How a LIP benefits Investors

A LIP is a catalyst for well governed new Ventures that compete in mainstream markets and have financially sustainable business models that create wealth for investors at market rates.  Importantly, at the point new Ventures seek series A funding they will have a proven and verifiable business case.  They will be generating cash flow, meeting key performance targets and will be backed by world class stakeholders keen to see them succeed.  Prospective Investors are invited to monitor progress and engage the stakeholders and Founders of emerging Ventures as they pass through the incubation process, which is essential to building trust and transparency.  

Incubation activities are funded by the LIP’s sponsors.  A LIP becomes financially sustainable as the number of Ventures grows.  The cost of incubation is recovered as new Ventures exit the incubation process and any surplus is reinvested in the mission of the Innovation Partnership.   Consequently, for new Ventures seeking series A funding, priority is given to the financial sponsors.  The LIP offers Investors an opportunity to align their investment strategy with the LIP’s values.