradham (88) and Justin Simmons (82) round out a great overall team. The Broncos are amazing, they have talent everywhere and they have a great coach to boot. These guys will be extremely tough to beat, as usual.

Prediction: 14-2, 1st place AFC West, 1st seed AFC

Kansas City Chiefs - QPeezy35
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Kansas City Chiefs (11-5)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Kansas City Chiefs (6-10)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 277-187 (.597) | Playoff Record (7-13)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 359-307-1 (.539)

Dam Q. How many times does Coach Qpeezy win 10+ games and miss the playoffs? Last season was the 4th time it’s happened to him. That’s just crazy. 11 games won, but they miss the playoffs. So what did they do? They got better. They traded Matthew Stafford to the 49ers, traded for Cam Newton from the Panthers. Traded for Michael Bennett from the Seahawks, and now they are primed and ready to get over that hurdle and get into the postseason. The offensive line of the Chiefs is very solid. LT Eric Fisher (84), LG Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (85 overall), C Mitch Morse (83 overall), RG Zach Fulton (81 overall), and RT Mitchell Schwartz (81 overall) are your starting 5. As we mentioned above Cam Newton (88 overall) is the new starter in Kansas City and that brings a whole new dimension to the offense with a running threat at QB. The Chiefs have been looking to upgrade at halfback because Kareem Hunt (83 overall) just gets injured too much. They signed Matt Jones in the offseason to hopefully spell Hunt or take over if need be. The Chiefs signed Devin Funchess (80 overall) to play alongside Josh Gordon (80 overall). They also drafted Derron Brooks out of Lafayette, and the guy is 6’6”!! The receivers are in need of an upgrade, but they are bailed out by all-world tight end Travis Kelce (99 overall). The Chiefs lost RE Tamba Hali in the offseason but they traded for Michael Bennett (89 overall) who is an immediate upgrade at RE. Chris Jones (92 overall) is the starting LE, and Bennie Logan (82 overall) is the starting DT. There’s no change at linebacker as the Chiefs roll out Justin Houston (96 overall) and Reggie Ragland (80 overall) at OLB. Their MLB Ramik Wilson is 84 overall with 84 speed, very good. The secondary is very strong as well, with Marcus Peters (92 overall) sitting at the #1 CB. Terrance Mitchell also very good (82 overall) is the #2 CB. Eric Berry sures up the safety spot (95 overall) and it looks like Daniel Sorensen might get the FS job, but that is up in the air with the newly signed Antone Exum Jr. (76 overall). The Chiefs are a great team and they have a great coach. They were dealt an unfortunate hand last season when they missed out on the playoffs but i think this season Q has something to prove, and if Kareem Hunt can stay healthy, they can absolutely challenge for the division.

Prediction: 11-5, 2nd place AFC West, 6th seed AFC

Los Angeles Chargers - Gouch
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Los Angeles Chargers (8-8)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Los Angeles Chargers (4-12)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 16-30 (.348) | Playoff Record (0-0)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 328-353 (.482)

Coach Gouch is on the up and up! The Chargers bounced back from a 4-12 season 42 with an 8-8 season 43 including a win over the 14-0 Broncos in Week 16 which was the win of the year for them. This season they come in with high hopes trying to get into the post-season. They nabbed DT Danny Shelton in the offseason as well as LG Quentin Spain and LG Ramon Foster to help that line. They lost Hunter Henry in a trade and Brandon Mebane to retirement. Speaking of the offensive line the newly acquired Quinton Spain (87 overall) is the starting LT. Dan Feeny (84 overall) is starting at LG. Ramon Foster (83 overall) has been moved to center. RG Cameron Riely is a 82 overall, and RT Forrest Lamp is 87 overall. So their offensive line is actually very good. The Philip Rivers era is finally over for the Chargers, CJ Beathard (75 overall) will get the starting nod and we're not exactly sure how that's going to go but they have E.J. Manuel (71 overall) waiting in the wings. Halfback is strong with Melvin Gordon (95 overall) and Knile Davis spelling him (75 overall). The receivers, also strong. Keenan Allen (92 overall) probably the most underrated WR in the MOF. Tyrell Williams (83 overall) and Mike Williams (83 overall) round out the top 3 receivers. TE Jonnu Smith (82 overall) will be taking the starting role after the loss of Hunter Henry. The Chargers defensive line is very strong, probably one of the best in the MOF and it starts with LE Joey Bosa (93 overall) and RE Melvin Ingram (89 overall). Don't forget the newly signed DT Danny Shelton (90 overall) and Corey Liuget (84 overall). Linebackers are led by ROLB Jatavis Brown (89 overall), then it takes bit of a mediocre turn with Kyle Emanuel (80 overall) and Denzel Perryman (81 overall). However, still a decent linebacking unit. The secondary is also a solid unit with Jason Verrett (89 overall), Casey Hayward (87 overall) and newly acquired Tramaine Brock Sr. (80 overall) at cornerback. FS Tre Boston (84 overall) and SS Jahleel Addae (83 overall) round out the secondary. The Chargers are a solid team as you can see, but they are in a hell of a division. If they were in the AFC East, i'd probably pick them as the favorite, but unfortunately they are not. So i cannot see them jumping the Chiefs or Broncos. I can see them seriously competing and maybe sneaking in if a team trips up, but that's about it.

Prediction: 9-7, 3rd place AFC West

Oakland Raiders - RobPowers
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Oakland Raiders (6-10)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Oakland Raiders (5-11)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 86-106 (.448) | Playoff Record (1-3)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 315-356 (.469)

Rob improved on Season 42, even though it wasn’t by much it was still an improvement. Last season the Raiders started off piping hot at 3-0, then 4-1. After that things went downhill, they finished 2-9 in their final 11 games with their lone bright spot being start Linebacker (now defensive end) Khalil Mack and his league leading 31 sacks. The Raiders were extremely active in the offseason trading for FS Eric Weddle, HB Demarco Murray, and LG Garrett Bolles to name a few. They also signed FB Aaron Ripkowski to help in the run game too. Speaking of which, their offensive line is now upgraded. You have LT Garett Bolles (87 overall) and LT Howard Jackson (83 overall) who looks like he'll move to RT. LG Kelechi Osemele (95 overall) who's just a tank with 96 awareness and 90 Impact Block. RG Gabe Jackson (89 overall) and C Rodney Hutson (89 overall) and that caps off one of the best lines in the MOF, no doubt about it. Derek Carr is back at QB and he had a lackluster season 43 with 3,279 yards (53%), 27 TDs and 37 INTs. He will need to improve those numbers this season if they want to compete. They acquired Demarco Murray (89 overall) from the Titans and he will split carries with Marshawn Lynch (85 overall) who is getting older. They lost Ameer Abdullah to trade, but they have a speed back J.T. Boone with 93 speed. Plug in FB Aaron Ripkowski (90 overall) who they acquired from Green Bay and you have a nice line with a great FB blocking for this run game. Wide receiver is looking good on this team as well, they lost Michael Crabtree in a trade, but they have Amari Cooper (91 overall), Eric Decker (84 overall) and Jawaun Balmer (78 overall) as their top 3 receivers. They also acquired Tight End Martellus Bennett (89) in a trade with Green Bay to go along with Jared Cook (84 overall). Their offense is set up very nicely to be a strong team. They moved Khalil Mack back to Defensive end and he's a 99 anyway there too at LE. Mario Edwards (83) is at RE, and Justin Ellis (79) is at DT. They signed Clay Matthews (83 overall) to play LOLB, they have Jerrell Freeman (84 overall) and Perry Riley (80 overall) at MLB and they have Aldon Smith (86 overall) at ROLB. Very nice linebackers. They lost Sean Smith in a trade in the offseason but still have David Amerson (83 overall) and Gareon Conley (82 overall) at their #1 and #2 CB's. They could use an upgrade there. Eric Weddle (90 overall), newly acquired, will be at FS while Karl Joseph (87 overall) will be at SS. The Raiders have the talent, no question about it. On offense, on defense they have talent everywhere. The problem is, the same as the Chargers, they are in the wrong division. Could they upset some teams? Sure. Will they make the playoffs? Most likely not.

