The Association for Autistic Community is seeking presentations for our third conference, Autspace 2018 (previously known as AACC). We’re looking for presentations that will appeal to autistic people.

About Autspace 2018:

DATES: August 16, 2018 – August 20, 2018


LOCATION: Tamarack-Butzel Retreat Center (Ortonville, MI)


The Association for Autistic Community (AfAC) is an autistic-run not-for-profit entity (USA 501(c)(3)).  We are committed to the idea that autistic people can grow and learn from interactions with other autistic people in physical space, when the space is designed to accommodate autistic needs.  We are not a therapy organization and we’re not interested in curing autism. We celebrate the existence of autistic thought, community, and culture, and we believe these things can and do exist. We also welcome the support of allies, including parents, professionals, and friends of autistic people, into our space.

Autspace is not a typical professional conference. It’s autistic space, and created first and foremost for autistic people.  As a result, presentations are just one part of our program. The presentations complement the interactions people can experience with each other in our environment.


The biggest benefit is the interaction you will get with attendees at our conference!  We will also assist you prior to the conference if you would like help ensuring that your presentation is appropriately tuned for the audience.

Presentations selected for Autspace will receive 1 full conference registration for a standard, shared (2-3 people) room. Conference registration includes room, meals, and conference registration as a participant.

In the case of multiple presenters, this conference registration will be divided among the presenters such that it is equal to one full registration (for instance, if two people present, the registration can be divided among the two presenters, such that each would receive a 1/2 conference registration).


Most autism conferences have presentations that talk about us. That’s not what we’re looking for. Autspace presentations are for autistic people.  We want to see presentations that are about autistic culture and life, events that are of interest to autistic people, and ways we might live a fulfilling autistic life in society at large. Assume that autistic people are your primary audience when crafting a proposal.

To get an idea of what kind of presentations we’re looking for, we recommend looking at programs of our past conferences. (You can see descriptions of the presentations from our 2016 conference at .)  In general, topics of interest include neurodiversity and disability rights politics or subjects related to independent living.

Some guidelines:


Most attendees are autistic themselves. Thus, presentations on “My Life with Autism” are presentations that may be rejected on the grounds that it is unlikely to provide significant value to attendees who already have their own firsthand experiences. Personal experience is most valuable when it includes application to attendee’s lives or experiences.

In addition, it is important that your presentation recognize the diversity of autistic experiences! While you may have first-hand knowledge of your experience of living as an autistic person, it would be unwise to assume that something that works for you would automatically work for everyone else. Your presentation will be best received if you are aware of diversity of opinion within your presentation topic. 



We prohibit discrimination and do not tolerate any harassment, derogatory comments, or inappropriate behavior based on a person’s sex, race, age, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, religious beliefs, veteran status, disability status, communication differences, or any other physical or personal characteristic.


If you have questions about submitting a proposal, or about the conference in general, send an email to .


Send an email to with the following format:

Name & Title (if any):

Title of Proposed Presentation:

Detailed Description of your Presentation for the selection committee: (this will probably need to be several paragraphs)

Describe (briefly, one sentence is plenty) how your presentation would be of interest to the following groups (or indicate “N/A” if your presentation likely won’t be of interest to a given group):

Autistic Adults:
Autistic Teens:
Family members of Autistic People:
Service Providers:
Other groups (specify the group[s]):

Enter a brief (one to two paragraph) description of why you are qualified to give a presentation on this topic:

Have you presented at similar events (Autscape, Autreat, AutCom, ASAN, AANE), or are you otherwise known to the autistic community?  If so, please describe.

Do you have any questions or concerns you would like us to answer?