Prediction: 6-10, 4th place AFC West

Final Take AFC West: The theme is two-team races and we have yet another one here in the AFC West, although i believe the Chargers are the closest 3rd place team that could make a run at the playoffs in the AFC. The Broncos are all-world and the Chiefs are right behind them. That’s how i think this division will shake out. The Chiefs and Q could very well have another double digit win missed playoff season. I think the Chargers and Raiders vastly improved their team, but will have the same result as Season 43.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys - Texmexgalvan
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Dallas Cowboys (3-13)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Dallas Cowboys (3-12-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 76-197-3 (.348) | Playoff Record (0-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 365-316-1 (.536)

Coach Texmexgalvan is back for his 3rd season as the Dallas Cowboys coach. Last season he finished 3-13 and the season before 3-12-1. Success just hasn't really come Coach Tex's way in his illustrious MOF career going 76-197-3, making the playoffs only 1 time. So why will this season be different? The Cowboys went out and signed TE Greg Olsen and HB Jonathan Stewart away from the Panthers, and also grabbed LG Chance Warmack. They had a good draft highlighted by LT Zach Derby. The offensive line of the Cowboys is their bread and butter. LT Tyron Smith (98 overall) is the blue chip. LG Chance Warmack (82 overall) is the new guy. C Travis Frederick (96 overall) is one of the top centers in the MOF. RG Zack Martin (99 overall) is the best RG in the game and RT La'el Collins (83 overall) is a solid RT. We're not sure where Zach Derby will fit in here, but putting him at RT might be a smart option. QB Dak Prescott had a poor season with 4,236 yards, 20 TD, and 30 INTs. He will obviously need to play better ball for Dallas to improve on their record. Ezekiel Elliot is a star halfback (97 overall) and will carry the load. Jonathan Stewart (82 overall) will be a nice spell back if Elliot needs a breath. The receivers of the Cowboys are also very good, led by Dez Bryant (93 overall) and Poppy Burgess (88 overall). They lack a speed WR which is something they should look for in a trade. Jason Witten announced his retirement in the offseason but they were able to snag Greg Olsen (94 overall) away from the Panthers. The defensive line of the Cowboys is mediocre at best. David Irving (84 overall) starts at LE, Taco Charlton (84 overall) starts at RE, and you have Nate Ellis (81 overall) and Maliek Collins (80 overall) at DT. Average line, nothing that stands out. Linebackers are pretty good, you have Sean Lee (89 overall) who was moved to ROLB, Anthony Hitchens at LOLB (82 overall), and Jaylon Smith (84 overall) rounding out the bunch. They have some good depth as well with Joe Thomas (77 overall) and Justin Durant (72 overall). The secondary is also pretty average. They have Anthony Brown (84 overall) and Chidobe Awuzie (82 overall) at cornerback. The two rookie safeties they drafted in Christian Adams (77 overall) and Tre everitt (74 overall) who look to get some playing time, but FS Byron Jones (87 overall) is the catalyst of the secondary if there was one. The Cowboys are loaded with talent on offense. They should be putting up 30+ points a game. Defense is another story, they are mediocre to below average at almost every position. They are in a tough division with 3 other double digit win teams the last two seasons so i don't expect them to get out of the cellar just yet.

Prediction: 3-13, 4th place NFC East

New York Giants - Enzo
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 New York Giants (10-6)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 New York Giants (11-5)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 74-74 (.500) | Playoff Record (4-3)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 337-343-2 (.496)

When i think of coach Enzo, all i can think about is how bad i feel for him.. Season 42 finishes 11-5 and misses the playoffs. Season 43 finishes 10-6 and misses the playoffs. Really? Luck could not have been any less kind to Enzo the last two seasons, and you have to wonder when is he just going to throw his arms up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? Well it doesn’t look like he will do that anytime soon. He’s gotten his MOF career record to .500 now and he improved his team in the off-season by drafting QB Jason Annen to be the heir apparent to Eli Manning. The Giants lost some offensive lineman in the off-season, three to be exact. Two to retirement Bobby Hart and John Greco, and one to free-agency Ereck Flowers. However the Giants replaced Flowers with LT D.J. Humphries (82 overall). At LG they have Justin Pugh (87 overall) which puts their left side as the strongest side. Starting at center is Weston Richburg (90 overall) who’s one of the highest rated centers in the MOF. The right side of the line is where the Giants are a bit weak. RG Jessamen Dunker (72 overall) and RT Shawn Meadows (78 overall) are both young offensive lineman that need some time to develop. Let the quarterback controversy start in New York. Eli Manning (79 overall) is 38 years old but he had himself a very good season 43 with 4,431 yards, 36 TDs and 20 INTs. So he might not be ready to hang up the cleats just yet. Waiting in the wings is 1st round draft pick Jason Annen (81 overall) out of Ohio State. It’s just a matter of time before Annen takes over the job but will it be this season? At half back they have Derek Cline (85 overall) entering his 2nd season and Paul Perkins (80 overall) right behind him. Receiver is one of the strong points of this team led by Odell Beckham Jr. (99 overall). At #2 they have the emerging Sterling Shepard (87 overall), and in the slot Philly Brown (80 overall). Evan Engram (85 overall) rounds out the offense starting at tight end. The Giants have a very strong defensive line led by RE Olivier Vernon (92 overall) and LE Jason Pierre-Paul (90 overall). Plug up the middle with Snacks Harrison (91 overall) and you got yourself one of the strongest defensive lines in the MOF. The linebacking core needs an upgrade, no question. The strongest linebacker they  have is MLB Todd Davis (81 overall). There could be a number of different starters at OLB including Jelani Jenkins (77 overall) and P.J. Dawson (78 overall). The giants make up for it in the secondary though with three strong corners Janoris Jenkins (88 overall), Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (85 overall) and Eli Apple (80 overall). Sprinkle in Darion Thompson at FS (80 overall) and Landon Collins at SS (97 overall) and you have a pretty stout defense. The Giants are in a tough division, but it’s not like they cant beat the Redskins or Eagles, they have before. They just cant get over that hump to put them into the post-season. Unfortunately, i think that happens again this season.

Prediction: 10-6, 3rd place NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles - MRosado11
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Philadelphia Eagles (12-4)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 49-34 (.590) | Playoff Record (1-3)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 333-350 (.488)

The Eagles had themselves a successful season 43 finishing 11-5 and making the playoffs. They were able to knock off the rival Redskins in the 1st round but then fell to the all mighty Jonesy and his Vikings in the divisional round. The Eagles look to make another run this season but there is a whole bunch of turmoil going on in the locker room. As we’re writing this article they shipped QB Carson Wentz to the Bengals for WR John Ross in a surprising move that will make their rookie QB Todd O’Shaughnessy the starting QB. Blocking for the new QB is one of the better LT’s in the MOF Lane Johnson (90 overall). The other parts of their line, besides RG Brandon Brooks (89 overall) could use some upgrading. You have LG Isaac Seumalo (76 overall), C Jason Kelce (78 overall), and RT Hal Vaitai (76 overall). Going to make it tough to protect their new franchise QB. The Eagles also made a great pick in Jaqwaylin Tracy (83 overall) out of Wisconsin with the 26th overall pick. It looks like Tracy will be the heir apparent to LeGarrette Blount (86 overall) who is starting to wear down his treads. The Eagles also traded for WR Michael Thomas (96 overall) right before the season and in the middle of this article, he joins Alshon Jeffery (89 overall) and John Ross (82 overall) in a revamped and retooled receiving corps. Zach Ertz (92 overall) is a staple at Tight End and will be for a while at 28 years old. Jeremy Attaochu (87 overall) and Derek Barnett (84 overall) are your starting defensive ends, and manning the middle is the amazing Fletcher Cox (96 overall) and Tim Jernigan (86 overall) in a very impressive defensive line. The linebackers are just as impressive with LOLB Nigel Bradham (88 overall) leading the way. MLB Jordan Hicks (88 overall) mans the middle, and Mychal Kendricks (80 overall) starts at ROLB. The loss of Darius Slay at CB hurts a little bit but they still have Ronald Darby (84 overall) and Sidney Jones IV (82 overall). Their safeties are Rodney McLeod Jr. (82 overall) and Malcolm Jenkins (84 overall). The Eagles are in a very strong division, they could easily win the division or they could easily be in 3rd. The divisional games are what matters most here in the the NFC East, and we think the Eagles could be on the outside looking in after the trade of Carson Wentz.

Prediction: 10-6, 2nd place NFC East

Washington Redskins - Mackdaddy
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Washington Redskins (11-5)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Washington Redskins (12-4)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 69-27 (.719) | Playoff Record (6-6)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 423-263 (.617)

MackDaddy made his return to the MOF a few seasons ago and he’s been gold ever since. His last two seasons have been excellent making the playoffs both seasons, and last season winning the division. He had an early exit last season in the wild-card round to the rival Eagles so  he looks to build on that this season. The Skins added some strong players to their squad, HB Jay Ajayi, SS Morgan Burnett, and TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins to name a few. However start with the offensive line. LT Trent Williams (99 overall) is as good as it gets, there’s no one better in the MOF. LG Faysal Humphrey (87 overall) is a young strong guard who is on the upswing. C Spencer Long (87 overall) is really strong in the pass game, RG Brandon Scherff (99 overall) there’s not many better than him, and RT Morgan Moses (91 overall) completes one of, if not, the strongest offensive line in the MOF. Good luck getting pressure on them and stopping that run game. The Redskins made an interesting choice in the draft in the 1st round, they went with QB Brody Cowan (78 overall) out of Wisconsin after Kirk Cousins had himself a career year with 4,785 yards passing, 36 Touchdowns, and 15 interceptions. Is Cousins on the move? We’re not really sure what the deal is with the Cowan pick to be honest. Halfbacks include, the above mentioned Jay Ajayi (92 overall), C.J. Anderson (90 overall), and Theo Riddick (85 overall)... What? Two 90 RBs on the same team? This is insanity! But it’s also brilliant. This team is stacked and ready. Receivers are on the average side with Jamison Crowder (85 overall) and Terrelle Pryor Sr. (84 overall). Sprinkle in the speedy Sanchez Halapin (74 overall) and you have yourself a solid receiving corps. TE Jordan Reed (99 overall) gives the Redskins their third 99 on the team, and that’s just on offense, just wow. The amazement doesn’t stop there, the defensive line is also strong. LE Trent Murphy (87 overall), RE Ryan Kerrigan (90 overall), and DT’s Jonathan Allen (92 overall) and Brandon Williams (85 overall). Well maybe the linebackers are a little weak? Nope. LOLB Ryan Anderson (80 overall), MLB Zach Brown (87 overall), ROLB Mason Foster (84 overall). Okay well then the secondary probably is hurting, right? Nope. CB Josh Norman (95 overall), Fabian Moreau (78 overall) are your two best CBs and they got D.J. Swearinger (87 overall) and the newly acquired Morgan Burnett (83 overall). Don’t forget T.J. McDonald Jr. (80 overall). This team is stacked from top to bottom and could be the most talented team overall in the league. I don’t expect them to miss a beat this season and be a real possibility to knock off the Vikings.

Prediction: 11-5, 1st place NFC East, 2nd seed NFC

Final Take NFC East: The difference between the Redskins, Eagles, and Giants is overall talent to me. The Redskins are by far and away the most talented team of the bunch and they have depth. I expect this to be a really close race however, and it will absolutely come down to their head to head games. As strong as the NFC is, i believe we will just see the 1st place team in this division make the playoffs.

NFC North

Chicago Bears - SoSickin432
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Chicago Bears (2-0)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 37 St. Louis Rams (4-12)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 11-23 (.324) | Playoff Record (0-0)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 388-296-1 (.567)

Coach SoSickin432 made his triumphant return to the MOF last season and played two games, we believe he received a sim win and then beat the mighty Packers in Week 17. Either way, very impressive win to come back to. Coach SoSickin432 actually had his MOF debut in Season 37 with the Rams, who were the St. Louis Rams back then, and went 4-12. The Bears didn’t really do much in the off-season, except draft two very good lineman and sign another rookie lineman. Speaking of their line they have Cody Whitehair (90 overall) starting at LT with rookie Cason Parsons (80 overall) possibly being moved to RT. Kyle Long (83 overall) is at LG, Josh Sitton (85 overall) is at C, and rookie Cameron McIntyre (75 overall) is at RG. Chandler Boggs (79 overall) is the other rookie they drafted and he might start at RT if Parsons doesn't beat him for the job. The Bears and Coach SoSick look to start Mitchell Trubisky at QB with Mike Glennon serving as the back up. A smart move if they want to try to develop Trubisky. Halfback they have a strong Jordan Howard (90 overall) and Tiny Tarik Cohen (78 overall) serves as a speed back. Cameron Meredith (89 overall) is the #1 receiver, and the loss of Kevin White puts a hole at #2 but they will look to fill that with Kendall Wright (77 overall). TE Dion Sims (83 overall) looks to start over Adam Shaheen (80 overall) but look for both to get playing time. We move to the defensive line of the Bears which is above average and it starts with DT Akeem Hicks (87 overall) and DT Eddie Goldman (86 overall) up front. RE Pernell McPhee (86 overall) provides a nice pass rush along with LE Nick Kwiatkoski (83 overall). The linebackers of the Bears are pretty much average and it’s led by MLB Leonard Floyd (84 overall) alongside him are ROLB Raekwon McMillan (82 overall) and LOLB Christian Jones (80 overall). They might need to look to upgrade the LB squad in the off-season. The secondary, also a little above average for the Bears. Their two starting CBs are Denario Thompkins (86 overall) and Prince Amukamara (82 overall). They also have Kyle Fuller (81 overall) as their nickelback. The safety position needs an upgrade. FS Adrian Amos (85 overall) is a solid safety, but starting at SS we’re not sold on Matt McAllister (75 overall). The Bears have an average team, and that’s not good enough in this division of immortals. The best division in the MOF, by far, and that’s saying alot because we have some good divisions out here. The Bears might be a good team in another division, like the NFC West or South, but in this one, they are the worst.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place NFC North

Detroit Lions - NYRedskins35
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Detroit Lions (11-5)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Detroit Lions (1-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 328-153 (.682) | Playoff Record (31-24) *4 Superbowl Wins
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 338-349 (.492)

Coach Betts has ascended back to the top of the MOF, right where he belongs. Last season was a very strong one for the Lions and Coach Betts finishing 11-5 and losing in the NFC title game to the Vikings, a team he lost to 3 times during the season. That’s unheard of for Betts, who is now tied for the most Super Bowl victories in MOF history. The Lions did alot to upgrade their team in the offseason. Sure they lost WR Tyler Lockett, but they brought in SS Kam Chancellor, DE Muhammed Wilkerson, CB Jimmy Smith, and LB Preston Smith to name a few. The offensive line of the Lions is led by LT Taylor Decker (90 overall) and then the next best lineman is RG T.J. Lang (88 overall). Center John Urshcel (82 overall) is an average blocker, and then you have LG Graham Glasgow (76 overall) and Corey Robinson (76 overall) and we’ve seen to win in this league you need to have a very strong offensive line. Last season the Lions traded Matthew Stafford away to acquire Patrick Mahomes (83 overall) and that was a great move, Mahomes returns this time with RG3 as his backup who is a Season 42 Super Bowl champion! The Lions are a strong running team and that proved so last season as Thomas Rawls (89 overall) rushed for over 2,000 yards. Robert Kelley (81 overall) will spell Rawls when needed. Tyreek Hill (93 overall) had a career year in Season 43 with 95 catches, 2,122 yards and 18 touchdowns, wow. Golden Tate (85 overall) is a wonderful #2 and the newly acquired J.J. Nelson (72 overall) provides a ton of speed in the slot. TE Eric Ebron (90 overall) will be starting at TE. The defensive line is very strong for the Lions, with Brandon Graham (94 overall) leading the way. RE Ezekiel Ansah (85 overall) is now 30 years old, but can still ball. Muhammed Wilkerson (87 overall) was moved to DT to fit their scheme better and that rounds up a very good line. The newly acquired Preston Smith (83 overall) will start at LOLB and that could open the door for Paul Worrilow to move to ROLB. MLB is Jarrad Davis (84 overall) and Darron Lee (78 overall). Don’t forget Tahir Whitehead (78 overall) who provides depth at OLB. The Lions also acquired Jimmy Smith (85 overall) to be their new #1 CB. In addition they are starting Teez Tabor (79 overall) and they might switch off nickelback with T.J. Carrie (76 overall) and Jalen Mills (85 overall). Their two safeties, even three safeties are some of the best in the game. SS Kam Chancellor (92 overall) was acquired from Seattle in the off-season, and we’re not sure who’s going to start at FS either Su’a Cravens (83 overall) or Tavon Wilson Sr. (83 overall). The Lions have a lot of talent on this team, and a great coach that usually equals success. I expect the Lions to fight tooth and nail with the Packers for the 2nd place spot in the division, and i even expect them to steal a victory from the Vikings.

Prediction: 12-4, 2nd place NFC North, 5th seed NFC

Green Bay Packers - Lhu27
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Green Bay Packers (9-7)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Green Bay Packers (13-2-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 180-102-2 (.637) | Playoff Record (16-10) *2 Superbowls
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 347-337-1 (.507)

Dolan had himself a disappointing Season 43 after having the best record in the MOF Season 42. We blame the strong division and balls that just didnt bounce his way. Dolan still is a 2-time Super Bowl champion and has one of the better teams in the game, including the best QB in the game. They made some nice moves in the off-season grabbing TE Delaine Walker, HB Spencer Ware, and drafting FB Kendall Sandy and LG Cole Yeatman. They did lose alot too though, some say maybe too much in FB Aaron Ripkowski, TE Michael Bennett, WR Randall Cobb, RT Bryan Bulaga, SS Morgan Burnett, and LB Clay Matthews and thats just naming 6. However we’re going to start with the offensive line of the Packers. It all starts at LT where David Bakhtiari (96 overall) mans it up. LG Cole Yeatman (80 overall) was drafted 30th overall out of Alabama and looks to start right away. Center Corey Linsley (90 overall) is the starter with Lane Taylor (80 overall) backing him up, probably the best #2 center in the MOF. RG you have Reed Stafford (84 overall) with great RBK numbers, and capping it off you have RT Jason Spriggs (83 overall). Of course at QB you have the all-world Aaron Rodgers (98 overall) who is now 35 years old, so the Packers might be in a dilemma in the next season or two if he decides to hang it up. They moved Ty Montgomery (88 overall) to HB in the off-season, which is where he plays the majority of his games anyway, they also signed Spencer Ware to be his back up (85 overall) who provides some solid strong running. The Packers got a steal in the draft when they grabbed Jordan Malecki (80 overall) out of Pittsburgh with the 19th pick overall. He’s 6’5” with 90 speed. They did lose Randall Cobb, but they still have Jordy Nelson (90 overall) and Davante Adams (90 overall) in one of the best receiving tandems in the MOF. Couple that with the signing of Delaine Walker (89 overall) and you have yourself some really nice weapons.Onto the defensive side of the ball where the Packers didnt really improve much but they didnt really have to. Starting at RE is Mike Daniels (91 overall), they have Kenny Clark (83 overall) at LE, and Jordan Phillips (81 overall) at DT. Solid, not great, but solid. They lost Clay Matthews in the offseason but they still have the amazing Nick Perry (87 overall) starting at ROLB, and Jake Ryan (83 overall) sharing the MLB duties with Blake Martinez (81 overall). LOLB is up in the air but the right move is probably to start Kyler Fackrell (80 overall). The secondary is very strong on the Packers, even after losing SS Morgan Burnett in the offseason. Their top three CBs are as follows Long Seastrunk (87 overall), Damarious Randall (86 overall), and Kevin King (82 overall). Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (94 overall) continues to emerge as one of the best safeties in the MOF. SS Josh Jones (84 overall) will be taking over for Morgan Burnett. The Packers and Dolan are a staple, like peanut butter and jelly. Dolan has been studying film nonstop on Jonesy and i expect him to give Jonesy some problems and split with him in the regular season, that will single handedly bring him to the playoffs. The question is, will he finish 1, 2, or 3.

Prediction: 11-5, 3rd place NFC North, 6th seed NFC

Minnesota Vikings - WLJones228
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Minnesota Vikings (16-0)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Minnesota Vikings (13-3)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 96-17 (.850) | Playoff Record (15-3) *4 Superbowl Wins
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 309-371-4 (.455)

Back to back Super Bowl titles and 19-0. Jonesy is the 2nd coach to ever go 19-0 in MOF history, the other coach is in this division too (Dolan). So you can see where the rivalry starts. There’s nothing you can say about Jonesy’s team that is bad. He didn’t really lose any one of significance, nor did he sign anyone of big significance. He basically has built his squad through the last two seasons into a power house. He’s won 33 games this season (including playoffs) and has lost only 3, giving him a record of 96-17 in his career that’s astonishing. He’s already a 4-time Super Bowl winner and is a sure fire hall of famer. His offensive line is absolutely insane. LT Brody Howe (95 overall), LG Treveon Yates (93 overall), C Pat Elfein (96 overall), RG Danny Isidora (90 overall), and either Benton Alstott (87 overall) or Aviante Collins (86 overall) will be starting at RT. Teddy Bridgewater is at the helm, and had one of the best seasons by a QB in history, 4,501 yards, 40 TD, and 10 INT with a 139.0 QB rating. They have Dalvin Cook (91 overall) and Jerick McKinnon (83 overall) at halfback without a 3rd option, which is smart? They have the fastest receivers in the league with Brandin Cooks (92 overall), Stefon Diggs (94 overall), Breshard Perriman (76 overall, 92 speed) and Kalif Ramond (71 overall, 94 speed). That’s a lot of speed. TE Bucky Hodges (84 overall) and Darren Waller (74 overall) also some of the fastest TE’s in the game at 87 and 88 speed. Look at the defensive line. LE Danielle Hunter (95 overall), RE Everson Griffen (89 overall), DT Linval Joseph (90 overall), and DT Sharrif Floyd (87 overall). The lone weak spot possibly on this team is at LOLB where they will start either Eric Wilson (76 overall) or Ben Gedeon (77 overall), probably Wilson because he’s faster. MLB you have Anthony Barr (86 overall) and Skai Moore (76 overall) and at ROLB you have Eric Kendricks (97 overall). The slowest player on the linebacking unit is at an 81 speed. They have 4 CBs that are in the 90s in speed. Xavier Rhodes (93 overall), Trae Waynes (85 overall), Beau Tucker (82 overall), and Mackensie Alexander (82 overall). Their safeties dont have the speed but they have talent, FS Harrison Smith is a 97 overall, and then they have 5 guys who can play SS starting with Garrick Golden (79 overall). The Vikings are the best team in the game, i know we’ve said that a bunch, but i'm talking about overall. Team talent and coach. There’s no one better. I think it’s very difficult to three-peat in anything, so i’d be surprised if he did it again, however i won’t be either.

Prediction: 13-3, 1st place NFC North, 1st seed NFC

Final Take NFC North: Three teams that are absolutely dominant in the Lions, Packers and Vikings. The Packers took a step back last season, but i expect them to bounce back big this season. The Vikings are the creme of the crop and the Lions and Packers will battle for 2nd place, but i think all three will be in the playoffs this season. The poor Bears are just trying to stay afloat in a all-world division.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons - BigReg
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Atlanta Falcons (9-7)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Atlanta Falcons (8-7-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 58-50-2 (.536) | Playoff Record (0-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 328-356-2 (.480)

BigReg just missed out on the division title two seasons in a row now, and it has to be getting to him. Especially that he is coaching his favorite team. So they made some moves in the off-season to try and get over the hump and win a division title. They signed RE Randy Gregory and had a nice draft grabbing RG Gilbert Bryant and WR Risean Pittman. We start with the Falcons offensive line, which is very nice. LT Jake Matthews (86 overall) is at LT, Andy Levitre (90 overall) is at LG, Alex Mack (89 overall) is at C, newly drafted Gilbert Bryant (83 overall) out of Auburn is at RG, and Ryan Schraeder (88 overall) is at RT. The Falcons signed Tom Savage (74 overall) in the off-season to have some depth behind Matt Ryan (94 overall)  just in case of any horrible tragedy. The two headed back in Devonta Freeman (97 overall) and Tevin Coleman (89 overall) is a very nice combo in the backfield behind that amazing line. Speaking of amazing, Julio Jones (99 overall) is the #1 WR, clearly. The loss of Mohammed Sanu hurts a bit, but Taylor Gabriel (81 overall) and Risean Pittman (73 overall) out of Wisconsin will have to shoulder the load of being #2 WR’s. They also have two TE’s that they will be using. Austin Hooper (83 overall), Eric Saubert (80 overall). We move to the defensive side of the ball and start with the defensive line. LE Vic Beasley Jr. (98 overall) is incredible and one of the better defensive ends in the MOF. RE Takkarist McKinley (85 overall) is a nice compliment on the other side. DT’s Grady Jarrett (91 overall) and Dontari Poe (89 overall) are a very good one two punch in the middle. The linebackers are about average all but MLB Deion Jones (89 overall) making Falcons fans remember the first guy named Deion to play for them. ROLB De’Vondre Campbell (81 overall) and LOLB Duke Riley (84 overall) round out the linebackers. The corners of the Falcons are also very good with Desmondn Trufant (92 overall) and Jalen Collins (86 overall) if they can stay healthy they will lock down some of the offenses here in the NFC South. You have Ricardo Allen (82 overall) at FS, and Keanu Neal (91 overall) at SS. The Falcons are due. They are due to win a division and there’s no better time than now. I think they have the talent to do so and they are primed to take the next step.

Prediction: 10-6, 1st place NFC South, 4th seed NFC

Carolina Panthers - Dpanther95
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Carolina Panthers (4-12)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Carolina Panthers (3-13)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 148-305 (.327) | Playoff Record (0-0)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 312-373-1 (.456)

Dpanther’s struggles continue in Carolina. He’s finished 3-13 and 4-12 respectively and needs a change. So that’s exactly what they did. I’m sure you’ve heard of cleaning house, well the Panthers burned theirs down. TE Greg Olsen and HB Jonathan Stewart were both declined an offer to stay. LB Thomas Davis and C Ryan Kalil both retired, and the biggest one of all they traded their franchise QB Cam Newton to the Chiefs. What the &*!&? Ticket sales are dropping like flies in Carolina, and some even predict them to move to London within the next 1 or 2 years. But anyway, let’s start breaking this team down from the offensive line. LT Matt Kalil (80 overall) is still here even though his brother retired, starting at LG is Andrew Norwell (89 overall), Tyler Larsen (77 overall) looks to be the starting center with Spencer Pulley (72 overall) in the wings. Trai Turner (84 overall) is at RG, and Taylor Moton (85 overall) is at RT. The line other than center, is decent, even above average i’d say. At Quarterback it looks like Michael Larsen is getting the nod, brother of starting center Tyler, that could be a reason why the Panthers decided to go with him. They acquired Charcandrick West (78 overall) to make up for the loss of Jonathan Stewart, but Christian McCaffrey (87 overall) is the starting back far and away. Look out for Curtis Shelton (72 overall) who has very good speed rated at 96. The Panthers also let Devin Funchess walk, and that left a hole at slot which they filled by drafting WR Corey Guion (78 overall) out of Texas A&M. Their #1 WR is Kelvin Benjamin (87 overall) and it looks like Curtis Samuel (80 overall) will be the #2. They lost Greg Olsen in the off-season but drafted TE Roy Keur (78 overall) from LSU with the 8th overall pick. On the defensive side of the ball you have newly drafted LE Franklin Hanna (80 overall) starting, you have RE Mario Addison (81 overall), and DT’s Kawann Short (89 overall) and Vernon Butler (82 overall). An average line to say the least. The loss of Thomas Davis hurts, but they grabbed Damien Wilson (80 overall) to fill that hole at ROLB. You then have Shaq Thompson (91 overall) at LOLB, and the amazing Luke Kuechly (99 overall) at MLB. This is the strongest part of this team, the linebackers. The secondary needs some help, and some help fast. Their top 3 CBs are James Bradberry (84 overall), Daryl Worley (79 overall), and the ageless wonder Captain Munnerlyn (79 overall). FS is Kurt Coleman (76 overall) and he’s on the downswing of his career. The long bright spot is SS Josiah Eason (88 overall) who is entering his 2nd season. The Panthers are a mess, more so on offense than defense. They have to rebuild and rebuild quick. This division is a division they can compete in, they just need the resources.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place NFC South

New Orleans Saints - MrRoclo
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 New Orleans Saints (9-7)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 New Orleans Saints (8-8)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 178-155 (.535) | Playoff Record (4-7)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 377-307 (.551)

MrRoclo the defending NFC South Champion comes into this season with some another great off-season move to get his team better. If you ask Roclo, he didn’t have a great draft but according to some experts they had a pretty solid draft. They didn’t make too many moves until the start of the season where they traded Michael Thomas to the Eagles for Darius Slay, other than that the Saints were quiet besides tKevin Pettrey (82 overall) made a name for himself last season after Drew Brees retired, throwing for he draft. So we start with the offensive line. You have Terron Armstead (88 overall) at LT, newly drafted Zach McLaughlin (76 overall) out of Colorado at LG. Larry Warford (88 overall) is at center, and Max Unger (81 overall) is backing him up. Rookie Brennan Barret (81 overall) out of Clemson is starting at RG, and then you have Ryan Ramczyk (86 overall) starting at RT. So the line is above average if you want me to grade it. QB Kevin Pettrey (82 overall) made a name for himself last season after the retirement of Drew Brees, throwing for 4,737 yards and 46 touchdowns. They also have Sam Bradford (83 overall) as a backup policy. Halfback they have Isaiah Crowell (89 overall) in the starting position, with Donnel Pumphrey Jr. (79 overall) as their speed/spell back. They traded their #1 WR in Michael Thomas in the off-season but they still have some solid guys out there, Tyronne Woods (87 overall) and Andre Ellis (85 overall) along with Brandon Coleman in the slot at 74 overall. Coby Fleener (81 overall) is their starting TE with Travis Austin (78 overall) as the backup. On the defensive side of the ball we look at the defensive line first. There’s not many changes here as Cameron Jordan (94 overall) starts at LE, Trey Hendrickson (78 overall) is starting at RE, and DT’s Sheldon Rankins (84 overall) and Nick Fairley (79 overall) man the middle. The Saints lost MLB Stephone Anthony in the off-season but drafted Martin Zachary (69 overall) to hopefully groom into something great. Marquis Spruill (78 overall), AJ Klein (78 overall), Randall Cross (77 overall) and Alex Anzalone (79 overall) look to all split time at OLB since they are all very similar in talent. MLB Nathan Gerry (81 overall) heads a mediocre and below average linebacking crew. The huge move to get Darius Slay (91 overall) sures up an already very good secondary with Marshon Lattimore (94 overall), and PJ Williams (85 overall) at CB. You have the newly acquired Obi Melifonwu (80 overall) at FS, and Marcus Williams (87 overall) at SS. The Saints are the defending division champions, and to do this again they’re going to have to win more than 9 games i believe. I’m not sure if the have enough talent all around to do so, but at one point the Saints were 9-4 last season until losing their last 3 regular season games. So he has the coaching ability, but will it all come together again?

Prediction: 9-7, 2nd place NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jfon
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 209-238 (.468) | Playoff Record (3-7)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 321-350 (.478)

Good ole Jfon is back to his ways. Alternating between winning records and losing records and hovering right around the 8-8 mark. In Season 42 the Buccaneers won the division at 9-7, last season he went 7-9 and missed out. He had some good moments, had some bad moments, but the Buccaneers are the what we thought they were. The Bucs tried to make some moves in the off-season to improve their team but they didnt make any moves that turned any heads and that has some Buccaneers fans bothered. They did trade for RG Mark Glowinski (81 overall) and they will be plugging him right into the starting role right away. The rest of the offensive line is very below average. Donovan Smith (78 overall) starts at LT, Kevin Pamphile (77 overall), rookie Alexander Palmer (77 overall), or J.R. Sweezy (77 overall) will be at LG. Ali Marpet (89 overall) will be at center, like we mentioned before Mark Glowinski (81 overall) will be at RG, and Abram Graham (76 overall) looks to round it out at RT. This line is not good, and they need to improve it fast if they want to compete. Jamies Winston is back under center after his very poor season 43 performance, 3,549 yards, 20 TD, 28 INT with an 84.9 rating. They do not have anyone of significance to back up Winston in case he goes down, it’s Matt Barkely *ew*. There were rumblings around Tampa camp that Doug Martin (83 overall) was on the move, but when the season opened up he was still on the roster. However that doesn’t mean much because Charles Sims III (86 overall) looks like he will be the starter. The Bucs lost WR Sanchez Halapin but still have a strong receiving team, Mike Evans (98 overall), DeSean Jackson (84 overall), and Chris Godwin (83 overall). They have two very good tight ends Cameron Brate (90 overall) and O.J. Howard (90 overall). The defensive line of the Bucs weigh heavily in the hands of their DT’s. Gerald McCoy (93 overall), Chris Baker (90 overall). Their two ends could use an upgrade, William Gholston (81 overall) and Noah Spence (80 overall). Their shining star at ROLB is Lavonte David (90 overall), they are starting LOLB Kendall Beckwith (80 overall), and Kwon Alexander (87 overall) makes up a very solid linebacking team. The Bucs lost CB Brent Grimes to retirement and that left a big hole. Their starting CBs are Delvin Breaux (82 overall) and Vernon Hargreaves III (81 overall). Safeties are a hole too, FS Kentrell Brice (78 overall) and SS Justin Evans (83 overall). The Buccaneers lack talent, it’s easy to see. However Jfon knows how to play with these guys and he always will. We had a fun trivia game a few days ago on the MOF chat room, and Jfon in his 28 seasons has been the Buccaneers 24 of them!! Unfortunately i do not think the Bucs can win the division with the Saints and Falcons bearing down on them.

Prediction: 7-9, 3rd place NFC South

Final Take NFC South: The biggest competition in any division in the MOF is right here in the NFC South. I can see the Saints, Falcons, and Bucs all winning this division give or take a few wins here and there. I am giving the edge to the Falcons because the first two seasons we had two different division winners, why not make it three? It’s gonna be close, and it’s gonna be fun!

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals - Trigrdan
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Arizona Cardinals (6-10)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Arizona Cardinals (9-7)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 273-231 (.542) | Playoff Record (14-16)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 272-412 (.398)

Trig won the NFC West Season 42 at 9-7 but had a very tough season 43 at 6-10. The Cardinals lost their QB in Carson Palmer in the off-season, but not to retirement which was surprising. They did draft his replacement in Nick Koutouvides who they hope can bring them back to the playoffs. Other than that, the Cardinals did not make many moves. They did lose some lineman which hurts in Alex Boone and D.J. Humphries. Starting at LT is Thurman Washington (77 overall) who they drafted in the 2nd round out of USC. LG is Mike Iupati (82 overall), Percy Enis (77 overall) was signed in the offseason and will start at center. Evan Boehm (78 overall) is at RG, and Jared Veldheer (83 overall) is at RT. The line needs some help no doubt about it. Like we mentioned above rookie Nick Koutouvides (80 overall) out of Alabama will be the starting QB when the season opens and he looks to bring the Cardinals back. Halfback David Johnson (99 overall) had himself an incredible season 43 with 2,264  yards and 29 touchdowns. But can he sustain that same success with a depleted offensive line? T.J. Logan (89 overall) is a nice spell back with good speed as well. Receivers are a weakness on this team, they lost J.J. Nelson in the off-season and right now they are going with Jabbar Conway (82 overall) as their #1. John Brown (80 overall) is their #2, and Rashawn Stevens (72 overall) is their slot guy. Tight end is a position that will also need to be upgraded. Jermaine Gresham (78 overall) right now is the starter. The defensive line of the Cardinals is right about average with Kony Ealy (83 overall) at LE, Robert Nkemdiche (85 overall) and Quinton Dial (79 overall). The linebackers of the Cardinals are very strong with Markus Golden (86 overall) at LOLB, Deone Bucannon (88 overall) at MLB with Haason Reddick (81 overall), and Chandler Jones (89 overall) at ROLB. This is something they need to build around. The secondary has two great players in Patrick Peterson (93 overall) and Tyrann Mathieu (91 overall). The rest of them are in the mid to low 70s in ratings. Not great. The Cardinals needed to be more active in the off-season and they failed to do so. This will hurt them when they try to compete for the division. David Johnson is the sole bread winner on offense and they better be ready to see alot of 8/9 man fronts. I think that alone will put them in a tough spot to win games.

Prediction: 5-11, 3rd place in NFC West

Los Angeles Rams - DoubleD187
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Los Angeles Rams (12-4)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Los Angeles Rams (3-13)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 58-34 (.630) | Playoff Record (6-5)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 321-366 (.467)

It was great to see the old DoubleD187 back to form after his extremely disappointing Season 42 where he went 3-13. He went 12-4 last season but was knocked out of the divisional round by the Lions and Coach Betts. The Rams made some nice moves to improve this team including trading QB Jared Goff to the Bengals for some draft picks. They had one of the better drafts grabbing DT Federick Beasley and RT Andrus Peat to help an already very good line. Which is what we will start with. Deron Washington (97 overall) is at LT, Nigel LeGree (81 overall) is at LG, J.J. Dielman (78 overall) is at center, RG Haynes Price (85 overall) is at RG, and Stanley Bess (91 overall) is at RT. Andrus Peat (80 overall) is the odd man out right now, but rumblings have him possibly going to center. Blake Bortles (78 overall) enters the season as the starter, but that might not stick as the Rams drafted Case Milanovich (78 overall) out of LSU with the 27th overall pick. Bortles had a very good season 43 (2,947 yards, 23 TD, 13 INT) so i’d be surprised if the Rams went with the rookie. Todd Gurley (95 overall) mans the backfield, along with newly acquired Matt Forte (80 overall), and newly drafted speedster Santiago Simon (71 overall). The Rams receivers are nice. Sammy Watkins (93 overall) is the #1, Tavon Austin (85 overall) looks like the two or the slot, and Robert Woods (84 overall) will be whatever Austin is not! Tyler Eifert (97 overall) the big signing of last season is back to dominate once again. The defensive line is headed by Aaron Donald (99 overall) at RE who can basically play any position on that line. David Onyemata (77 overall) looks like the starter on paper at LE. Michael Brockers (86 overall) and rookie Frederick Beasley (82 overall) out of Penn St. start at DT. The linebackers of the Rams could be better. The best LB on the team is Robert Quinn (86 overall) who starts at ROLB. Alec Ogeltree (83 overall) is starting at MLB, and they have a miree of linebackers that could start at LOLB but right now looks like Samson Ebukam (78 overall). The Rams have 4 CB’s rated above 80 with Taz Jones (92 overall) as the #1. Lamarcus Joyner (86 overall), Trumaine Johnson (84 overall), and Nickell Robey-Coleman (82 overall). They also have 4 safeties that are above 80 with their two starters FS John Johnson III (88 overall) and SS Maurice Alexander (89 overall). Marqui Christian (80 overall) and Rayshawn Jenkins who they just acquired (80 overall) serve as their backups. The Rams proved last season that they are the kings of the NFC West and it’s going to take alot to knock them off their pedestal. When you take a look at their schedule: Vikings, Browns, Falcons, Redskins, Steelers and throw in the divisional games, this could be an uphill battle for the Rams this season. I think they take a step back.

Prediction: 9-7, 2nd place NFC West

San Francisco 49ers - Commissioner Jeff
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 San Francisco 49ers (2-2)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 San Francisco 49ers (9-7)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 347-278 (.555) | Playoff Record (15-15) *1 Superbowl Win
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 359-327 (.523)

The Commissioner is back in town! We saw the Commish depart from the 49ers after losing the first game of the season, he basically took a hiatus and wanted someone to come in and interim for him until he could come back. Commish eventually came back with 3 games to go. Was blown out by Betts, then beat down Powers and won a sim vs the Broncos. So his official record for Season 43 was 2-2. However the excellent draft and moves in the off-season have expert buzzing around the 49ers. They acquired Matthew Stafford from the Chiefs and WR Devante Parker from the Dolphins to name a few. But we start with the offensive line, as always. Hansen Archambeau (81 overall) was the 3rd overall pick in the draft out of Tennessee and is already a star. LG Tiras Miree (77 overall) is another rookie they drafted out of Notre Dame that will start. Greg Robinson (80 overall) was moved from LT to C. Parrish Foster (79 overall) will be starting at RG, and Trent Brown (80 overall) looks like he will be starting at RT. The 49ers let go of Alex Smith and traded their 2nd year QB Jack Ciurciu to the Chiefs and acquired QB Matthew Stafford (86 overall) to solidify that position for the first time since the Colin Kaepernick days when he was good. At half back they still have workhorse Carlos Hyde (85 overall) and Matt Breida (77 overall) to back him and see some carries himself. The addition of Devante Parker (85 overall) makes him the #1 WR immediately. They went out and re-signed Pierre Garcon (81 overall) after the Browns let him go. Marquise Goodwin (74 overall) is still there as their deep threat in the slot. They also drafted two guys in Dondre Parmalee (71 overall, 96 speed) and Malcolm Conner (68 overall, 6’6” 92 speed). So they improved their receiving corps drastically. TE Kyle Rudolph (90 overall) was being shopped in the offseason but it looks like the 49ers are gonna stay with him for one more season. TE George Kittle (78 overall) is waiting in the wings. The defensive line of the 49ers is above average, with Arik Armstead (79 overall) at LE, Solomon Thomas (88 overall) at RE, and DeForest Buckner (84 overall) at DT. Linebackers aren’t bad either. They moved Reuben Foster (86 overall) back to LOLB. Still have the aging NaVorro Bowman (89 overall) and newly acquired Stephone Anthony (81 overall, 86 speed) at MLB, and they franchised Eli Harold (78 overall) to stay at ROLB. Secondary is where these guys are weak. Right now Rashard Robinson (81 overall) is their #1 CB, Bashaud Breeland (75 overall) is at #2, and there are a plethora of guys rated 76 and 75 that are going to all see time. Some like the draft pick of Parker Rice (70 overall) who has good speed and coverage skills. The 49ers signed J.J. Wilcox (83 overall) away from Pittsburgh to replace Jimmy Ward and SS Eric Reid (80 overall). The 49ers are one of the most improved teams in the MOF and i think they can compete immediately. If Commish can focus and take advantage of his schedule, and split with the Rams they have the inside track.

Prediction: 10-6, 1st place NFC West, 3rd seed NFC

Seattle Seahawks - Krayzie300
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Seattle Seahawks (4-12)
Coaches 2nd Last Full Season: Season 42 Seattle Seahawks (6-10)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 179-231-1 (.437) | Playoff Record (1-5)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 362-320-2 (.531)

Krayzie, what happened? The Seahawks are one of the better teams in the game, and Krayzie just can’t seem to figure them out. 6-10 in Season 42 and 4-12 last season, ouch. They have some nice wins under their belt, and they were in a nice streak at the end of season 42 that made you think they’d do some good work Season 43, but no, that wasn’t the case. Now they sit in cap space hell, having to trade SS Kam Chancellor and DE Michael Bennett, and that’s after they traded Richard Sherman last season. What? The offensive line lost LG Luke Joeckel as well, and right now they are an average line at best. Rick Wagner (82 overall) is at LT, Max Garcia (84 overall) newly acquired is at LG, Ethan Pocic (82 overall) starts at center, Oday Aboushi (80 overall) starts at RG, and Justin Britt (84 overall) starts at RT. So the line is average at best. Russell Wilson (91 overall) is one of the best QBs in the game, and i’m kind of surprised the Seahawks held onto him, i thought he’d definitely be on the move. So they have something to build around. HB they have DJ Freeney (85 overall) right now, and C.J. Prosise (78 overall). It looks like they never replaced the loss of Thomas Rawls last season. Doug Baldwin (88 overall) leads a solid receiving corps, with 2 year pro Ellis McCoo (84 overall with 97 speed) at #2. Their slot guy can vary from Ron DeVous (77 overall) and Paul Richardson (76 overall). TE Jimmy Graham (93 overall) is still on the team too, and there were rumblings of him being traded off as well. The defensive line is a strong one for the Seahawks. Even after trading DE Michael Bennett they still have Frank Clark (87 overall) at LE, Sheldon Richardson (89 overall) at RE, and at the two DTs they have Malik McDowell (89 overall) and Jarran Reed (79 overall). Their linebackers are also very good, with Danneil Hodges (83 overall) at LOLB, Bobby Wagner (95 overall) at MLB, and K.J. Wright (86 overall) at ROLB. The secondary is where im disappointed with these guys. At least they drafted CB Myron Baldwin (83 overall) out of USC with the 9th overall pick, so that’s a plus. Nevin Lawson (81 overall) is their #2, and Briean Boddy-Calhoun (78 overall) never returned to his Season 42 form with the Browns. FS is the best part of this team, Earl Thomas (93 overall) who was also almost traded so he might be a disgruntled employee in the locker room. SS Bradley McDougald (81 overall) will take the place of the departed Kam Chancellor. The Seahawks are upside down, they lost too many players, they are in cap hell, and they are having a hard time rebuilding. They still have some very good players, and that alone will win them some games but i dont think it will be enough to escape the basement of the NFC West.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place NFC West

Final Take NFC West: The NFC West is an interesting division. DoubleD is back to prominence and Commish looks like he is back and focused with the 49ers. I think it’s a two team race with them two and an outside chance of Arizona and Coach Trig just going ham and having a great season! I am going to predict the 49ers only because of their schedule, it’s much easier than the Rams one.

Season 44 Projected Final Standings

Season 44 Projected Awards

AFC MVP: QB: Miles Anderson, CLE

NFC MVP: WR: Tyreek Hill, DET

AFC Defensive MVP: MLB Cobb Webb, DEN

NFC Defensive MVP: MLB: Anthony Barr, MIN

AFC Rookie of the Year: QB: Case Spitz, DEN

NFC Rookie of the Year: HB: Jaqwaylin Tracy, PHI

AFC Coach of the Year: TBCPlowboy, DEN

NFC Coach of the Year: WLJones228, MIN

AFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: BHicks, MIA

NFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: Commish, SF

Season 44 Projected Playoff Bracket